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INTERVIEW: Javi of Dramatic Battle: Spanish Scene (Part 1 of 2)

05/29/09 we conducted an interview with Javi from the band Dramatic Battle of Spain. Javi was kind enough to share an in depth history / update on the scene in Espania. Because of this length, due to the in depth sharing regarding their national scene, the interview will be broken into two parts.

Later this week we will share the second half of the interview which share specifically with his band Dramatic Battle. [Part one of two.]

It is not often we hear of the Spanish scene, or get the chance to speak with someone about it, what is the nationalist music scene like in Spanish can you give us some history? And share some incite into up and coming acts?
Right now there are several active bands with talented musicians. Probably the most important one is Estirpe Imperial (Imperial Breed), from Madrid, who started playing in 1991 after another RAC band called Producto Nacional (National Product) split-up. Their sound is a mix of RAC, hard rock, metal and classic ballads. However the band had several line-up problems through the years and only recorded studio albums. They had 5 albums and some participation in international RAC compilations, but no live performances. However, about 3 years ago, they started to play acoustic guitar sets and some time later got a permanent line-up which let them play regular gigs. After some successful concerts in Spain they played in the Verona Summer Fest ’07 with Endstufe, Gesta Bellica, Zetazeroalfa, Fear rains Down, Sleipnir.

On may 2008, they played another great gig in a mainstream concert hall from Madrid together with La Compagnia dell’Anello (70’s Italian nationalist rock band) with about 600 strong in attendance. Recently they played in Sweden for a nationalist group's party and in most recently on May the 16th ’09 in Rome with Zetazeroalfa, Ultima Frontiera, SPQR and Hate For Breakfast, in the nationalist squat Area 19. Now they have plans to play in Slovakia and some other European places.

Also in Madrid there are several disbanded groups, such as Batallon de Castigo (Punishment Battalion) which was a raw death metal nationalist band formed in prison about 1991 or so. After some poor demo tapes the founder and singer-guitarist were able to record the debut CD in 1998; with the help of several old and new members. They were a very good live band and all the people loved their songs and live performance. They recorded 3 albums and split-up, but recently they announced a reunion gig which unfortunately was banned by authorities. Another band formed in prison sharing members with BdC was Zetme 88 (Zetme is the Spanish army weapon) which only recorded a good Oi!-RAC demo tape.

Post Mortem is a new hardcore / metal band from Madrid which after some live shows have recorded their debut album, though they had some problems with line-up, supposedly they will be releasing the CD pretty soon.

Odal played many gigs in Spain and abroad and have released 4 full length CDs, and also participated in some international compilations, Krasny Bor 1943 (named after a bloody battle in Soviet Russia were many Spanish volunteers from Blau Division died fighting the reds), was a very good band which released 2 albums of fast melodic RAC; before they split-up they turned into a hooligan band. Falkata (named after a ancient Spanish sword) recorded an excellent self-produced 2 track-CD but vanished soon after.

3ª Via (3rd Way), Alea Jacta Est and Hispanic Centuria only recorded a couple of songs for a national compilation and then disappeared. Desorden (Disorder) recorded a self-produced CD but later split-up; they had shared members from Odal who then went on later to form another band called Rebeldes (Rebels).

Nowadays you can find some other bands such as ours, Dramatic Battle, Asedio (Siege) a rock band which played some gigs and it’s said is preparing the debut CD, and Kasus Belli, a very active young RAC band.

Barcelona, which is the 2nd biggest Spanish city, has always had some good bands such as: Torquemada 1488 (after a XVI century inquisitor), Patria, Estandarte 88 who split-up some time ago; (rumors are they will reunite), Tormenta (Storm) an RAC / metal project with members from Patria and some metal bands, Legado (Legacy) which is a ballad side-project from Patria’s singer, Sangre y Oro (Blood and Gold, after the colors of Spanish flag), who share members with Estirpe Imperial, Patria and Tormenta.

Tercios (Corps) who released a very good melodic RAC CD some years ago are preparing their come back. Including members of Tercios is Retaguardia (Rearguard), a very young and talented nationalist metalcore band. They have an excellent CD out and will be recording the 2nd one soon.

Also in Barcelona you can find very active crews who formed bands such as Arma Blanca (Sharp Weapon) a self-proclaimed hate punk band with several productions and a raw sound. Their lyrics are crude and violent and full of irony and humor. The following bands are from the same area and share several members: Sospechosos Habituales (Usual Suspects), a hooligan band in the vein of Kategorie C., Uppercut ,a RAC project now defunct; Prisionero Nº7 (Prisoner nº7, after Rudolf Hess’ inmate number in Spandau), a strong political project; Disciplina Nacional (National Discipline), which is a national Rock project; Los Rockeros de Cristo Rey (King Christ’s Rockers, after a die-hard gang of patriots from the 70’s who used to fight reds on the streets after Franco’s death)... Impertinencia (Impertinence) is a NR rock band, very politically motivated. LRdCR have two CD’s out with very intelligent lyrics.

More recently you can hear new bands such as Resistencia (Resistance), Hijos del Odio (Sons of Hate), Codigo 18 (Code 18), Keltcore (Celtic-core), Irminsul, Odio Urbano (Urban Hate) which includes the former singer from Chile’s Odal Sieg.

In Valencia (Eastern Spain) we had great acts such as Division 250 (named after Spanish Blau Division which fought in Russia against the reds). The legendary RAC band Div. 250 released 4 albums, most recently a "best of" album. The band played some concerts abroad and became one of the best Spanish bands ever. However, the singer then left the skinhead music scene, and became a political activist with an nationalist party. Another legendary band from Valencia was Klan, who released only one album; which is considered one of the best RAC albums here in Spain. The CD included a really famous cover from Böhse Onkelz’s "Wir ham’ noch lange nicht genug" which now is more famous than the original one.

