Thursday, May 7, 2009

IN REVIEW: Blind Justice, Blood Red Eagle, Eternal Bleeding

Blind Justice: That's Not For You
(2009 EDA Propaganda)

Once again Italy has proven themselves as leaders in the hardcore scene with this fast and furious release. Staying true to the oldschool early 80's hardcore style, Blind Justic blends Italian and English lyrics with light-speed guitars and heartpounding drums to create a one of a kind materpiece. DEFINITLY a worthy addition to any album collection. ~Steve Skam
01- Intro
02- Total NSHC
03- Gli anni della fenice
04- Misoginia
05- Stand The Mosh
06- Fuck Israel
07- Reazionario
08- Police State
09- I Had Enough
10- Tutto il mio odio
11- Outro

Blood Red Eagle: Divine Providence
(2008 Heathen Noise Productions)

Every now and then there comes a release from a band that really seperates itself from the rest of their previous material. Well, this is that release for BRE. From the sociopolitical observations with an Odinist point of view, to the musical craftsmanship, I really think the band came into their own on this one. With songs such as "Blow By Blow", "A Love For My Nation", & "White Guilt" it almost comes off as a rally cry for awareness without being overbearing. Highly recommended for all inteligent nationalist & Odinists out there. ~Steve Skam
01- Intro
02- Seas Of Blood
03- Blow By Blow
04- Pride Of Portland
05- The Ends Justify The Means
06- 3rd Coming Of Odin
07- I Feel Nothing
08- Loosing Blood
09- A Love For My Nation
10- Watch It Burn
11- White Guilt
12- Jarl's Kin

Eternal Bleeding: Dead Eyes Kissed The Light
(2007 Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede)

This album is easily one of my favorite hardcore releases in the past few years. Using melodic hardcore/ metal/ and a subtle hint of emo, the guys of EB have came up with a winning formula in their first full length that not too many bands today can match. Superior is one word that sums it up nicely. 10/10 ~Steve Skam
01- Intro
02- Dead Eyes Kissed The Light
03- Between Hell
04- My Vision
05- Scars 'n' Strife
06- Right Doors Have Only One Entry
07- Bleed To Forget
08- Until The World Is Burning
09- Good Old Dreams Rising Tomorrow Again
10- Don't Switch On Me
11- Antisocial Conditions
12- Only A Nightmare Remain
13- I'd Never Seen
14- Running Through The Fire
Coming soon: Interview with Blood Red Eagle. Next week IN REVIEW: No Quarter

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