Friday, July 31, 2009

Marching To A Different Beat.


Lyrical content in Nationalist music has been a source of much debate over the years. Many believe that certain bands go over the top in their language and content on CDs which some see as a turn off. I personally am dissuaded from buying CDs because of this very reason, however, we have to realize that some of us have been around for a while and are seeing lyrical "extremism" in a very different light from newcomers. The truth of the matter, whether we chose to accept it or not, is that RAC and Oi generally began and continues to be the voice of angry youth. In the UK, vilified by the left for their colour and Nationalism, and marginalized by the right for their economic status and "undesirable" lifestyles, working class White kids were voiceless. Oi, then RAC gave this rage a voice, so no one should have ever expected that voice to be one of moderation and quiet contemplation. Anger rarely takes the form of deeply considered erudite critique, it comes as it comes, brutally and reactionary.

In recent years much of the music has become more honed, more professional both musically and lyrically. Bands, aware that not only will excessively profane and violent lyrics turn some of the older crowd off, but will also place them firmly in the sights of law enforcement, are beginning to tone down their lyrical content. While retaining the raw rage that inspired and continues to inspires the scene, they have begun to shy away from the overt lyrics of the past. And this has certainly worked to open the scene up to new audiences.

However, with this emergence of more moderate content, a somewhat derisory tone has appeared to take hold. Bands such as Aggravated Assault fall into this category of much maligned bands, their OTT lyrics attracting criticism because they are not "high brow." Yet, as much as I am glad to see more considered input from bands like Teardown, Blue Eyed Devils and Sedition, there is no escaping the fact that bands like Aggravated Assault and other much-maligned groups represent the basic anger that spurred this whole scene from a group of angry kids in garages with three chords and a lot to say into the international scene we know today. The implication that it is somehow "low brow" is to assume that "high brow" will have an equal or superior impact. If the discussion were turned to the notion of positive and negative, rather than erudite and reactionary, the debate would be more relevant; however, this goes to a greater argument as to the nature of the scene and the divisions therein between those whose agendas vary radically from one another, a topic for another time. But there is a legitimate expressed concern that the use of inflammatory language and narrative will be used as a template for action by younger kids. We don’t need to see any more kids serving long prison sentences and being used by the media as a stick to beat us with simply based on their inability to distinguish between songs' lyrics and reality. While each individual is free to choose their path, sometimes a song is just a song and needs to be treated that way.

In conclusion, if the call for more outwardly critical and self-aware lyrics is to be made, it needs to be done in a fashion that neither alienates nor dismisses those bands who have a more overt tone. This argument is not a musical one but a political one, not about aesthetics but about the perceived negative attention drawn by bands that by the very nature of their violent lyrics are usually the first port of call for kids coming into contact with the scene for the first time. And, without demeaning any of the bands mentioned, you don’t stand on street corners with heavy volumes to distribute, you start with a pamphlet.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

IN REVIEW: Blood Red Eagle, Frankenstein and Disturbed Mother Fucker

Blood Red Eagle: Return To Asgard
(2005 Barracuda records)

"Return To Asgard" is Blood Red Eagle's second full length release and truly a must have for any fan of viking or Odinist themed rock. Totaling 11 powerful tracks, the standouts in my opinion are "The Gate", "Viking Power Rock & Roll", and "Solidarity." ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Eye Of The Storm
02- The Gate
03- Return To Asgard
04- As The Hammer Falls
05- Blood Red Eagle
06- Protest
07- Warrior
08- Viking Power Rock And Roll
09- Solidarity
10- Rebel Flag
11- Wotans Wolk
Frankenstein: Eye For An Eye
(2006 Anger Inside Records)

Awesome hatecore/metalcore side project from Adam of Konkwista 88 fame. This album has it all, from top notch production, well written lyrics and heavy fucking breakdowns. It's guaranteed to please even the most skeptical critics. Not to mention there's a cover of AC/DC's Highway To Hell, for added bonus. ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Resurrection
02- Eye For An Eye
03- Right Hand Of Justice
04- Psychobrainwash
05- Forgotten By The Devil
06- Deep Inside
07- Nothing Can Stop You
08- Nordwind
09- Frankenstein
10- Highway To Hell (AC/DC)
Disturbed Mother Fucker: Oi! Ain't Dead
(2008 Mother Fucking Sounds)

Pretty kick-ass album of Jonesey (Tattooed Mother Fuckers, English Rose, Spearhead) covering all the Oi! classics. Recommended for all those who want to stroll down memory lane while hearing slightly updated/ reworked versions of these classics with everyones favorite "Mother Fucker" on vocals. Good stuff and solid release for a cover album. ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Oi! Aint Dead
02- Evil
03- Someone's Gonna Die
04- Oi! Oi! Oi!
05- Gonna Get A Gun
06- England Belongs To Me
07- Vicious Rumours
08- Violence
09- I Don't Like You
10- Cheap Imitation
11- Generation Of Scars
12- Rose Of England
13- Warboots

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rick's Pick: Thrima

This week's pick is for the Thrima CD "Sterbende Welt." Thrima play a great melodic RAC with clean vocals that borders on hardcore. When the hardcore influence comes in musically that the vocals switch to a heavier hardcore sound. A great CD that also features guest vocals from the singer of Eternal Bleeding on some songs

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Xenophobe, Vinlandic - German - Croatian Strikeforce, Vinlandic War Hymns, The Haters

The reported guest guitarist on the up-coming Xenophobe album, "Iceman," is in fact none other than Bid Ed originally of Bound For Glory. While I must admit I have never heard Ed nicknamed this before, it is a great surprise to learn who the supposed "Iceman" is.

Speaking of Big Ed, it seems he is just lending himself everywhere. A brand new three way split from the German label Moloko Versand Plus, features a new side project of Ed, and the one man artist behind The Return of Hyde, titled KG 23, as well as Max Blue and Strong Survive. The CD, titled "Vinlandic - Germanic - Croatian Strikeforce,"

The previously mentioned three way split between Eingar, Kvaanthan and Tyranath is scheduled to be released in August / September on UK based Heidenwut productions.

Out now on Heidenwut productions co-released with At War With False Noise, is nihilistic punk / hardcore The Haters. The release which is over 6 years in the making, is limited to just 300 copies on black vinyl with artwork by Richard Rupenus of The New Blockaders.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Uprise Direct on Twitter.