Some other defunct bands are Rebelion (Rebellion), Legion Negra which includs the singer from Patria, Seccion de Asalto (Storm Section) and Iberos Saiti (after their town’s name).
Right now there is a new band called Brigada 1238 (after the conquest of Valencia from the Muslims during the wars on middle ages) , which has released a CD and recently played in VFS-USGI 2009 gig in Italy.
You can find a couple of good bands in Valladolid (Central Spain, near Madrid) Rienzi and Mas Que Palabras (More Than Words). Rienzi’s has released one CD so far and style can be considered as hatecore. After some line-up problems, the band has announced they’re preparing to record their new stuff pretty soon. MQP’s sound is a blend of strong RAC and hints of hardcore and they’ve become a well-known band on the international RAC scene. Now, even though they’re looking for new members, they are still on the frontline. Several MQP members have recently started a new nationalist Oi band called Offenders.

From Asturias (Northern Spain) we’ve got Reconquista (Reconquest), a very good RAC / metal band which recorded a demo CD and 2 albums and played many gigs; unfortunately they split-up several years ago. Later on in Asturias a band called Brigada Totenkopf appeared, who have since released a 3 song demo and 2 full length CDs. Rumors say they’ve split-up, however, it looks like they’re still together. Bastonazos Oi! (Oi! Beatings) is a fun Oi / punk project including members from BT with ironic, brutal with sexually explicit lyrics.

Zaragoza (Northern-Eastern Spain) also owns some RAC bands such as Batallon Ezquerra (Ezquerra’s Battalion, after a Spanish 2nd World War brave soldier), who have played several gigs live but yet to record anything. Also from Zaragoza is Territorio Salduba (Salduba Territory), a brutal hardcore band that has played a few gigs.

From Sevilla (Southern Spain) we had an old-school nationalist Oi band called Primera Linea (First Line or Frontline) which released a very good album on 1996 but later split-up. Some of the members formed Ofensiva 88 but never recorded anything.

Nowadays in Sevilla there is an Oi project under the name of Cruzcampers (after the Spanish beer Cruzcampo), whose sound is quite melodic and classic.

In Malaga (near to Sevilla) there’s a new band called 88 Puñaladas (88 Stabs), playing classic Oi / RAC and with a demo due out soon.

In Extremadura (Western Spain) there’s a classic Oi / RAC band called IX Legion, named after a Roman Legion which fought there during the Roman Empire. Members of this band and 88 Puñaladas formed a new project called Iberian Wolves.

Last but not least, we’ve got our own nationalist songwriters such as Axis Mundi (World Axis), who has released about 4 albums in a Frank Rennicke’s/Italian NR bands' style [folk / ballad]; and Mara Ros, a female singer who recently released a CD. Both artists have also released split albums.

[Part 1 of 2]

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Eternal Bleeding, Agharta, Projekt Vril,

Popular German hardcore band Eternal Bleeding is currently working on new material for an upcoming release. The new release will feature a previously unreleased demo track for fans of the band.
The band grew in popularity after the their much talked about demo (limited to 666 copies) "Bleed To Forget" with PC records, followed by their debut "Dead Eyes Kissed the Light" with Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede.

The new RAC / acoustic band from Magdeburg, Germany Agharta are currently working on a demo CD. It is obvious from the promo picture of the band that the members are younger but their sound and talent are not. Be sure to check them out HERE.

New upcoming Projekt Vril features the popular ballad singer Jan-Peter, of Sleipnir, on vocals.

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IN REVIEW: Joe Frustration, Painful Awakening, Straight Laced Nightmare

Joe Frustration: No Way Out
(2007 Plague Within records)

Solo project from Joe (Tears Of Frustration, Last Battalion, Across The Hudson, Hatelordz, H8machine, ect). Definitly highly recommended if you're into oldschool sounding hardcore with real everyday life lyrics. Not to mention he covers YDL's Blue Pride making this album an instant classic in my opinion. Definitly worthy of picking up, you wont be disappointed. ~Steve Skam

01- Hold Your Breath
02- Can't Win
03- Just One Day
04- No Way Out
05- Nothing To Cherish
06- Still In The Game
07- What The Fuck?
08- I Thought I
09- Timebomb
10- Waste Away
11- Desocialize
12- I Don't Know
13- The Reason Why
14- Life's Death
15- I Won't Change
16- The Workers Come First
17- Blue Pride (YDL Cover)

Painful Awakening: The Reality Hurt
(2008 PC records)

New school H8core/ metalcore release from Germany. Nothing over the top or spectacular but a good solid release overall with replay value if you're a fan of heavy agressive music. ~Steve Skam

01- Intro
02- Painful Awakening
03- Break the Chains
04- Side by Side
05- We..ll stay strong
06- Peace
07- A.C.A.B.
08- A Traitor Like Judas
09- H-F-K Lovesong
10- Where Is He
11- Fight Their Lies
12- Outro

Straight Laced Nightmare: The Comfort You Give Is My Torment
(2005 North X records)

Excellent and above average release from the White Wash guys. If you're a fan of angry, in your face, pull no punches, old school influenced hardcore/ Oi-core then this album is for you. ~Steve Skam

01- Did You Tell The truth?
02- Take A Swing
03- Straight Edge Nightmare
04- Stay Away
04- Things Are Not As They Seem
05- Pugilistic Dementia
06- Destroy Yourselves
07- The Comfort You Give Me, Is My Torment
08- Your Name Is Satan
09- One Step
10- Lies, Smiles, And Handshakes
11- Set In My Ways
12- Did You Tell The Truth? (live)
13- The Comfort You Give Me, Is My Torment (live)
14- Take A Swing (live)
15- Pugilistic Dementia (live)
16- Your Name Is Satan (live)
17- Set In My Ways (live)

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Rick's Pick: Helcaraxe

This week`s pick goes to the band Helcaraxe for their mini CD "No God To Save You." This CD is 6 tracks of 90`s era death metal with songs about war, battle, and destruction. A great pick for anyone into bands such as Bolt Thrower, Unleashed and Amorphis.

