Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Blodsband - Svunna Tiders Sägner

Pagan black metal band Blodsband have self released their new cd titled Svunna Tiders Sägner. The lyrics consist of quotations from Erikskrönikan (Eric's Chronicle), a
Swedish text from the 14th century. Blodsband is Swedish for 'blood relationship', 'kinship'

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hobbit - L'impero Contrattacca

Rupe Tarpea has released the new cd from Italy`s Hobbit. The cd is titled L'impero Contrattacca

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mortuary Interview

The following interview is with German deathcore band Mortuary. It was originally posted on Aryan Music News Blog. Visit their website here.You can visit Mortuary on my space here

Hello for now. Meanwhile, despite numerous live performances you are likely some readers still do not know. So please tell us once you something about. When you've established you? Have you ever played in other bands? Etc. ...

Hello first, we have established in January 2009. Our second singer (Mumme) is then in the summer to come. Yup, we had already the pleasure to play with the following bands: Painful Life, Civil Disorder, Daily Broken Dream, Burning Hate, Second Class Citizen, 2 minutes warning, Fight Tonight, IWDT, Painful Awakening and others.

On myspace you have already made a song online. It is titled "Country Killer"? Which issue is behind the dubious name?

In our song "Killer Country", it's about capitalism (exploitation of man by high finance and globalization).

Musically you is quite clearly in the direction of Grind and Death Core? What groups have particularly inspired you, and what was the impetus, direction to play this music?

Yes thank you, that you can hear you. On our way to us the following musical bands have very influenced: "Cap De Crania, Waking the Cadaver, the grindcore kings, Dying Fetus, The Juliet Massacre, Job For A Cowboy, Annotations Of An Autopsy and many more. Above all, it was extremely important to us to make music we listen to ourselves and one style of music to embody that there is not yet in our movement.

Another scene bands that claim Grindcore to play more on Growling (ie the deep grunt) put while, you go one step further and includes quasi Pig Squeals with a song in. How long has your singers practiced this technique to master guttural and especially how much this is at the expense of the vocal cords?

So first of Benni has a cool metal voice brought to us in the band. From sample to sample, he rose and came after a few months with a deep Brreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Our Mumme, the madman, has grunted from the beginning seem to right! I just hope the two can talk even in deep old age.

From Mortuary Although there are no compressed song, but still have a variety of merchandise stuff, like Truckercaps and shirts. What are the requirements of these pieces and where the border is with you on the subject merchandise? Calendar, underwear, belts? Custom truly a thing?

Until now we had to make 30 caps for us all, friends, and when the demand was there. The shirt is only a first draft, there is virtually still on ice. On the subject of calendars, underwear and belts. Of which we do not believe, you do not need to exaggerate.

Particularly striking is with you the very professional graphic work that your clothes and your logo is reason to? Who stands responsible for this? Makes your own all the graphic stuff?

Our graphic things, we owe Richard Manson and Major Williams. At this point, thanks again to you guys! You make your work really great.

So, now out with it. When will one of you album, a split, an EP or something like that?

Haha ... It is planned in the future a lot of us, but we tell it yet.

Some of your concerts have you been together with RAC bands. Bothers you not this strong musical difference? How do the visitors of a rock concert right on your music?

Oha ... no, no case to disturb us that because we like to fall on and break ranks. The people react mix to us. Some are pleased, shake, and the other the head and grin.

You will now compelled Travel Tips for your state of Saxony-Anhalt to name a few. So where can and do hold the Travel-Nazi in order to explore a few interesting things?

So here in Haldensleben there are dolmens, Hiller in life are still some buildings will receive the Army and in the Colbitz-Letzlinger Heath still see the barracks, which was quartered including Joseph G..

Politically, do you think you like many bands NSHC overcast. You do not cast with the typical symbolism for you, but is rather the mainstream way. How far you find yourself at all as a political band, and you can even assign a definitive stock?

We see ourselves very clearly as a political band! As our thoughts, emotions, and to our positions in our texts reflects, with which we in turn stimulate the people and their thoughts and to move! "The ideas are free"

In recent years, music has in the national field of music to download increased greatly. Some albums are already on the first day of sales on the net for illegal downloading. What do you think? Nor has the spread of what to do with the music?

There's just sad that the people of all "pull black" and therefore nothing to invest for the movement.

Now we come to the end of this interview. I hope the few questions you have fallen. You can now your words to conclude this conversation with.