Uprise Direct is now on Twitter!

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We are working on getting a Facebook account but to be honest it seems to be rather difficult to do a non personal site. At any rate keep your eyes peeled for that and an upcoming Myspace account as well.

INTERVIEW: Blood Order Company

We missed last week's interview, simply because I was out of town and by the time I remembered to put it up it was already early Monday morning. Anyways, this interview has been in my inbox for several weeks now and I kept forgetting to post it. So... better late than never, here is an interview with Blood Order Company by Urise Direct's Steve Skam. Sorry guys I didn't forget about you, can't wait to hear the new album!

Blood Order Company's first self titled album was an underground success and well received, what can we expect musically on the follow-up?
Many of the tempos have greatly quickened pace & the arrangements have become more complex...there are a total of eleven tracks including one instrumental. It's fast & sounds like a monster. We have taken more of a hatecore approach to the songwriting this time as opposed to viking metal

Musically you guys are all over the place fusing together viking metal with hardcore, how would you describe your style of playing to someone who's never heard BOC before?
We are a fusion of hatecore & progressive metal with a white nationalist message. The term NS metalcore has been used in reference to our style.

Who are some of the bands you guys cite as influential?
Blue Eyed Devils, Fear Rains Down, Empire Falls, At the gates, Brutality, Death, Dissection, In Cold Blood, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, old Metallica, Neurosis, Opeth, Sheer Terror, S.O.D.

What's your favorite band/ bands at the moment?
Amon Amarth, Battlelore, Cataract, Ensiferum, Opeth, Symphony X, Wintersun.

So, aside from the new release any other projects or concepts in the works?
A new Wotanorden & Tyranath will be released soon.

What's your thought's on the importance of Odinism and keeping the faith alive?
We have a great respect for Nordic heritage & tradition. It's definitely very important to keep our history alive so that we can pass it on to future generations.

Anything else you'd like to add?
It's a honour to have the opportunity to contribute to our movement in this way & have others appreciate it. Thank you to all!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Rock Against Cover songs?


Tribute albums, and in turn, the constant stream of cover versions of songs are an unfortunate inevitability in a scene where so much weight is on the shoulders of a small number of bands. However, if bands' members would sit down before embarking on covering classic songs, they should ask themselves the following questions; which would go a long way to prevent the rest of us suffering:

Does this band need another of their songs covered?
Does my voice suit this track?
Am I going to bring anything new to this song?
Is there any reason to believe that our version will be better than the original?

If the answer to these questions is a blanketing no, why bother? Put simply, if I want to hear a Skrewdriver song, I will reach for one of their CDs. Many bands will cut their teeth on these classics, and when played live they are always crowd pleasers; regardless of who is doing them. The seemingly endless resurrection of songs, which in some cases will never fit any band but the originator, continues unabated. We went through a period in the 90's where cover songs, usually the same damn songs, were obligatory on almost every RAC album. And some of us got very tired of it, very quickly. Whether as space fillers, a vehicle for new bands, or as a genuine tribute, covering the same few songs which have been done to death is as likely to irritate as impress.

Cover versions are a potential minefield for any band, new or established. Once bands stray beyond the cliché bands that are normally covered, the risks become greater of screwing up royally. There have been success stories: Bound For Attack’s version of Iron Maiden's "The Trooper," Final War's cover of Bad Religion's "Do What You Want" and Skullhead's excellent rework of Hawkwind's "Silver Machine." The latter being probably the greatest stretch across genres.

Then there are many covers which work, but are not a dramatic departure. Warfare 88's rework of "Sex & Violence" merits a mention simply because any band who can cover one of the Exploited's god awful talentless glue sniffing anthems, without making me want to smash the CD, deserve kudos. Then we have Brutal Attack doing Free's "All Right Now," Max Resist's cover of Blitz's "Warriors," and many other examples. Not classics but honest versions well played and outside the cliché RAC track list.

At the other end of the scale, beyond the pointless repetitive covering of RAC classics, comes another class of covers which are just bad. Ian Stuart's attempt at singing "Behind Blue Eyes" is sadly one such example; his voice was wrong for the track. Another song in this group is Brutal Attack's unfortunate run at [Black] Sabbath's "Changes." Somewhere after the first chorus, the piano and Ken's voice begin to fall out of synch and the whole song falls apart. In addition, less so for repetition and more so for simply how off it sounds, Rahowa's version of "The Snow Fell."

Straying outside the genre is a risk that will sometimes pay off, if for nothing else other than earning credit for having a swing at it. Better to try and fail, than to play it safe and be forever regarded as little more than a tribute band.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

IN REVIEW: Moshpit, Pushing Onwards, Blue Eyed Devils

Moshpit: Mirror Of An Unbroken Faith
(2007 OPOS records)

Awesome hardcore/ metalcore debut album from this German outfit. Very professional recording quality, heavy instrumental assaults, and intense/ passionate lyrics are what propels it into my favorite top 10 releases within the past few years. This is one of those albums that will hold it's replay value and eventually be in the "classics" archive. If you don't have it, pick it up. ~Steve Skam
01- Dawn
02- Oppression and Poverty
03- Choke down
04- Bitter Days
05- Ihr oder Wir
06- No one hears me
07- Revolt from within
08- Defeatism
09- TTOF
10- Absent minded
11- Caught between two hells
12- Broke Down
13- I Promised Myself (Bonus)

Pushing Onwards: demo
(Promo 2007)

Really good 5 track demo of this Hungarian metalcore band. Three songs in Hungarian and two in English i found this to be a highly enjoyable listen. If you like heavy music and don't mind a language barrier then maybe you should grab a copy. ~Steve Skam
01- Porba Hulik
02- Media Valyu
03- Felebredes
04- Breeding The Swine
05- Eastern Plague

Blue Eyed Devils: We'll Never Die
(2003 V7 records)

My personal all-time favorite B.E.D. album. This album delivers the goods and i believe was intended to be a "safe" release composed of all the songs that weren't considered "over the top" and could be sold in Europe. With brutal in your face lyrics without being too blatently obvious this a vulgar display of raw hardcore talent at it's finest. 10/10
01- March
02- Retribution
03- Fearless
04- Kill It
05- Wrong Again
06- The Truth
07- What Drives Me
08- Twilight
09- Stand Strong
10 - We'll Never Die
11- On The Attack
12- The Apology
13- Stronger

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rick's Pick: Edelweiss

This week`s pick goes to the band Edelweiss. Edelweiss is in fact a solo project and there are actually several CDs by him. As with all of the CDs, the music varies from style to style, sometimes changing at the drop of a hat. You`ll find hardcore, metal, classical, and more... I`d recommend any of their CDs to anyone who appreciates varying styles of music. My personal favorite by this artist is the CD "Auf Dem Weg Fur Macht"

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lundsson, Xenophobe, Paranoid

On Friday Lundsson, the creative artist behind Angriff, Titania, Varg, and numerous other projects, announced the that after almost ten years he is discontinuing work in all band projects. Lundsson states that he will continue to pursue music personally, but has no interest in managing any of the previous mentioned projects.