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Under the Black Sun, Nessuna Resa, Metacore

We will be providing band information as well as show reports regarding the Memorial Day concert in Virginia, later this week.

Under The Black Sun is a new group from Germany. This new band has a great heavy rock sound, with great powerful vocals, almost mainstream airwave friendly sounding at times. UTBS samples are available HERE. The debut album from Under The Black Sun will include ten tracks, and most likely be titled "Hate Rock."

New Italian rock outfit outfit Nessuna Resa have are in the process of recording a 5 track demo entitled "New Meaning of Misanthropy."
The band hopes to follow up the demo with a split release and is currently lookinh for other bands to participate in that goal. Contact Nessuna Resa HERE.

Hungarian hardcore / metal outfit Metacore have recently added a new singer an guitarist to the band. Check 'em out HERE.

Der Stürmer, Frontalkraft, Rebel Hell, Voice of Justice

Furore Finnum of Finland is organizing the profeesional DVD release of Greek black metal band Der Stürmer. Production is set to begin as the band is finalizing material, and the unofficial date for release is August of this year. The DVD will be limited to 500 copies.

Frontalkraft is rumored to begin working on a new album; most likely with Rebel records of Germany. Frontalkraft was featured on the Rebel records Berlin-Brandenburg 2 compilation.

Detroit's own heavy hitting rockers Rebel Hell have been working on a new album. The new installment is titled "Hell Hammered," and is reportedly due out this June on 2yt4u records. 2yt4u is also scheduled to re-release the "Ancient Blood" album originally released on TK Versand records in 2007.

Hungary's Voice of Justice has reportedly finished recording for their debut album.

Varg Vikernes Released from Prison

On May 22, 2009 it is reported that imprisoned Varg Vikernes (Count Grishnackh) has been release from holding and has returned home to his family. Written in an article by Keith Carman shortly following the paroled in March,Vikernes states, "I have learned from my mistakes and become older. Now I just want to be together with my family... I have barely seen my son since he came into the world. Even though I hear his voice on the phone almost every day, it is very tough to not be present while he is growing up."

While incarcerated Vikernes had done two recordings but discontinued due to the notoriety that his music was drawing as being Satanic, which he felt was a negative misinterpretation. The official Burzum website ,from a 2006 letter, reads that Vikernes may release new material upon his freedom, that he "will publish a few books, possibly using a pseudonym in order to stay anonymous, and perhaps a Burzum album or two, but that's it."

While his interview in his March interview he states he is "ready for society," the official Burzum site from a 2006 post reads something quite the opposite. "I don't want anything to do with You or the thoroughly sick world You live in." He further exclaims "I am going home, to the Norwegian countryside, to the wilderness and fresh air, to a healthy farm-life and Mother Earth's embrace. You can have Your plagued urban brothel and Your sick mongrel Hell on Earth to Yourself." From that statement I doubt Vikernes will wish to deal much with society upon his freedom.
While his release may be final, many people hope his art is not. Vikernes has yet to comment on if he will record new music since his freedom.

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Bully Boys, Uwocaust & Friends, Noie Werte

Scott and the boys are reportedly in the studio working on the latest Bully Boys release to follow "Hard Times Hard Measures." There is not an official release date available yet but it is being released with Germany's PC records. We hope to get a chance to talk with PC records in the very near future to discuss this as well as a number of different things.

Bully Boys recently played in Greece and is scheduled to perform in the Czech Republic, with H8machine, later this summer. Icluded below is live footage of Bully Boys playing in Greece.

The Uwocaust & alte Freunde release "Feindbild" is scheduled to be release on LP by 4U Vinyl. The album will be limited is 415 pieces, including 125 on yellow vinyl and 290 on black.

German RAC band Noie Werte has produced a music video for their track "Moment of Truth" off of their latest album "Twenty." NW had a line up change at drums, previous to the recording of "Twenty," when long time drummer Stephan left to perform in Fuast and the drummer Sascha from Carpe Diem and Odem filled in. Since then original guitarist Olli has departed the band.

However recently, NW has announced that they will play for the first time in 3 years in Italy this July. Fans interested in checking out the video can visit it HERE. the music video can be found under the "Music" section as "Video"

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Rick's Pick: Painful Awakening

This weeks pick is Painful Awakening and their CD "The Reality Hurts." Staying in tune with last week`s pick, Painful Awakening have more of an overall metal sound, but it is more a thrashing metal with hardcore influences. The band makes use of two vocalists, one of which being the more traditional RAC/ hardcore type, while the other is the borderline black metal voice seen in bands like Children of Bodom and In Flames. A solid album from start to finish.

Also to make mention, their first two songs released were on the Hardcore Until The End Compilation including the song "Fuck Your Society" which is one of my more favorite songs from the band.

Rick's Pick is brought to you weekly by Label 56. Rick contributes these small write-ups to share with everyone. While you may not share the same tastes or agree with his weekly choices Rick does a great job of carrying some of the most diverse selections of music here in the states. Rick's "Picks" are usually available for purchase as well as any number of other hard to find or brand new releases at Label 56; visit HERE.
So everyone at Uprise Direct would like to thank Rick for his contribution to our ever growing site!

