Saturday, July 4, 2009

Featured Artist of July: Daily Broken Dream

For this month's featured artist we chose to go with German straight edge hardcore band Daily Broken Dream. DBD, formerly Race Riot, started out with mixed reviews when the band released their debut full length, "Terror Against Tyranny," with Final Stand records in 2004. The CD received cheers and jeers from throughout the scene, particularly in reference to the vocal delivery on the album. Many people thought the delivery was unnatural and forced sounding, that the singer was trying too hard to sound like Agnostic Front's front man Roger Merit. However, people generally still agreed it was an noteworthy production.

In the following year Race Riot produced their own sophomore release, "Downfall of Your Infected World," on Until the End records. Obviously accepting of this criticism, front man Christoph changed the delivery of his lyrics and brought one of the heaviest and widely acclaimed albums of the scene. Perhaps, the only issue anyone had was that the CD was only five tracks, and that they wanted more...

Since then the band had some line-up changes and decidedly changed their name. Daily Broken Dream were featured on one of 2008's biggest releases, "Hardcore Until the End;" a compilation featuring 10 other excellent hardcore artists from throughout the world. Admittedly, DBD were not the shining stars of the release, as some new names definitely made waves, but DBD released some solid new stuff for their fans to enjoy.

Since 2008 DBD has continued to play live and has reported to be working on new material for a fourth-coming release. Most recently the band performed in Moscow with Russian hardcore band Outlaw Heroes Standing. Christoph was quoted as saying it was one of the best shows he has ever performed at. The show was not big, but the crowd was fantastic with great enthusiasm. Most the attendees were straight edge, and those who were not, enjoyed the performance in an alcohol and smoke free environment. Unlike most concerts, which generally host patrons binge drinking that causes distractions from the talented artists on the stage, Russia has a rampantly growing straight edge scene.

Coincidentally, at the time of writing up this article we were graced with some live footage of DBD performing some new material from the aforementioned show in Russia.

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