As a personal fan of much of Lundsson's work, I do hope that he continues to create art and provide meaningful music for his fan base; irregardless of band title.

New Zealand's first nationalist metal / rock band, Xenophobe, will be releasing their first full length album on Blood Sacrifice productions.

The album has original guitarist Rob (who is now no longer in the band) playing rhythm and some lead guitar tracks on some songs.. There are also 4 tracks on the album, which will feature lead breaks from thrash metal guitarist, "The Iceman" from the USA. the band hopes to have the album released in June / July 2009.

A new act from Germany, Paranoid, is currently working with OPOS records and has some sample material available HERE. There is currently no information available as to sharing members from other bands or regarding release dates.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

IN Review: Eugenik, Code 13, Evil Church

Eugenik: Tag Des Raben

Really good viking metal release. This album is sung entirely in German with vocal styles ranging from the classic black metal growl to very melodic singing. Highly recommended as it was recommended to me, this album definitely took me by surprise. ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Einklang
02- Tag Des Raben
03- Skaldensang
04- Heimkehr Des Drachenschiffes
05- Ein Wackerer Kerl
06- Schwert An Schwert
07- Thüringia
08- Windes Klagen
09- Asgards Schwarze Boten
10- Wotans Wilde Jagd
Code 13: Blood Sweat Beer
(1999 Hatefront Records)

One of my all time favorite RAC/punk releases ever. This album has been in heavy rotation for years. The album is chock full of rather catchy melodies. Not to mention there's a 4-skins cover for added bonus points. If you somehow overlooked this album in the past you should definitely try and find a copy, well worth the search. 10/10. ~Steve Skam
01- Pillage and Plunder
02- DFF
03- Living Under Zog
04- Stand and Fight
05- Code 13
06- Thunder
07- Die Before Defeat
08- Bring The Hammer Down
09- Loud and Proud
10- Holahoax
11- Family Folk and Faith
12- Evil (4skins cover)
13- Rage
Evil Church: s/t
(2007 EDA Propaganda)

Awesome old school, "Anti-Clerical" hardcore hailing from Italy. Very addictive, a fast-paced arsenal with similar sounds to Hate for Breakfast & Blind Justice, typical of the Italian HC scene. The Slapshot and Madball covers, as well as most tracks, are sung in English; with only a few sung in Italian. Altogether it makes this CD highly enjoyable and one that holds it's replay value. ~Steve Skam
01- War On Paedophile
02- Damned In Black
03- Who Are You?
04- Verona Resiste
05- Sotto Controllo
06- Vatican Business Club
07- Evil church
08- New York City (Madball cover)
09- War On Paedophile (LIVE)
10- No Friend Of Mine (Slapshot cover)(LIVE)
11- Vatican Business Club (LIVE)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rick's Pick: Razor 88

This week`s pick is the CD "Believe In Freedom" from Serbian band Razor 88. Unfortunately this is the band's only full length release; as it is very good. The music is upbeat rock & roll with some varying styles including Celtic and piano based influences. Fortress fans should definitely be interested in checking out this CD. ~Rick

Sunday, July 12, 2009

ESSAY: "Seems To Me..."

This specific subject has been one that I have had interest in covering for some time now. While conversing with a friend of mine about joining the team and contributing to Uprise Direct, I poised to him the subject of writing an essay regarding it. His age and geographic location give him an obvious disposition in providing a better perspective than I. So please allow me to introduce Chris, the newest writer at Uprise Direct; and his brief essay on the comparison of the scene in the United Kingdom and other musical leading nations.

Seems To Me...

"Seems to me there’s nothing new anymore,
Seems to me it’s all been done before,
Seems to me it’s just the same old scene"
~lyrics by the 4 Skins

The U.K., universally considered the birthplace, and once the forefront of the R.A.C. music scene, has in recent years begun to lag behind comparable scenes in the U.S., Europe and Australia. While other scenes have flourished and expanded, incorporating a wider variety of musical genres and thus having a wider range of appeal to get the message out there, the U.K. has remained firmly wed to its Oi roots. Few if any bands have deviated in the last two decades from the formula set in place by the early White Noise Club and Blood & Honour bands, and simultaneously, despite the contraction of the U.K. RAC scene, Oi continues to enjoy widespread popularity within that scene. Still centered firmly on its Skinhead traditions, the U.K. scene remains exclusive and unwavering, virtually unchanged in two decades. But is this exclusivity a sign of firm loyalty to the traditions of RAC or a stubborn refusal to accept that music has moved on. While no one can take away from Oi and its place as progenitor and firm backbone of the scene and wider movement, yet, a closed scene is not necessarily a healthy scene.