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Mortuary, Suppressed Memories, If We Die Tomorrow

As we have stated before the German scene is the forerunner of the hardcore scene, and today we would like to share 3 new bands to keep an eye out for.

First up is death-core band Mortuary. These guys feature blasting drums and howling guitars but the vocals seem to lay some where outside the typical death metal growl. While it is nothing original or earth shattering it is something I will keep my eye on as there IS talent there. Check Mortuary out HERE.

Suppressed Memories is next up. The sole sample gave me wanting more. The music, fast paced hardcore, flirts with elements from punk to metal. I really enjoy the vocals sound as he goes from a yelp to a very natural sound.

I can not wait to see more from this outfit! Check it out HERE.

Lastly is If We Die Tomorrow. IWDT is very talented hardcore. Mid-paced tempo, full of two step blasts and some great drop off breakdowns, the transitions are great! The vocals have some melodic fills near the chorus on one of the samples but the majority seem to be belted out powerfully.

Fortunately it does not look we will have to wait too long to get to check these guys out, as OPOS records has announced the debut release by them. I am sure I speak for everyone her at Uprise Direct when I say we look forward to getting our hands on it.

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Diary of a Dying Nation, The Invasion, Tormentia, Uprise Direct Banner

Diary of a Dying Nation, previously mentioned on Uprise Direct, is currently working on their debut release. The band has made a sample song "Rise or Fall" available HERE. I am not disappointed in the sample as Germany continues to lead the way in the hardcore scene. The sample has a heavy Path of Resistance influence, which I enjoy. As stated previously I still anticipate hearing more from this outfit...

Oi / RAC band The Invasion has announced their debut CD, scheduled to be released June 6, 2009. The CD includes 11 track in which there is a special guest Jan-Peter, of the German band Sleipnir. Songs are available to sample on Myspace.

Also from Poland is new hardcore band Tormentia from Malopolska. The debut CD "Krew za krew" will be released soon. In the meantime, check out a sample, of the song titled "Blood for Blood"

Several people have been asking us for a banner to advertise our site appropriately, so here you go! Show your support and post this banner on your favorite site. Thank you again everyone for your support. We will probably create several different banners in the future...

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The vocalist of H8machine, Dennis Dent, participated in an interview for a recent issue of Spin magazine. In the interview Dennis drew comparisons between the success of Rage Against the Machine and other openly communist bands versus his band. The article, which was published, apparently never cited the interview with Dennis.

However, another interview with Dennis did get published in the current issue of Heeb magazine. The article by Maxwell Williams discusses the evolution of the "skinhead movement," which puts H8machine proudly at the front. When Williams asked about the this specifically, Dennis replied, "Realistically, 99 percent of the songs that I write have nothing to do with race. Any song could be read into and perceived any way [the listeners] want."

Dennis would go on later to ask why is it that he must dissociate himself for success? He then affirms that there are plenty of bands that are anti-white and openly violent. Perhaps this very notion is the reason his interview never made it to the pages of Spin. Does the same message being sent from other lips communicate differently? Obviously.

H8machine has helped to raze some of the horrid music of our past and build new stronger messages. As the quality of music productions being released increase, our message can only persevere. We applaud the bands that push relentlessly forward in a progressive manner. The continued eschewing of our music only drives us further, in turn, only making our voices louder.

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INTERVIEW: Fear Rains Down

Interview with Bob of Fear Rains Down courtesy of Kostas and Terra Patria online zine.

Hello Bob! At first, thank you in advance for this small discussion, it's an honour for us to make it with one of the most realised musicians of our scene. So, let's talk a bit about your newest band, which is "Fear Rains Down". Before that, could you please tell me why Teardown ended up?
Yes, my newest band is called Fear Rains Down. We've been playing together for a few years now. As for Teardown, that was started from the remains of Blue Eyed Devils. Initially, the singer from Blue Eyed Devils (Drew) was singing for Teardown. We recorded a mini-CD with Drew, but soon after we went different ways, we got a new singer Ron. We played a few years with Ron singing, and recorded our full-length CD with Ron. Unfortunately, after several years and many great shows, the band members of Teardown went in different directions. Like all bands, Teardown eventually came to an end, and it is mostly because the band members went in different directions in life. Towards the end of the time with Teardown, the drummer from Teardown (Sean) and I formed Fear Rains Down with some members of the band Daily Broken Dream (originally called Race Riot). Eventually Teardown ended, and I focus only on Fear Rains Down now.

...And we reach nowadays, with a strong and talented group like FRD, a band with members fron three countries. So, where do you practice????
Initially, the members of Fear Rains Down was the drummer and guitarist (me) from Teardown, and the singer and bassist from Daily Broken Dream. But, since the formation of Fear Rains Down we have changed a few members. Only the singer of FRD (Christoph) and myself are the original members of FRD. We have now a new drummer (Balint) and a new bassist (Plansch). Right now, the members are from 3 different countries: USA, Germany, and Slovakia. Usually we practice in Germany because it is easiest for everyone. We only practice a couple times per year because it is hard for everyone to come together. But, with the internet and computers, it is easy to record music and exchange ideas so we know what the music and lyrics are going to be before we ever practice the songs.

Well, tell me a few things about the history of the band, so as to introduce yourselves to the comrades in Greece...
Well, I guess I just gave a brief history of the band above. We've been playing for a few years, and have been through a few different members. Currently, the line up is:
Balint - drums
Plansch - Bass
Christoph - Singer
Bob - Guitar
All of the members except me (Bob) currently play in other bands. Christoph and Plansch both play in the band Daily Broken Dream, and Balint plays in a metal band (I forget the name, forgive me Balint!) [Before The War]. I used to play in many bands in the past, such as Nordic Thunder, Blue Eyed Devils, and Teardown, but right now I only play in Fear Rains Down.