Thank you for the interview and for your interest in our band!

The Word they still shall let
no thanks, and to have;
Plan he is good with us on the map
with his spirit and gifts;
they take us to the body,
Honor, child and wife,
Let all go,
They have got to 's no profit:
the Reich must still remain with us! "
Hermann Lons, The Werewolf

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mass Destruction- Guilty

Wewelsburg Records has released the new cd from Mass Destruction Titled Guilty

"The first official album available in this State of the German underground project. A powerful blend of different genres (Metal, Hard and Grind Core) with the known tube of Mass Destruction. Thematically, it covers a wide field far away from the usual cliches, making it arrived in 2010. 11 songs with just under 40 minutes of playing time to prove: the surface can not forbid! Limited to 666 units!"

Sample mp3`s

Sunshine after rain

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fight Tonight Shorts

New shorts from German hardcore band Fight Tonight. More info on their my space here

Radio Rapaille: Best Of Nationalist Music Italy

Radio Rapaille has released an Italian compilation cd titled Best Of Nationalist Music Vol. 1. More info on Radio Rapaille here

01. Janus - Kampf
02. Amici Del Vento - Amici Del Vento
03. Compagnia Dell´ Anello - Il domani appartiene a noi
04. Verde Bianco Rosso - No ai rossi
05. Peggior Amico - Giornalisti terroristi
06. A.D.L. 122 - Basta
07. 270 Bis - Claretta e Ben
08. Intolleranza - Come il vento
09. Massimo Morsello - Nostri canti assassini
10. Londinium SPQR - Fare quadrato
11 Gesta Bellica - No pasaran
12. ZetaZeroAlfa - Tango core
13. Ultima Frontiera - Trieste 1953
14. Hate for Breakfast - Fuoco della rivolta
15. Sköll - La bellezza
16. D.D.T. - R.S.I.
17. Con la morte a paro paro
18. Me ne frego

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Front Records has released a ballads cd from long running German RAC band Hauptkampflinie. The cd is titled Still ihr Bruder

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Frank Rennicke

Due out by July is the Frank Rennicke cd- Frank and Free. This is quoted as "another Rennicke production, a musical audiobook, brimming with songs and stories of our national anthem: The Song of the Germans min - a musical journey to our anthem, on 70th with elaborate inlay and song lyrics." More info can be found here

Monday, June 21, 2010

Timebombs - Viva La Muerte!

Italian hardcore band Timebombs have their new cd released on RTP / Perimetro. The cd is titled Viva La Muerte!

Estirpe Imperial Interview

Below is an interview with Spanish band Estirpe Imperial from 2009.

Could you just tell us about the history of the band, and what Estirpe Imperial means?

Estirpe Imperial was born in the far year of 1991. Shortly after we released what would be our first album, a vinyl record that included four songs that would take the name of the band.
The years passed and we were recording the sale and taking the rest of our albums and we participated in international compilations. Estirpe Imperial has had too many stories throughout his 18 years of gait.
To be an expert on simple way the meaning of Estirpe Imperial, we prune to say that it is a question of our conquering and imperial origin, the pride of our lineage and nation.

Your music is different from usual RAC and Oi!, it’s a way more musical. How would you describe your style?

Always we have been, musically speaking, near the metal music that of the classic sounds of the bands of RAC/Oi!.

What topics do you speak about in your lyrics?

Our lyrics speaks about love to the motherland, about pride, of values that have got lost, of sacrifice and delivery...

You have played gigs all over Europe, but especially with Italian bands… where did you have the best shows? And what are the funnest band you’ve met?

One of the gigs in that more comfortable we have been was the Summer Fest of 2007. We were covered by many comrades who came from Spain to meet and it made us fell us like at home. Besides we share the scene with good bands.

You have a slogan, la calle esta nuestra, (‘the street is ours’), what do you mean by that?

"La calle es nuestra ("The street is ours"). It is the title of a song that one speaks about the presence that we had in the streets years ago and that today we have lost. One speaks about unit of the different forces to recover this so necessary presence in the streets of our cities.

How is the skinhead scene like in Spain? Are there many gigs, organizations, supporters?

In Spain as elsewhere in Europe and in the world, there is a skinhead scene more or less organized and stable. They organize gigs, conferences, demonstrations... they fight for their honor and future.

What is the political/social situation in Spain?

In Spain and throughout the world we are immersed in a great crisis. The system has failed and they do not want to realize. This has just started and people are furious.