In the U.S. and in recent years across Europe, newer forms of Nationalist and pro-White music have taken hold, specifically in the form of Hardcore or ‘Hatecore’. Harder edged distortion and percussion driven bands have mixed old-school hardcore and some metal influences to create broader appeal than was once thought possible. Outside the old limitations of the Skinhead Oi scene kids are being exposed to the message with which they previously would have had no contact. While America has produced some top quality "traditional" Oi bands, this new wave made inroads into the broader hardcore scene. With American Skinheads already established within this scene, the crossover of influences was not a dramatic shift. This scenario was repeated in Europe, though in a different fashion. As homegrown Oi bands gave way to American influenced bands, whose fans embraced this relatively new genre, in the U.K., this new brand of RAC created little or no stir. Up till now even, bands here have retained the traditional Oi sound.
The U.K. scene however, is a complex animal. Rife with a form of zealous pride and a strain of Puritanism, the Oi scene was always music by Skinheads for Skinheads. The backbone, heart and driving force behind the whole movement was Skinheads and the RAC scene was their rallying point. Skins who would spurn the various Nationalist parties would support the bands, show up in force for gigs and in many cases ally themselves with Skinhead-only umbrella groups such as the early White Noise Club or B&H. Through sales of record and merchandise, by actively supporting the bands, individuals did not limit themselves, back then, to one or other of the factions. They supported the broader scene. Bands could then individually support organizations or remain neutral. But in the 90’s the scene changed. After the killing of Stephen Lawrence (a black teenager killed by a group of Whites with no connection whatsoever to the scene) much media attention fell on the Skinhead scene; and in this case, negatively. Skinheads became, in many areas, absolute pariahs and word spread that many were moving across from the overt nature of the Skinhead scene to the football casual and dance scenes. Certainly there was a visible decline in numbers and activity, which has only seemingly been reversed in the last few years. As these old Skins dropped their colours, their brand of nationalism became more parochial and their interest in the Oi music scene declined. While many stayed on board and kept to their roots, the wider RAC scene suffered. It was in this light that the rise of the U.S. scene was regarded.

What was seen from here, initially identical to the U.K. scene, soon deviated from what was seen as "ours." Images of Skinheads following hardcore bands, which appeared to many here like hardcore kids, did not sit well. A somewhat dismissive attitude towards the American scene developed. Though this was not universal, and bands like Brutal Attack and No Remorse definitely benefited from the American audience and influence, it was widespread. As recently as four years ago, on returning from my first visit to the States with a batch of copies of the Project Schoolyard Vol. 1, a sampler with classic U.S. bands such as H8Machine and Bound For Glory, I decided to share the wealth and distributed them amongst the lads. The almost unanimous reaction was "How can you listen to that heavy metal shite?" Since then, while anything from Section 5 to Brutal Attack is welcome, American bands now compose about 90% of my CD collection; which is regarded with something between hostility and suspicion. Given that most modern Oi bands have clear metal roots, Condemned 84 being a prime example, and that most Nationalist Oi has little left of the original garage punk-like spirit of bands like The Diehards, this reaction to metal-influenced American bands seems out of place. The ballads for which many of the larger Nationalist bands became famous show a clear lineage leading to metal. Early streetrock style Oi could not have given birth to tracks like Skullhead’s "Barking of the Dogs" or Brutal Attack’s excellent CD "Keeping the Dream Alive" which is entirely melodic re-workings of old BA classics. Even Oi Godfathers Last Resort included a cover of Agnostic Front’s "Gotta Go" on their 2006 "Resurrection" CD. Some bands on the other side of the Atlantic, whose roots lay firmly within the American hardcore scene, carried with them a sound that was more accessible in the U.K.. Most notable amongst them was Youth Defense League. With a pedigree established within the NYHC scene, YDL nonetheless appeared on two UK Oi compilations. Step 1’s "U.S. of Oi," and Link’s "Oi Glorious Oi." In the latter case, they were featured alongside a slew of the well known U.K. stalwarts and an American Oi band, The Kicker Boys; the inclusion of an American band with universally acknowledged hardcore credentials seemed like a risk. Yet the song "Turncoat" merged seamlessly with the other tracks, an outstanding American contribution which while clearly divergent from what was being produced in the U.K., had an obvious appeal to the exclusively Skinhead Oi fan base here. However, the resistance to any apparent divergence from tradition continues here.

While this template cannot be applied universally across the U.K., it is certainly not unique to us. Many Skinheads in the U.K. would sooner make an appearance at a ska gig than a hardcore show and in fact anecdotal evidence suggests that many of the same faces who turned up for the early RAC gigs were also in attendance at Bad Manners and Prince Buster shows in the 80’s. The ska scene at that time was also almost universally Skinhead-dominated.

While it would not seem to be necessary for hostility toward new or to non-native bands, but for many they simply do not see how new genres can be embraced without diluting the wider scene. And the truth of the matter is that many see no reason to break with the Oi-only nature of the scene. While hardcore is enjoying a wave of interest in the U.K., the commercial success of London band The Gallows being testament to such interest, it has made little impact on and is unlikely to inspire the RAC scene. With Skinheads still at the centre of the musical side of the movements here, attempting to create an entirely new Nationalist scene around hardcore would be a risky move. So without the hard work of the people who made the Oi scene what it was in its prime, without that core, it would be an effort of questionable success. The preference for a small but "pure" or elite scene over a broader "diluted" scene seems likely to continue.

Certain assumptions have to be made in this piece. While, as stated before, there may be variations region to region, in the popularity and influence of newer musical genres in the wider scene, there is little in the way of evidence of widespread acceptance. The U.K. has yet to produce any significant waves in the non-Oi genres with any homegrown bands. An argument has been that Tattooed Mother Fuckers have elements of the newer edgier sound to their music, but at the heart of TMF lies with traditional Oi and many of their tracks would be musically comparable to existing U.K. bands and have not strayed far from the existing roots of RAC music.

So what of the future? No one, to the best of my knowledge, has made a concerted effort through the existing RAC groups to popularize the newer forms of music in any dramatic way. So it is possible that that with their support, or with the creation of an entirely new umbrella grouping of music, an expansion of the musical movement would be possible; but this is really about winning hearts and minds. The bands exist, the labels produce their music and make it accessible to fans here in the U.K., but the interest really needs to be there to warrant such and the scene here would need to embrace the new waves of bands. Which in many cases are far from new in their other countries.

The real question is how long will Oi alone sustain the scene here and if younger generations will even take to it? All the while this is with a seemingly older Skinhead population that seems to have little drive towards any dramatic change. It may transpire that the change comes from without instead of from within, coming from the newer hardcore fan base in the U.K. becoming politicized, in which case we will have been left behind in a cultural shift in the Nationalist music scene; most likely to our detriment.

Eleccion Correcta

CORRECTION: The news submitted to us and then published on Friday was incorrect and several people were very quick to point it out for us. To which we thank everyone for clarifying the mistake.