So, Would you say Fear Rains Down is at the right place right now? Are you guys happy with that?
Yes, I think FRD is at the right place at the right time. We are playing a more metal/hardcore style, and I like it very much. Throughout my musical career I have always tried to stay at the forefront of the music scene. I think FRD is also at the edge of the music scene, bringing the heavy hardcore/metalcore style to the NS scene. I think we are all happy with the direction of FRD. I only wish we could practice more and play more shows.

"Bury their Rules" is your latest work, and it is about a limited vinyl record. Please give us some points of the basic process until this release.
Yes, we recorded a few songs in 2007, and release 2 on a limited vinyl "Bury Their Rules" (available at Final Stand records) and 2 on the compilation CD Hardcore Until the End. Those were very good songs...very heavy hardcore style. I think we are still progressing more and trying to write more interesting and heavy music.

NSHC is getting stronger these years, both in Europe and USA. Who in the new rash of all these bands comes closest to representing the true sound of the scene?

Well, here is a list of some of the bands I think are very good and are at the forefront of the hardcore and metalcore scene:
Blood Order Company
Daily Broken Dream
2 Minute Warning
Path of Resistance
Feher Torveny
Hate For Breakfast
Empire Falls
Eternal Bleeding
Painful Life
I'm sure there are a few more, but those come to my mind right now.

Since you have been playing for over than ten years, what advice to do you have for the newbie?
Well, when I first started in Nordic Thunder, I took a lot of influence from the band Bad Religion. I studied the they were organized and written. I still do that today. When I hear a new band, I study the music. I try to find out what makes a band and a song good. I always ask myself why one band is better than another. I try to see and hear what makes a song and a band the song is written, how the parts flow together, etc... So, I suggest that if someone is new and trying to start a good band, that they also listen to bands they think are good and try to hear and understand WHY a band is good. What do they do in their songs that make them sound good. It is OK to take influence from a band, but it is not OK to copy a band. Once you can understand why a song is good, then you will gain that ability to write good songs. Be humble and accept opinion and criticism. Always try to better yourself.

Last October, you played at Skinhouse Hellas! Tell me a few things about the whole experience from your small trip in our country, and of course about the music section of this night.
I have to say that I was very impressed with Greece, and especially with the Skinhouse Hellas. It was a very nice clubhouse, and everyone was very friendly and welcoming. The crowd response for FRD was great, and I hope we can play again in the near future! We all really enjoyed and appreciated the friendship with everyone involved with the organization of the concert. The country of Greece was very nice, and had a lot of interesting things, and I hope that the next time we are there we can stay much longer and experience more of the Greek culture.

Do you know anything about the political incorrect scene in Greece (movements, bands, action etc.)?
Well, of course we all know of the band Iron Youth. I think this is one of the most popular bands from Greece. We also know of the organization Golden Dawn, as well as the crew with Skinhouse Hellas. We also know of some of the other bands in Greece that are newer to the scene. I think that the scene in Greece is a decent scene and seems to be strong despite the problems with the reds and government.

And how is it going in your country? Are there any reliable organisations nowadays?
As for the USA, there are not many reliable organizations. Some of the better ones are KSS, Hammerskins, National Alliance, and various small state skinhead groups. The scene has gotten small and fractioned in the USA. However, I see more and more "mainstream" people becoming more sympathetic to our cause since finally they experience the double-standard and hardship against whites that the country has been pushing for many years.

Any plans for the future for Fear Rains Down and you personally?
We hope to continue playing shows and writing new music as Fear Rains Down. We are trying to push the style of the NS hardcore scene, and are taking influence from more metalcore bands. So, we may go a bit in the metalcore direction. As for me, just work and family and continually trying to better myself as a person.

A few words about the following:
Murder Squad - Well, I know many people think this is the best Blue Eyed Devils CD, but I think Holocaust2000 was the best BED cd. The Murder Squad CD was raw and had a lot of catcy, interesting songs. But, I think Holocaust2000 was more refined and polished, and had a better sounds with more well-writting and heavier songs.

Straight Edge - Great for the NS cause. Too much drinking in the scene is just negative. I've been straight edge for over 12 years. I feel it has made me a better person since I feel healthier and more focused on life.

Keystone State Skinheads - Great group of guys. They a friendly and well-organized, and believe strongly in the cause. I think they are one of the best skinhead organizations.

Joe Rowan - Of course, someone who I will never forget. He was very dedicated to the cause. He was a great guy - fun to be around and very friendly. He will always be missed and never forgotten.

Barrack Obama - Well, I think it's a turning point in the USA that a black now runs the country. The USA will never be the same. But, there is so much immigration and fucked up laws in this country that it will never be the same anyway. I think Obama is an intelligent person, and speaks very well. Some of what he says makes sense, but he still is not of our race and culture, and that is the bottom line. I think he would be a great leader for countries in Africa, but whites should govern whites, and blacks should govern blacks, and etc.... Separate countries for separate races.

Thanks again Bob, I hope to meet you again soon. Racial regards and greetings, last words are yours...
Thank you Kostas for the interview. Greetings to all the great guys and gals in Greece. We hope to be there again soon. Stay Strong and never give up the fight.

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IN REVIEW: No Quarter, Heysel, English Rose/Kill Baby Kill

No Quarter - Fields of Glory
(1998 Independent Voice Records)

This CD was given to me by suggestion several weeks ago, after never seriously listening to this side project of Billy & Lyndon from Celtic Warrior, I must say I was amused and later enjoyed this contribution. The opening track is kind of deceiving as it is hard hitting RAC, yet the next two tracks deivate away from that sound quickly.