And what are your future projects?

We wish to record our next album this year and assist with everything that we look good.

Anything else to add?

Thank you very much for the interview and a salute to all our fans.
¡La calle es nuestra!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ricks Pick: Sokyra Peruna- Invictus

This weeks pick goes to long running Ukraine band Sokyra Peruna for their new cd Invictus. This is a top notch straight out metal cd. The music stays kind of mid paced chugging along and is brutally heavy. Definitely a cd to pick up if you want some good solid metal. The cd was released by German label PC Records and is available domestically now at Label 56

Friday, June 18, 2010

Farewell To The Flesh

Farewell To The Flesh is looking to record their debut full length in the coming months. The band is a combination of black, death, and thrash metal. It features members of Ravensbruck, Flesh Supremacy, and others. Check them out on my space here

Blue Max- Back To The Boots

Moloko Plus Versand have released the new cd from German RAC band Blue Max titled Back To The Boots

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ultime Assault- Delivrance

Bulldog Records is proudly announcing its first release:

The CD "Delivrance" of legendary French RAC group "Ultime Assaut"(Ultimate Assault).

Ultime Assaut was one of the top RAC bands from France in the 90ties, they released a Vinyl 7", a DIY demo tape and a LP on legendary Rebelles Europeens label. This cd is hand numbered and limited to only 500 copies. It is 11 songs and pressed on a "vinyl" cd as a tribute to old times

Monday, June 14, 2010

100% Magyar Vol 2

100% Magyar Vol 2 is out now from BHS Services. The cd compiles 23 different Hungarian bands with music ranging from rac, metal, hardcore, and more. The band list is posted below

1. Archívum: Itt az idő
2. Kitörés: Lehajtott fejjel
3. TarsOi!: Azt hiszed...
4. Turul Nemzetség: Made in Hungary
5. Worst Nightmare: Hiába...
6. Hunor: Magyar vagyok
7. Szebb napok: Ott leszünk
8. Révület: Ébredj testvér!
9. Magna Hungária: Új szelek
10. Bajonett: Délutáni vérfürdő
11. Végítélet: Ősi harag
12. Vérszerződés: A helyes úton
13. Tar Had: Büszke vagyok
14. Agresszív Fellépés: Kötelet nekik
15. Vér Kötelez: A.C.A.B.
16. Overload: Az ígéret
17. Új Rend: XXI. századi harc
18. Utolsó Védvonal: Kifordított világ
19. Hunterss: Nem vagyunk egyedül...
20. Védőosztag: Áruló
21. Fekete Mamba: Hadtest
22. Bombs not Food: Szociális krízis
23. Melancholy: Zúzd szét a gonoszt

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Ricks Pick- Freedom For The Nationalists

Once again it has been awhile since I have posted a pick of the week. For now on I intend to post one at least every other Saturday if not every Saturday. This pick goes to the newly released Freedom cd compilation released by S-Crew Records.

This cd is " the collection that is musically and lyrically the wrath of a large group of people to oppression patriotic and nationalistic place in Greece and beyond. Especially in recent days, the depression turns to boomerang against state and para-and thousands of our compatriots to play them all for all for the survival and dignity of our nation, the expression in the music seems necessary than ever. The title of this cd then "Ελευθερία - Freedom - Liberte - Freiheit - Libertad", in the languages of groups participating"

We just got this cd in at Label 56 and it is a great collection of worldwide bands ranging in every style of music possible in our music scene, and of course it is also done for a great cause. In an effort to get this cd out to people Label 56 is currently offering this cd for only $10 here. Pick it up, you won`t be disappointed.

Track List:

01. Spirit Of The Patriot - The future of Hellas (04:34)
02. Snake Eggs / Max Resist - Eleftheria (02:46)
03. Straightline - Freedom (04:50)
04. Jan Peter - Haltet stand (04:18)
05. Faustrecht - Europe' battle hymn (03:14)
06. Brigada 1238 - Reconquista (03:17)
07. Dernier Guerrier - Enferme (02:32)
08. Daily Broken Dream - Choose your life (03:08)
09. White Resistance - White rock'n'roll outlaws (03:19)
10. Axis Mundi - En su nombre (02:50)
11. Max Resist - Work for progress (02:56)
12. Final War - A new day arises (03:05)
13. Kasus Belli - Mi vida mi ruina (03:11)
14. Filopatria - Avridpaong yevia' (04:01)
15. Burn Down - Gute Reise (02:56)
16. Aryan Brotherhood - Auge in Auge (03:07)
17. Die 3 Von Der Tanke - Das Frьhstьcksbier (04:29)
18. Painful Awakening - Paranoid (02:52)

Friday, June 11, 2010

Moloth and Hrossharsgrani

Moloth "Scent of Blood / Rehearsal 2003 a.b."