Coming soon on Cause of Honor records is the newest album by Argentinian outfit Eleccion Correcta's CD "En Pie de Guerra." The band is described as old school hardcore, and the album is limited to 500 copies.

INTERVIEW: Reno of White Wash

This week's interview is with Reno of White Wash. Reno is lead singer of White Wash, as well as several other musical projects; the newest being Slap In the Face. I have been personally meaning to contact him and do a interview but have been sidetracked and every time we do speak I neglect to bring it up. However, Reno is a supporter of us here at Uprise Direct and rest assured we do plan to conduct a interview with him in the future...

This particular interview was conducted for a Hungarian 'zine Riado. However, I only read this after I caught it on a brand new Bulgarian 'zine blog HERE.

Now we can tell your band has been existing for 10 years. What made you to form it?
Well making it to the 10 year mark is very surprising for me. When first starting the band I had no idea of how long it would it last. I had just gotten discharged from the military and found a couple of guys who were interested in starting a band. Quickly we put together a set list of originals and covers. At first we played many small gigs, but our first quality show was with the bands Squadron and Aryan. From there everything continued to get better.
Over the years the band has been fortunate to keep a full line-up. There have been consistent line-up changes. Members have quit on good and bad circumstances. Besides myself, there are no original members. Well Tapeworm, our bassist, can be considered original. He has been in the band for 9 years and has played on all our releases.
I am sad to report that our original drummer, Jim, died this year from heart failure. He played on the “Unity Through Aggression” CD. It had been 4-5 years since I had spoken to him. Regardless, I was still shocked by his passing. Jim was a good person and has always stood by his beliefs. He was extremely influential in helping start this band. I miss all the good times we had back then.

Can you tell me what were the most memorable things in the history of the band in the past 10 years?
Well there have been many memorable things that have happened. When our first CD was released, I was really excited. I had been playing in bands since 1990, but none of them ever released an official CD. Now it may not seem to exciting but back then it was a really big thing to me.
Also we have been very fortunate to play all over the states and a few times in Europe. In all our travels, we have met all kinds of interesting people. Some really great people who turned out to be great friends, and others that were psychotic. Through our travels I have a wealth of great stories! Times that I will never forget. We do not take any of it for granted.
Speaking of the band’s history, we have been writing material for a WW zine to celebrate the 10 year anniversary. If will not be so much of a straight history, but a collection of stories and commentaries of past events. Also there will be a section of lyrics about the meanings and motivations in writing them. Hopefully this will be available before the tour. If anyone is interested, write me at the email address provided below.

You've released lots of cds and split cds. Which one is next to your heart?
Yes there has been lots of material released but probably my favorite is “Unity Through Aggression”. I also really like the soon to be released “Pain is Temporary”. That record is filled with catchy songs with great lyrics. Also the soon to be released split CD with Frontalkraft is also a favorite of mine. I really like the material for that one. Another release that I am proud of is the “Unity” 10” picture disc vinyl. It is a beautiful collectible piece of vinyl. Oh the split with Avalon was also a favorite of mine. It contains some of my favorite tracks like “Patriotic Void” and “Hate Edge”. The “Awfully Raw…8 Years Later” is also a great CD. It is a huge collection of previously unreleased material.

Your new CD will be released soon and after wards you're gonna make a tour in Europe. Are you looking forward this autumn?
Yes we are extremely excited about the mini tour in Europe. We will have plenty of time to travel around and see the country. I am looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones. On the tour we are set to play with many good bands. Being a fan of music, it is exciting for me to have to opportunity to watch all these bands play.

As I know until now you've been twice to Europe. What is your opinion about the scene here?
Europe has a great music scene. On both of our trips there we were well taken care of. The people were all really friendly. The shows were really great.
Also being a tourist, we had the opportunity to see the land and some attractions. The previous trips were short but this time around we will have a little more time. So I am looking forward to seeing more of Europe’s countryside.

What about the situation in Texas?
Unfortunately the scene in my city has gotten small. About 5 years we always had a huge crew of people hanging around. Back then we would have crazy parties at my house. The band would set up in the living room and play. The house would transform into a small “concert hall”. The whole place would be filled with drunken slam dancing. Surprisingly the house would only get minimal damage out the parties. I really miss all that. Everyone would always be ready for another concert party at my house. My neighbors hated the loud noise.
Now only a few of those people are still involved in the scene. The others either moved away or just disappeared. These days only a few of us get together. Now the only big events are going out of town for gigs.

Do you know anything about Hungary? Any Hungarian bands?
Yes I have read quite a bit about the Magyars background. Your country has a long history of heroic struggles against Communists and Muslims.
As for music, over the years I have received a fair amount of mail from Hungary. I have also traded lots of music with several Hungarians. So I have had the opportunity to get CDs from great bands that are not available in American Distributions. Some of my favorite Hungarian bands are Valhalla, Titkolt Ellenallas, Feher Torveny, Verszerzodes, Romantikus Eroszak, Junkers 88, AMF, Nimrod, Archivum, Gungnir and others.

Are you members of any NS group?
We support several groups, but we are not actual members of any organizations.

Is there any conflict between NS groups in America? Because unfortunately in Europe we do have problems.
Oh of course there is always some conflict and drama going on. I do my best to stay out of any infighting. I am not interested in fighting with other whites. I just like to go to shows and have a good time. Everyone has their own internal problems and I respect that. Just like in a regular family household, siblings fight with one another. Every grudge has a reason for it. If it does not concern me, I mind my own business.

As I realized you've been doing the same style of music during the years. Is there any change on your new CD?
Yes, over the years we have maintained an Oi/hardcore/rock sound. That is because it is the music we love. We have done side projects to play different styles but we wanted to keep the integrity of WW’s original sound.
The new CD follows the same formula as before. Some of the tracks have a hard rock feel….in the vein of AC/DC and, Motorhead. Of course there are many good sing along Oi/RAC tracks. I feel this CD has memorable choruses that will be stuck in the listener’s head. Tracks like “Only the Valiant”, “Time and Time Again” and “No Reason Why” should be favorites.