This CD is definately a throwback not only is it over ten years old but musically-and even lyrically-geared in an 80's style. Influences range from AC/DC, Manowar, Iron Maiden and even Cheap Trick. This CD easily gets stuck in your head and you will know all the songs, word for word, too shortly. This CD may not be for you, but it most definately is for that uncle who still wears acid washed jeans with tattered knees, Reebok Pumps and drives his Monte Carlo SS with the tee tops off so his perm can flow in the wind...However, you may have to copy it to cassette for him. ~Doug Sacred
01. Berserker (4:02)
02. White Heat (2:27)
03. One of the Boys (3:00)
04. Ride on to Valhalla (3:55)
05. Lost and Lonely (3:43)
06. Mr. Nine to Five (2:23)
07. Turn Up the Night (3:24)
08. With the Gods of War (4:33)
09. Fields of Glory (7:01)

Heysel: Violent Justice
(1999 Nordland Records)

Brutal oldschool styled Swedish hardcore, this kick-ass mini CD features Drew from Blue Eyed Devils on back up vocals making the 6 tracks explosively memorable. The album is easily one of the most overlooked and underrated hatecore albums ever released in my humble opinion. Definitly a worthy addition to any collection. ~Steve Skam
01- Dirty Leeches
02- Bloodhound
03- Violent Justice
04- Don't Be A Victim
05- Eternal Life
06- Cradle Of Hate

English Rose/ Kill Baby Kill: Good Night Left Side
(2006 Good Night Left Side Records)

Awesome split cd featuring RAC legends English Rose and the up and coming (at the time of release date) band out of Belgium; Kill Baby, Kill. While both bands show superior musical craftmanship, it was KBK that stole the spotlight, leaving everyone in the scene curious to their future. ~Steve Skam

01- You'd Better Heed This Warning (English Rose)
02- Traitor (Kill Baby Kill)
03- Come and Take Your Place (English Rose)
04- Skins Don't Run (Kill Baby Kill)
05- Shoulder to Shoulder (English Rose)
06- We've got the Power (Kill Baby Kill)
07- The Nation Burns (English Rose)
08- Child Molester (Kill Baby Kill)
09- We're Number One (English Rose)
10- A.C.F. (Kill Baby Kill)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rick's Pick: Brainwash - Moments of Truth; Blood Order Co.

The past few weeks I have been posting CD`s that are on the top of my playlist. Along side the previously Rick's Ricks, this week`s pick has been in constant play this entire time. I find myself listening to it more than any other CD I currently own. The Brainwash "Moment Of Truth" CD has got to be, in my opinion, the best metal CD to come out of our scene.
This CD is straight out metal with political and revolutionary lyrics. My favorite of which being the song "Thank You," which expresses disgust with all the corruption and degradation to our society. The song ends brilliantly with repetition of the line, "...Destroy what is destroying you!" ~Rick 56
Honestly, I have to agree in this being one of the best releases to date! Out of my large collection, the CD never wonders too far from the player. ~Doug Sacred

Unfortunately our previously scheduled sit down with the members of popular metalcore at Blood Order Company has been postponed indefinitely. We will still be providing an interview with the band in the very near future, just not as originally planned.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Guns of the Patriots, Blood Order Co., Slap In The Face

New Italian band Guns Of The Patriots, are scheduled to perform live at Skinhouse Itlaia with UK legends Bulldog Breed. GOTP could be described as hardcore/metalcore with undertones of melodic work. The arrangements at times remind me of Ttania, mainly because of the obvious energy the singer conveys while performing. At times the vocals are sung in a full melodic style, obviously influenced by today's popular emo scene.

The band has only released a self titled demo to date, but I look forward to any future releases by this outfit. Samples of their music is available HERE.

Blood Order Company has been in the studio for several weeks now are almost completely wrapped up recording for their newest release. The band said they need to finalize a few details and send it off for mastering.

Uprise Direct is scheduled to sit down with the guys from the band in the near future for a candid interview in addition to some bonus video material.

Mentioned previously, on Uprise Direct, was the side project of Dirty Chris of Attack/No Alibi/Kill or Be Killed and Reno of White Wash/Straight Laced Nightmare. Samples of this earlier announced project have become available online HERE.

The project, titled Slap In The Face, is aggressive oldschool hardcore. While the band plans to release with German label OPOS records, the entire line-up is uncertain and whether or not this will be a live performing band is yet to be determined. We hope hitting the stage is in the plans for the future.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

INTERVIEW: Blood Red Eagle

[Interview conducted 04/30/2009.]
How would you best describe the movement and music scene in Australia?
I shudder at the word "scene." Scenes can be best described as a comedy of errors. Whatever word you can call it, I guess it’s the same as anywhere. It could use this, it could use that, but there are some good people doing good things from time to time; smaller and tight knit would best describe it.

What bands would you site as being the biggest influence(s) of BRE's music?
Ultima Thule, Hel, Amon Amarth, Falkenbach, Enharjarna, Midgards Soner, most decent Viking rock, neo folk and Viking metal as well as most typical RAC bands from the late 80's early 90's. You know, all the usual stuff.

In your opinion, what's the best BRE album released to date and why that particular one?
"Return to Asgard" is probably the most popular, it's kind of raw but still falls in place. "Burning Down the Churches" is more polished, and with the female vocals a lot of people say that one.