A long-awaited CD re-release of Moloth rehearsal demo from June of 2003 is available! Release also contains raw rehearsal recording from 2004; video, based on the first live concert staff and photo gallery. CD was released at Lost Reich Records.

Hrossharsgrani "Ancient Tales"

CD-R compilation of the first Austrian project's works, came to early Graveland and Darzamat. Music carries a listener to ancient times, full of myths, legends and sounds of martial drums. Clean art, that connects future and the past. CD-R was released in common of Lost Reich Records and Valgriind.

More info on these and other releases here

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Potop- Hail White Sons

Potop has self released their new cd titled Hail White Sons. There are 6 tracks total

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Interview With Scott (Youngland, Aggressive Force, etc)

Posted below is an interview with Scott who plays drums for several OC, California bands.

You are playing for many different bands, could you just tell us which bands, and how you got involved in so many projects?

I play/played for quite a few bands in the White Power Movement. Aggressive Force was my first band. My friend Ken Johnson and I started that in Visalia, CA back in 1983 or 1984. I went through MANY line-up changes and times when the band didn't exist before Brian Sawyer (RIP) and I got it rolling again back in '97 or so. We released a self titled album on Panzerfaust somewhere between '98 and 2000. It's being bootlegged as we speak in various locations around the world as I type this. It features Brian on vocals (we miss you brother), Kenn on Bass (also the singer/guitarist for Youngland), Roy on Lead Guitar (Vocalist and Lead guitar for Final War and MANY other projects, he is really an amazing guitar player and song writer), and me (Scott) on drums. Next was Extreme Hatred which started in March of 1991, that was another band that had many line-up changes, but Martin Cox (vocals and songwriter) and I were always the constant members of the band. I've also play/played in Youngland, HateCrime ("Guilty", this is a KICK ASS cd if you can find it, pick it up, it is well worth your time and money. I'm pretty proud of how this CD came out), Youngblood, and various punk rock bands in Orange County.

Could you just tell us a bit about the history of Youngland and the origin of the name?

As I mentioned previously, we (Kenn and I), started Youngland back in 1998 after his extremely popular punk rock band "Knockout" (they had a video on MTV) broke up. Kenn had always been a supporter of the White Power Movement during his time with punk bands in O.C. (Knockout played a few Skrewdriver cover songs during live performances), and had promised me that if and when Knockout broke up, he and I would start a racialist band. When Knockout, met it's unfortunate demise, Kenn and I started Youngland. After writing 5 or 6 songs, we asked Martin (of Extreme Hatred) to come and play bass for us. And we released our first CD, "We Are United..." on Panzerfaust Records. To date, we've released 3 CD's, "We Are United", "Winter Wind", and "Smothered and Covered". Kenn came up with the name Youngland to represent America as being a young land compared to our ancestral Europe.

What would you qualify you music of (style)? And from what band did you get inspiration?

This has always been a matter of discussion of ours as well as CD reviewers. We've had everyone describe us as everything from Punk to Rock to Rock-a-Billy to Oi! to Country. I guess pick up our CD's and make your own assessment. In MY opinion we have more of a punk rock/rock n' roll sound than anything else. Even "Smothered and Covered", where we covered a bunch of old country songs, is done in a punk rock/country way.

It is the third time that we interview an O.C. and we keep on being amazed by the number of bands in such a small place, how do you explain such a phenomenon? Also, most of O.C. bands have developed a style distinct of the other bands, being more punk-rock than other WP bands, why is that?

Orange County has a few million people in it, so it's not all that of a small place. But it's deeply rooted in punk rock, and someplace that A LOT of mainstream punk rock bands have their beginnings. We all grew up listening to that style of music and you tend to play what you know. So I guess I can contribute Orange County bands to having a punk sound to us just playing the style of music we grew up on. There quite a few WP bands from Orange County and if you look at the members on the CD booklets, we have a lot of the same members. We are all friends and tend to mix and match band members. There may be 20 WP bands from Orange County, but they are the same 10 or 15 band members. I think it is a credit to the musicianship of the band members to have so many different bands, and still produce a VERY unique sound with each project they play in.