Finally send some words to the White Hungarian Youth!
Stay loyal to your culture! Your country has a rich history of Nationalism. We are extremely honored to have the opportunity to play for you! Also thanks to everyone who organized our tour. If anyone is interested, please feel free to write me at

Friday, July 10, 2009

Sharon Tate, Brigada Totenkopf, Hijos del Odio

Sharon Tate, a death metal / metalcore project from members of Brainwash, is reportedly working on material for an upcoming release with OPOS records. The MCD will feature 6 tracks and will feature a female vocalist as well as screamo vocals along side typical growling death vocals. Check out a sample HERE.

Rumored to have an upcoming reunion, Brigada Totenkopf of Spain have released a brand new CD titled "Ajuste De Cuentas," proving that they are back. This is the newest installment since their 2006 release of "Avanzando."

Also from Spain Hijos del Odio have released their debut CD titled "El Principio De Vuestro Final."

Thursday, July 9, 2009

IN REVIEW: If We Die Tomorrow, Ultra Sur

If We Die Tomorrow: (self titled)
(2009 OPOS records)

The debut release by this band is quite impressive. With my first listen I quickly noticed that the band draws influences from many different styles and plays like a sort of a who's who of the scene. These guys play rather intense metalcore with bouts of old school hardcore laced through. The very thing that I liked upon first listen, discouraged me later once I played it several times through. The band does lack a stand out performance to call their niche. Musically they are tight and the vocals show quality, however, the drums can get a bit choppy at points.

Regardless of all of this, it is a very solid release for a debut and I truly look forward to more in the future from this band. This limited pressing of 666 copies comes with a pull out poster and a sticker, yet regretfully comes in a sleeve instead of a typical jewel case. ~Doug Sacred
01- Intro
02- Open Your Mind
03- Revolution
04- Resistance
05- Time For Revenge
06- Screaming In Deaf Ears
07- Dirty Whore
08- Wacht Auf
09- Keep Your Distance
10- Shit Talker
11- Betrayed Youth
12- Rise Up
13- Piece of Shit
14- Green-White Oppression
15- Bloody Tears
16- My Crew, My Friends, My Family

Ultra sur: Nacido para ser skin
(2009 Label56 records)

There is a lot of hype around this release and let me tell you here and now that none of it is unwarranted. They caught my attention from the 4 count on the hi hat of song 1 to the last note on song 11. I only understand English and French yet I found myself trying to sing along after the first listen anyhow. These guys deliver a mainly medium to fast paced straight forward old style RAC/Oi sound which is right up my alley. My only regret is not knowing about this band earlier as I was told they have been around for quite sometime. So if you like catchy music and great singalongs (I'm sure if you understand the lyrics they'll be that much better) this is the must buy of the summer. ~Shaun
01- A.H.
02- Trincheras
03- Crucificado
04- N.S.
05- Caido En Combate
06- Fiel Camarada
07- Puño de Acero
08- Hasta la Muerte
09- La Televi-sion
10- Rapado
11- Juan Manuel de Rosas

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rick's Pick

This weeks pick goes to the band Sturmkaiser for their CD "Veni Vidi Vici." The band classifies themselves as Italian war metal which is an apt description; musically and lyrically.

The band performs mostly black metal, yet elements of thrash and death can also be found. They don`t stay true to any particular set pace which offers the listeners a wide range of music to enjoy. The CD also features a ripping cover of Burzum`s "War" is also included on the release.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Max Resist, K.O. Patria, Kvaathan, Tyranath and Eingar, Rock for Germany DVD and K.O. Patria

Shawn and Max Resist is getting ready to release a "Best of" CD entitled "Aces and Eights". It is reportedly being self-released by the band and will feature re-mastered versions of all your favorite MR tunes including a brand new bonus track recorded in 2009!

Meanwhile, songs are being written and pieced together for the 5th full length studio release by MR titled "No Escape". Shawn has teamed up with Roy from Final War on the guitars and bass. They hope to be in the studio early next year to record.

Roy and Shawn have worked on several projects together in the past and we can only hope that this cover tune comes into serious consideration when press time comes...

Kvaathan was scheduled to release a new album titled "Monarch of the Dark Sovereignty". However, due to equipment problems, the album has been canceled. Therefore, 4 tracks originally recorded for the release will be included on the Split ''Vinlandic War Hymns'' with Tyranath and Eingar.

Kvaathan will have 4 other tracks available so if any band(s) interested in doing a split, message him HERE.

Rebel Records of Germany is releasing a DVD featuring footage from last year's Rock For Germany Concert and will feature performances by White Resistance, Jungsturm, Eugenik, Hauptkampflinie and Breakdown.

Above is a video advertising the DVD release featuring footage from several of the artists who performed live...

Fresh from Columbia is female fronted outfit K.O. Patria. KOP features some tight rock songs and the female vocals are not overly whiny nor overly girlie. In fact the samples are quite impressive. Check the band out HERE.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Burzum and Lords of Chaos (the movie)

Today's news is two related articles originally posted at Thesyreisms regarding Burzum.

"Varg Vikernes has finished writing nine songs for Burzum's new album, which he hopes to release next year. He tells Norway's Dagbladet that several record labels are interested in issuing the band's first LP in eleven years. "I want take my time [with the album], so that I can get it the way I like it,"Vikernes says. "It will be metal, and the fans can expect to hear some real Burzum."

I am a little surprised to see Varg musically venturing again on metal territory but, I guess, it will rejoice everyone to know he's planning a comeback. I only hope the album will stand on its own merits and avoid spoiling the Burzum legacy. I doubt Varg would jeopardize his past accomplishments with a poor comeback album (Beherit did real well too with their own recently), he knows better than this I am sure.
A few people contacted me recently, inquiring about my feelings on the forthcoming Lords Of Chaos movie.

Being a long-time Burzum enthusiast, a supporter of Varg Vikernes, after being slightly involved in and its following online community (filosofem), as well as appearing on the only "official" tribute album I guess my two cents meant something to someone.

Whatever, here's my take of the phenomenon:

The book this movie is based on was, to begin with, a huge pile of crap. Most of its content is built around interviews excerpts, more than often put out of context and focusing mainly on shocking topics without giving it any additional background.

The very reason why this book was published was, I guess, to capitalize on the booming phenomenon that was Black Metal at the time. The autors sensed there was something to exploit and, knowing Michael Moynihan's links to the underground, figured the idea sounded lucrative in some ways. It surely was a good idea as a lot of people bought the book (surely expecting a lot more out of it, as I did myself back then). The book stirred some controversy in the Black Metal scene, helped to fracture even more the pro-con-Varg clans and all in all failed to serve as a fitting document on what really happened in Norway in the early 90s. I've read a few chapters of it last week and I still think it's a sensationalist book with little relevance today. Seems like some producers think differently...