I personally like our new one "Divine Providence" 'cause I haven't heard it to death yet and we recorded it ourselves. it has a couple of songs on there I have sat on for years and really worked them out so the writing is a bit better in my opinion and sound wise we were going for a mix of "Return to Asgard" and "Burning Down the Churches" to please the fans. the sound ended up a little boxy, but considering its the first time we recorded ourselves as BRE and released it; it made me figure out what we are capable of in that aspect.

What's your thought(s) on the importance of Odinism and keeping that faith alive?
Well, that’s why we do what we do. A lot of our songs are specific to this topic and we try to sing it historically correct. Any other culture/race in the world is not only allowed in the eyes of normality but actually encouraged to promote folkish ethno-centric communities, faiths and cultures amongst their own. People aren’t taught much in their countries’ schools, at least anything more about their history, outside of a couple of wars.

Our people for the most part have no idea who they are. They have no pride in the fact that we have the greatest history and culture the world has ever seen. The multiculturalism campaigns of the one world Zionists teach people only guilt in being white, yet they aren’t even 100% sure why they should feel guilty. With that and our preferred religious ideologies, we try to blend historical fact, religious belief and modern social observations together to teach people some things they may not have known.

What can we expect from BRE in the future?
We've been taking a break for a while but maybe soon we will begin to rehearse again to record the beginning of what I perceive as our major works; 3 albums based on the poetic Edda. The first volume, which is already written, is titled "Creation." Also I have some more ideas for after/in between these 3 albums that I may have a go at.

We may resume playing live in 2010. If so, we will most likely head overseas again. We've had a few offers for a few different places but we can’t do anything this year as we are all busy with our personal lives. Rest assured, we still have plenty to do for some time.

Would you like to tell the readers about your other projects such as Affray and Honky Tonk Knife Fight?
Affray was just an off thing, done by myself. I was just drinking at home, testing my home recording studio and making songs up on the spot. I didn’t want to release it at first but a lot of my friends really liked what they heard. So I did an album of songs that wouldn’t work with BRE. I called it Affray after the charges laid on white protestors at the Cronulla "riots" around the same time.

Honky Tonk Knife Fight is our newest band; I don’t call it a project because it is an actual band that we intend to one day take to the live circuit. It's more of a fun band. Highly out spoken, highly critical of everything (even ourselves) but all done in a tongue in cheek, comedic way. It’s pretty hard to take songs like "Rock and Roll Master Race" seriously, right? We did a 7" on Diehard records which went well and now we're getting ready for an 8 or 9 track minimum release. I'm not sure if we will record that before or after the next BRE. I have a lot of fun in this band. You could say the sound is like some Confederacy of Scum bands; cow punk, garage punk, Redneck rock and roll etc…

Any up and coming bands to look out for on your new record label Heathen Noise Productions?
We've had a couple of offers to press various things but we're holding out for now. So, outside of Honky Tonk Knife Fight being a fairly newcomer at the moment.... we also have the lost second album of the great USA band Siege, which absolutely kills their first one. As well as the re-issue of BRE's first album, "The Warrior" EP with a few bonus tracks, coming out later this year—possibly.

Who's your favorite band at the moment?
That is hard to say, I like so much different stuff it changes all the time. For RAC, probably Blackout; for metal the new Amon Amarth is ok. Mostly Hank 3, Rebel Son, Peterpan Speedrock, Candy Snatchers, Hammercocks. I've recently re-found The Partisans, one of my teenage favorites. Absurd is always great and Moshpit is probably one of the best bands in the world at the moment; for fans of metalcore/hardcore. Like I said before, it’s hard to say....

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
Thanks for the interview, good luck with the 'zine. Thank you to the people who are still buying our records after 8 or so years. If you're surfing the net, check stuff people have posted on YouTube of us, some of that’s pretty cool. Also check out VF International.
Hail Odin.

Friday, May 8, 2009

This Month's Featured Artist: H8machine

This month's featured artist are New Jersey heavy hitters H8machine. Since the band's creation, following the demise of Dying Breed, the band has focused on producing quality hardcore. While the band was rumored to have broke up for some time during the mid 2000's they came back in full force with their latest release, "One Less Reason To Smile," to further reinforce they are still one of America's leading outfits.

While the band has had several membership change-ups, H8machine has filled the ranks with a sort of all-star line-up now. Original member Dennis is the lead vocalist and original guitarist, before it became a 4 piece outfit. Now on guitars, Joe Frustration of Hatelordz, Last Batallion, Across the Hudson, Tears of Frustration, Grom and of course his self titled work, has been a strong additon to the band. In addition to the two Jersey members is Orange County native Roy on bass. Known for his work in Aggressive Force, Final War, Cut Throat, Tri-City Trashed, Warfare 88 and most recently his works with Big Ed up in Minnesota; Roy brings a large ammount of creative talent to the band as well. Recently the band has added a new drummer to the ranks, and is scheduled to play several European shows this summer.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

IN REVIEW: Blind Justice, Blood Red Eagle, Eternal Bleeding

Blind Justice: That's Not For You
(2009 EDA Propaganda)

Once again Italy has proven themselves as leaders in the hardcore scene with this fast and furious release. Staying true to the oldschool early 80's hardcore style, Blind Justic blends Italian and English lyrics with light-speed guitars and heartpounding drums to create a one of a kind materpiece. DEFINITLY a worthy addition to any album collection. ~Steve Skam
01- Intro
02- Total NSHC
03- Gli anni della fenice
04- Misoginia
05- Stand The Mosh
06- Fuck Israel
07- Reazionario
08- Police State
09- I Had Enough
10- Tutto il mio odio
11- Outro

Blood Red Eagle: Divine Providence
(2008 Heathen Noise Productions)