Some of Youngland’s songs, and actually the CD, talk about unity. Do you feel that unity present in the movement?

Unfortunately it all depends on what day and time you ask that question. At times the movement and our Race seem very unified and at other times it seems very divided. And some scenes and areas of the country and world seem unified while others seem to have nothing but division and infighting. We wrote many songs about unity to, at the very least, get people to stop and think and to try to make an effort to come together with other organizations and to join forces. We are all fighting and striving for the same goal. It makes more sense to us for us to fight as one to achieve our goal. There is strength in numbers. United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

American Justice is a critic of the U.S. judicial system, what’s your opinion on that?

American Justice was written at a time when a lot of our friends were being arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to long prison terms for ridiculous charges. A simple bar brawl was putting our friends away for 25 or more years. It didn't matter to the state who started the fight, only that "another terrible skinhead" was getting put jail and not able to harm society any further. Lots of hypocrisy and double standards in the American Judicial System.

Do you support any specific organization?

None of us in the band belong to any specific organizations. I, personally, don't want to be restricted by belonging to any one group and have to follow their specific doctrine. I'll pick and choose who I support and associate with. I'll gravitate my support towards the organizations that I think have the best and most direct means to our end. I don't think anyone should limit themselves to who they affiliate with, as long as those associations are the best fit for that specific individual and the group is actively moving towards our common goal.

In O.C., do you feel the consequences of the Mexican invasion?

Ha! Yes, it's the Mexicans are a daily and constant reminder of where we live and what destruction they are doing to our country. They are not only devastating our economy, but also our communities. What once were nice neighborhoods to live in, nice schools to send our children to, are all gone. The lyrics to our song, "White Man on the Move" pretty much sums up our thoughts on the influx of illegal immigrants to our country. But look out Canada, Mexicans are like cockroaches, like a spreading virus, they will be in your neighborhoods, soon, unless you do something to stop them. Imagine in you mind, just how bad Mexicans can ruin your neighborhood, city, and country, then multiply that by 100. They are a scourge. They will destroy everything you hold dear and then attempt to make you feel bad for not assimilating to their culture. You may think I'm exaggerating but just wait and see........

Your country has elected a Black president, what are your comments on that?

Ah, what can I say about that? I can't say what I truly think and feel, for fear the government will come and get me. Sure we have freedom or speech and an extent. I will suffice it to say that it's an unfortunate situation that I am interested in seeing how it's played out.

Anything else to add?

Nothing else to add. Thank you for the interview. Youngland has a bunch of songs in the works and should hopefully have a new CD out by the end of 2009. If you liked "We are United" you'll love the new stuff.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Graveland- Cold Winter Blades

Graveland - Cold Winter Blades is now available from No Colours Records. This is not the new Album but 2 new Songs + some old re-recorded tracks with over 35 Minutes Playtime! Comes in an A-5 Digi CD pack and is limited to 200 hand numbered Copies!

Track list:
01. In the morning mist (07:09)
02. From the beginning of time (06:24)
03. White winged hussary (07:35)
04. Spear of Wotan (06:43)
05. Dance of axes and swords (07:01)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Spirit Of The Patriot

Spirit of The Patriot is an excellent new band out of OC, California. They are working on their full length now. A promo video is below. Look for more info coming soon

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Barny and MPU

Two new cd`s out on OPOS Records are MPU- Bootboys Der Alten Schule and Barny- Liebe, Treue, Heimat

MPU is a new band featuring the vocalist of White Rebel Boys as well as collaborators in RAC'n'Roll Teufel and White Resistance

Barny- Liebe, Treue, Heimat is a rock ballads cd and is the first solo cd of Barny himself. Barny has played in many groups throughout the years as well as given performances as a solo artist. Covered on the cd are "1945" by Fyrdung with German words, "Change of Scenery" from Nordic Thunder, and "Ode to a Dying People"

Mp3`s from both cd`s can be found on the OPOS site in the link above

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Global Infected- Blinde Generation

PC Records has released the second cd from metal core band Global Infected titled Blinde Generation. This cd is 40 minutes and features two vocalists, one of which is from Thrima
You can here a sample mp3 here

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Von Thronstahl- Conscriptum

Von Thronstahl`s double cd Conscriptum is out now on Cold Springs. This is a collection of rare, new and unreleased material from this amazing German martial industrial act. Comes in a super deluxe digi pack