The movie, whatever its producers might say in press releases, will fail at shedding more light on the events it relies on. According to producer Stuart Pollok, the movie (to be directed by Sion Sono) is slated to be a teen film and a psychological horror movie. This is what triggers my fears. What are they looking to achieve with such a movie? If they're aiming at making a new Twilight out of it, turning it into a teenfest based on the evil Varg rebelling against society and being portrayed as a lovely but angry rebel with a cause, we're in for an invasion of all stores by raving teens ready to buy any merch produced to promote the movie. I doubt this will happen. My fears are directed at an eventual success of the movie that will only bring back those events on the surface and that a lot of people will use them to discredit what Black Metal used to be about. All of a sudden, so-called specialists will pop-out and comment the whole thing like if they knew everyone involved personally. We might even see reports basing themselves on the book and still pile-up more lies on the whole thing. My fears are that people will just concentrate on the shocking nature of the events and forget to dig deeper in the matter and try to understand what motivated the young musicians of Norway to go to such ideologicalextremes... None of this will be done.

What should be done about Norwegian Black Metal is a lenghty, aptly funded and well planned documentary focusing on hard facts and featuring in-depth interviews with the musicans directly involved in the events. We've seen a few of those and, for me, most of them failed to reach the very core of what Black Metal is/was at the time. I'd like to think that the producers behind the "Until the light takes us" documentary will be able to acheive this (but I still have doubts).

Understanding Black Metal: This is not a phenomenon you can investigate while strolling the streets of a urban area. It's not about interviewing priests who will only see a way to fight back and attract public compassion. It's not about interviewing kids who'll desperately look for free media exposure for their silly corpse-painted bands. It's not about trying to make a sensationalistic, fast-selling novel out of it...

Trying to document what Black Metal was/is/will be is trying to expose the very core of mankind's rottenness and expecting people to understand that this overhelming darkness can be used as a constructive force, based on the idea that when all is black you can see the stars much more easily. The public cannot grasp this concept. A book cannot do it and a movie can't even hope acheiving it.

Maybe shat should be done about the history of Black Metal is: nothing!

All we'll ever get is pure, senseless entertainment.

Mankind likes to be entertained, not educated.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

INTERVIEW: Yves and PC records

This Sunday's interview is with Yves, the owner of German record label and disto PC records. Anyone interested in contacting Yves or checking out the record label's website, please visit HERE.

Could you please tell us a bit about yourself and the history of PC records? A Friend of mine started PC Records long time ago, I think in the begin-ning of 2000. After some police problems in addition to some private stuff, he gave me the chance to take it and run my own label. Before then, I worked one year for the label as normal seller. It was a big chance and of course absolutely a dream. So now, 5 years later I’m doing well with it...I’ve had trouble, but No Fights no Glory...

PC records has released some of the scenes’ biggest releases, what do you attribute your success to?
Hmm, I don’t know. I started as a young skinhead with a fanzine which was called "Der Panzerbär." So my main interest was music, and the musical part of the scene.
Since I’m abroad every weekend, attending gigs, helping organize gigs and other political stuff being 100% involved in things, that’s how I can distinguish which band is good, and which is not...

What are your three favorite releases on PC? What music styles do you usually prefer?
Every CD / DVD I made is good in my eyes. From a political view, the best CD is the second Hassgesang "Alte Kraft soll neu entstehen." The lyrics, the music, are all done great. But seriously I feel all my products are good. I have no regrets about anything.

Personally I listen to everything, from RAC to punk, metal and hardcore. I’m not a big fan of NSBM, but I really listen to a lot of music. But mostly I listen to political stuff, I have no spare time for other "normal" music, [laughs]...sadly no time at all.

Can you tell us a bit about the German music scene, and share some details about the growth of the hardcore scene specifically?
The scene is quite big but sadly most of the listeners are just listeners and do nothing political. So we hope to change that fact in the future; because if we stand up, we finally have a chance to change things. Hardcore is the newest trend. Of course it is good for the image of the national resistance here, because we away from the skinhead times. Through the media there were only pictures of anti-social skinheads who dress like freaks, so the hardcore stuff is much better to reach the public. However, bad things also come with that, noteably drugs etc...

We have a few quite talented bands, but the scene is not as big as most people abroad think.... People dress hardcore, but there are normal listeners; believe me, I see that every day in my shop. [Laughs]

There were several online forums that hosted controversy regarding the Kill Baby Kill song "Charlie Came Knockin'," a song about the personal struggle of cocaine abuse. PC records have worked with KBK in the past, I had read that you were supportive of the singer in his rehabilitation and that others should understand that was another time for him. Do you think this issue is worthwhile or mute; do you support the use of drugs?
No, absolutely not. My take is like the song by The Brawlers, "Drugs are for !#&$!%*s." People have faults, it’s just human and I won’t speak badly of Dieter because he had the balls to say it to my face about his problems. That’s why I said okay, that I respect it. If he makes that mistake again, of course he is out; but I hope and like to think not. By the way, I really like that song, [laughs]....shit story, but that song is great.

Is drug use common in the German or greater European scene?
Hopefully not. I just hear rumors of private things of some guys, but its no big scene problem.

PC records products proudly wear symbols of boycott against several other German labels, can you explain this a bit for us, as some readers are not familiar?
It is a logo that reads, that PC Records and I don’t support any work with V7 Versand and H8store label and distribution. After years of rumors and problems with those guys, the whole scene was sick of them. Month after month stories came out of them ripping off bands, talking with the police etc.... Both labels sell CDs I could never sell—without any problems. I have to have my lawyer check CDs with police, as with all illegal CDs....yet they sell Blue Eyed Devils’ "Murder Squad." V7 produced a CD with "Sieg Heil" lyrics on it, it's unbelievable....

Let us change subjects; have you ever been involved in any bands?
[Laughs] No, and that is best. I’m not very musical...