Every now and then there comes a release from a band that really seperates itself from the rest of their previous material. Well, this is that release for BRE. From the sociopolitical observations with an Odinist point of view, to the musical craftsmanship, I really think the band came into their own on this one. With songs such as "Blow By Blow", "A Love For My Nation", & "White Guilt" it almost comes off as a rally cry for awareness without being overbearing. Highly recommended for all inteligent nationalist & Odinists out there. ~Steve Skam
01- Intro
02- Seas Of Blood
03- Blow By Blow
04- Pride Of Portland
05- The Ends Justify The Means
06- 3rd Coming Of Odin
07- I Feel Nothing
08- Loosing Blood
09- A Love For My Nation
10- Watch It Burn
11- White Guilt
12- Jarl's Kin

Eternal Bleeding: Dead Eyes Kissed The Light
(2007 Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede)

This album is easily one of my favorite hardcore releases in the past few years. Using melodic hardcore/ metal/ and a subtle hint of emo, the guys of EB have came up with a winning formula in their first full length that not too many bands today can match. Superior is one word that sums it up nicely. 10/10 ~Steve Skam
01- Intro
02- Dead Eyes Kissed The Light
03- Between Hell
04- My Vision
05- Scars 'n' Strife
06- Right Doors Have Only One Entry
07- Bleed To Forget
08- Until The World Is Burning
09- Good Old Dreams Rising Tomorrow Again
10- Don't Switch On Me
11- Antisocial Conditions
12- Only A Nightmare Remain
13- I'd Never Seen
14- Running Through The Fire
Coming soon: Interview with Blood Red Eagle. Next week IN REVIEW: No Quarter

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Rick's Pick: Attack - Fade Away

The new Attack CD "Fade Away" is easily my top choice for the week. This CD is some all out raw and aggressive metal/hardcore and is best enjoyed at a very high volume... but I have to warn you though, this CD will make you want to smash stuff!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Brief History of the Anti-Communist Punk Movement

Article Courtesy of AAF/USA

It's commonly heard and far too easy for today's so-called “scene” to scornfully claim that racialist punks are some kind of new and undesirable bizarre occurrence, considering how whitewashed and biased the history of punk has been thus far. However, the truth, as you will learn, proves to be quite contrary.

The history of the racialist punk movement can arguably be traced back to as early as 1977, with the birth of the punk subculture in England. However, the first verifiable evidence of the racialist punk movement was a youth division of the British National Front that formed in 1978 called the "Punk Front”. It started off as a mere political and music related ‘zine, but due to its rapid success it quickly turned into a organized group and wave of bands with a considerably significant following, particularly in Leeds, England.

The bands who partook in this movement included: The Dentists, Homicide, The Ventz and The Raw Boys. These ‘Punk Front’ bands played the first Rock Against Communism shows the National Front organized, which took place in 1979. Shortly after those early RAC concerts, the Punk Front had disbanded for various reasons (which included the incarceration of several members of the group).

By the early 1980s the National Front started to look towards the skinhead subculture to carry on the youth underground-based movement it had started since the punk scene had unfortunately began to get highly infiltrated by Marxists and various other politically correct followers. Despite the fact that skinheads had become the forerunners of the racialist music movement, there were still many punks to be found throughout Europe who still freely associated and contributed to the White Nationalist movement, even though they were in the minority.

In the United States the 1980s saw a large emergence of racial punk crews nationwide, as well as a number of bands. Areas like New York City and Los Angeles were home to some of the largest amounts of racialist punks in the country. They could be found at nearly every show and in various places they were even the majority of the local scenes. It wasn't until the later part of the decade that politically correct/anti-racist “punks" (with aid from SHARPs) started to blacklist Nationalistic beliefs within the scene and thus the numbers of openly racialist punks unfortunately started to steadily decline.

This gradual reduction in the amount of racialist punks internationally carried on throughout the ‘90s and the increase of multiracial and fashion-orientated people within the subculture quickly skyrocketed.

Today we're in the midst of seeing of large reemergence of the racialist punk movement. Bands, crews and individuals are being seen all over the world taking part in this massive revival. This can mainly be attributed to the dissatisfaction of many individuals in the scene today who are just overwhelmingly tired of the irrationally politically correct direction the scene has continued to take. Therefore, we may see the racialist punk movement at the largest point it has ever been in within only a few years

Anti-Communist Punk Bands on Myspace:

A.B.H. formed in 1981 in Lowestoft, England. The first few years in the bands career they remained neutral on the issue of politics and race, although they did acquire a large following among young National Front members (as many apolitical Punk & Oi! bands in England did at the time). However, in 1983 they finally decided to openly display their political beleifs by recording a song which was to be featured on White Noise Records “This Is White Noise” EP along side the White Power bands: Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack, and The Diehards.

It can be argued by some that A.B.H. wasn’t necessarily “National Socialist” politically speaking, but it would be foolish to try to claim that they weren’t White Nationalists. Partaking in a National Front EP alone is proof enough, let alone their song Nerves of Steel, which is clearly a British White Nationalist song.

They released a few EPs and appeared on various Punk & Oi! compilation records during their duration. They broke-up shortly following the release of the “This Is White Noise” EP.Nerves of Steel (from This Is White Noise)

“I look around, what do we see?
A nation once proud & free
Nowadays a yankee state, unable to decide your own fate

We are here for our nation
Victory or damnation
It don’t matter how we win
Even murder is no sin

Kentucky Fried Chicken and Coca Cola
The yanks are coming, they’re taking over
Reagan’s hands around our neck, it’s our nation he wants to wreck

It doesn’t matter which way you turn
There’s always someone trying to pull you down
A student bastard, a communist
Trendy liberal or multiculturalists