Friday, January 16, 2009

Brainwash & Moshpit

This year at Uprise we are proud to bring you, Brainwash and Moshpit.

Brainwash is known for their brand of brutal hardcore. The band blends many styles to create an energy filled assault. On the band's first album "In Defense," a split with Buffalo natives No Alibi, Brainwash brought a talented, but general, new school styled hardcore to the split.

In 2005, Brainwash recorded their first full length album "Moments of Truth" on Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede records. The solo debut blends different music styles as well as vocal styles, and in doing so Brainwash was able to find a fitting niche. This newest style really comes as no surprise as the band was created by a member of the famous German death metal band Kreuzfeuer. The album leans more toward metal overall but has the get up and breakdowns that only hardcore can provide.
Since the album release Brainwash has played live regularly throughout Europe.

Brainwash has yet to release a 2nd full length, however, they have re-released the material from the "In Defense" split. The material, remastered and with new artwork is titled "Hate Is Our Justice" after the first track on their half of the original split.

Here is a music video of Brainwash playing the title track off their full length live:

For the first time ever to perform in the United States, Uprise is broud to bring you Moshpit. Moshpit has been performing in Germany and throughout Europe for some time, but was relatively unknown. That was of course before their debut album "Mirror of An Unbroken Faith" was released in spring this year. Since then the band has taken the world by storm with, hands down, the best release of the year 2008.

"Mirror of An Unbroken Faith" is an amazing album, full of excellent guitar work and original music. It is rumored that this album is the most expensive recording in the scene to date; and after checking it out I doubt anyone could argue. One People One Struggle records spared nothing in the production. The packaging for the release is of excellent quality and it also comes with a professional music video of the band on the CD; the video is included below. If you enjoy hardcore and metalcore and have yet to purchase it or event check it out yet, do yourself a favor and do so. You will not regret it.

Most recently Moshpit was featured on another One People One Struggle release titled "One Family, part 2." The band offers up four tracks on this 4-way split. What stood out to me was the use of dramatic and epic guitar work on the new stuff, creating excellent harmonizing between guitarists. The album also includes material by a new band Forbidden. Forbidden is a side project of members from Moshpit, Brainwash and Attack.

Being this is the band's first time playing here we really hope everyone takes the band's namesake into consideration and shows these guys a great pit when they take stage.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Uprise Blog...

Due to the repetitive deletions of our Myspace account we have decided to venture into other formats in which to provide you information.

This blog is here to provide information for the upcoming Uprise concert February 7, 2009. More information and details are coming soon.