Any upcoming releases you'd like to share with us or that we should keep an eye out for?
Many things are planned, but nothing I can share before. I really don’t like to advertise thing beforehand, I can have many problems before releasing a new CD. So once I have the new CD, then I advertise it. Last CDs I did was Macht & Ehre, X.x.X. and Shed no Tears....

Who do you feel are the bands who are leading the way as far as talent and creativity in the scene?
Hmm, I have no thought on that, really too many to say.

PC has helped to organize many concerts, what is the best concert you have ever help organize or have ever been in attendance at?
Ugh, I’m on the run every weekend, [laughs] really too many. Of course Uprise this year was quite good. Sometimes the smaller ones are much better than concerts with 1,000 [patrons] or more...

And who would you like to see live that you have yet to?
I’m too young, so of course Fortress and Bound for Glory, Skrewdriver (R.I.P.) and the real No Remorse.....

Thank you very much for your time. Any words you would like to share with anyone? I'll leave the end to you.
No, thank you!! No big words, just "do the right thing!"

Featured Artist of July: Daily Broken Dream

For this month's featured artist we chose to go with German straight edge hardcore band Daily Broken Dream. DBD, formerly Race Riot, started out with mixed reviews when the band released their debut full length, "Terror Against Tyranny," with Final Stand records in 2004. The CD received cheers and jeers from throughout the scene, particularly in reference to the vocal delivery on the album. Many people thought the delivery was unnatural and forced sounding, that the singer was trying too hard to sound like Agnostic Front's front man Roger Merit. However, people generally still agreed it was an noteworthy production.

In the following year Race Riot produced their own sophomore release, "Downfall of Your Infected World," on Until the End records. Obviously accepting of this criticism, front man Christoph changed the delivery of his lyrics and brought one of the heaviest and widely acclaimed albums of the scene. Perhaps, the only issue anyone had was that the CD was only five tracks, and that they wanted more...

Since then the band had some line-up changes and decidedly changed their name. Daily Broken Dream were featured on one of 2008's biggest releases, "Hardcore Until the End;" a compilation featuring 10 other excellent hardcore artists from throughout the world. Admittedly, DBD were not the shining stars of the release, as some new names definitely made waves, but DBD released some solid new stuff for their fans to enjoy.

Since 2008 DBD has continued to play live and has reported to be working on new material for a fourth-coming release. Most recently the band performed in Moscow with Russian hardcore band Outlaw Heroes Standing. Christoph was quoted as saying it was one of the best shows he has ever performed at. The show was not big, but the crowd was fantastic with great enthusiasm. Most the attendees were straight edge, and those who were not, enjoyed the performance in an alcohol and smoke free environment. Unlike most concerts, which generally host patrons binge drinking that causes distractions from the talented artists on the stage, Russia has a rampantly growing straight edge scene.

Coincidentally, at the time of writing up this article we were graced with some live footage of DBD performing some new material from the aforementioned show in Russia.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Nordawn, Mother Thule, Battlecry, Fest der Völker III

Toronto based label Oldenblood productions is set to put out two new releases this month; a re-release the Nordawn 2008 release "Tales of Kin - Vol. 1," and a debut full length cassette from Mother Thule titled "Dark Side of the Sun."

80's influeneced metal rockers Battlecry have released their newest CD, "Today Belongs To Us." Anyone interested in purchasing this CD or any other merchandise from the band can do some at their official website HERE.

Now available fom PC records, the 2 disc DVD version on the Fest der Völker III. Fest der Völker is a large annual gather of music and speakers.

The DVD features all of last years speakers as well as footage from the featured artists: White Law, Strappo, Brainwash, Moshpit and Sleipnir.So far for this year's event they have annouced that P.W.A will be performing. featured below is some footage of the popular band Sleipnir performing the song "Das Ende" live at the previous festival.

Anyone interested in information on additional bands to this year's event or possibly travel arrangements, you can visit the official organizers website HERE.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

IN REVIEW: Kill Baby Kill, Cut Throat, Bouncin' Betty

Kill Baby Kill: Product Of Society
(2009 PC records)

The boy's from Belgium are back with this great follow up to their past 3 installments. This album features the same KBK format and in your face, non-PC Oi! What seperates this album from the previous releases is it's much more personal and a first hand view into the life of the singer. Very good and highly recommended. ~Steve Skam
01- Product Of Society
02- Crocodile Tears
03- Charlie Came Knockin'
04- Change Your Ways
05- Fool's Paradise
06- I'm Still Standing
07- Skinhead Nightmare
08- My Name Is Hate
09- Punk's Not Red
10- Here I Am

Cut Throat: American Nightmare
(2003 Resistance records)

Awesome Misfit's sounding horror punk/RAC album, with vocals to match, featuring some of the guys of Final War. Definitely a unique sound and very good nationalistic lyrics fuel this album from start to finish. If you're looking for something different, this is it. You won't be disappointed. ~Steve Skam
01- The Executioner
02- Dead Or Alive
03- Shed No Tears
04- Grips Of Fear
05- Lost Control
06- Fugitive
07- Loaded Dice
08- Forever Sail Away
09- Darkest Hour
10- American Nightmare

Bouncin' Betty: Hard Rock Happens
(2008 Coffinrot records)

Awesome old school styled hardcore from some pretty well known guys, from throughout the American scene, that have been making some good tunes for several years now. This is a well executed debut album that holds it's replay value... not to mention they cover "Safety Dance", making it an instant classic as I must admit, the song is pretty damn catchy. ~Steve Skam
01- L.D.N.Y.F.S.
02- Lunatics On Parade
03- Lies
04- Road To Rage
05- Break Down Walls
06- El Hepracabra
07- Bouncin Betty
08- Chosen Me
09- Stick In The Mud
10- Outside Looking In
11- Krupnik
12- Gimpy Strapon
13- Frank N Beans
14- F.Y.L.
15- Pity Pimp
16- Safety Dance
17- Stronger
18- Hard Rock Happens

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rick's Pick: Betrayed Blood

For this week`s pick I`m going with another CD that not many readers here in the United States may be that familiar with...

Betrayed Blood "In The Conspiracy," is excellent heavier hardcore album out of Germany that leans more to the metal side. Fans of bands such as All Out War and Earth Crisis should definitely not pass this one over. Speaking of the latter, there is also an excellent cover of Earth Crisis' song "Firestorm" as a hidden track on the CD. ~Rick