Thursday, March 31, 2011

1a Vanguardia- Skinheads

Due out April 9th on TB Records
8 songs in Spanish and 2 covers in English
12 page booklet with lyrics in Spanish and English

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hais & Fier Teaser

Bayonet Interview

Below is an interview with the band Bayonet from New Zealand. It was originally conducted by a zine in Canada.

Bayonet is a pretty recent project if I understand well. Could you please give us an overview of how the project came about?

We all met through a mutual interest in Blood & Honour New Zealand. We each had a talent or an experience with music and eventually organized our own practices. Our motivation to begin with was the prospect of playing White Power music in front of a live audience alongside our Australian brothers (Death's Head, Ravenous). Agreeing to it before too many practices really pushed us in a good direction and let us know what we're capable of as a group.

Why did you choose the name Bayonet? What does it represent?

The weapon Bayonet was an attachment to the standard issue military rifle which our ANZAC ancestors used to impale their enemies in face to face combat. From that we take a lot inspiration for our music.

You’ve had the chance to play with Ravenous and Deaths Heads! How is it to play with such great bands? How did you have the chance, as a new band, to share the stage with them?

Blood & Honour organized the gig and gave us an offer to test our mettle alongside these famous names. We jumped at it and haven't any plans of looking back since. It was a great experience and we hope to see them again on the stage.

What type of music do you play? What is your style? For someone who’s never heard Bayonet, what song would you recommend?

The music is hard to define. Basically, we all have our own tastes with a mutual respect for one another's contributions - our guitarist Steve is a fan of all types of metal (Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth) and incorporates that into his instrument for Bayonet. Dylan, our drummer, imports RAC from all over the globe and is a lover of true skinhead classics such as Skrewdriver, Brutal Attack and Legion of St. George. Our Bayonet Vocalist is passionate about Odinism and his heritage in Northern Europe and takes his inspiration from a lot of traditional Nordic sources - all in all we are a blend that simply works. Our sound has all these things. A good song for someone interested to listen to would be "i Viking", our personal favourite.

The drummer of Bayonet is also involved in Blood Sacrifice Productions, the only New Zealand distro. Can you tell us a bit more about it and where to see the stuff?

Blood Sacrifice Productions has been running for over two years and has released the first full length White Power album from New Zealand (Xenophobe - Lords of Chaos). It brings music from all over the White world to spread throughout New Zealand and Australia specifically. Check out to see their listings, forum and blog (coming soon!).

Blood Sacrifice Productions has helped the Canadian scene by sending CDs to raise funds to our movement. What do you know of the Canadian (or Quebec) nationalist scene?

We have not had a lot to do with them as of yet but look forward to sharing our music to get a better connection with our brothers over seas and cannot wait to make new connections in these scenes. We look forward to having more to do with these Nationalist scenes in future.

What is in your opinion the greatest Oceanian RAC band?

Fortress definitely is the first thing that comes to our mind. Fortress has a lot to do with our own motivation and a lot to do with our shared ANZAC ancestors in their songs. A lot of our inspiration for our sound however comes from Death's Head, and Ravenous was the first band we all saw together which is a great memory to share.

We only know another new Zealander band, Xenophobe Army. How is the New Zealand scene?

Xenophobe has left for Australia and has asked us to keep the fire burning for this country and it is a burden we share proudly. The scene is enthusiastic about our project and they definitly are responsible for our motivation. Brotherhood is very important here and we all want to take that world wide.

We don’t hear much about New Zealand in the medias. What are the issues there? Are there nationalist organizations?

We have several small organizations ranging from political to racial but our true strength for us lies in our extended friendships and brotherhoods that go nation wide. The most serious issues in New Zealand are dealing with our colonial Maori natives and their destruction of this White established society. As Whites in New Zealand we struggle with immigration of Muslims, Asians and violent Pacific Islanders especially.

And what are your future projects?

We currently have a split CD project under construction with Hungarian band Onogur. We are preparing at the moment for our next performance in the wintery South Island of New Zealand where our crowd is predicted to be double that of our last gig. We always have new songs in the works and hope to be releasing our own CD before very long.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

National Hip Hop

Hip hop is a form of music that has been pretty much been shunned by those in our movement and music scene. Even still there have been many musicians and acts that perform this style of music over the years and have used it to spread a message of National Pride. There are now several musicians and acts that have been getting promoed and it looks like it is being accepted as a viable method to the resistance. Personally I do not see a problem with this as long as it is done in a positive manner. We are living in a society where rap and hip hop has been promoted to White youth and there are many who only prefer this kind of music. The left has made their advances into everything they can in order to promote their agenda and I think we need to take a page from their book. Growing up in Baltimore City I have known many whites who only listened to rap music, but these people were still very racially conscious. This style of music may not be for everyone but by ignoring this outlet we are basically shutting out a huge portion of our people and our youth. Just to make a quick example, the Irish rap group House of Pain was huge years ago among many whites (not just those into rap) just because of the cultural aspect they included in their music. In fact I knew several people whose only rap cd in their collection was House Of Pain. I think if we can advance on that a bit more we will really set something off.

N´Socialist Soundsystem - Volk ans Mikrofon "People To The Microphone"

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3

Makss Damage- Sturmzeichen EP

The six song ep can be downloaded for free on their website here

Concert In Russia

Friday, March 25, 2011

Looking For Trouble Vol. 3 & Overload

Two new releases out now on MFS

Looking For Trouble Vol. 3- The Firm & The Pride

The 'Looking For Trouble' series continues with in your face Oi! music, this time it's a case of Holland v Belgium. A new school band from Holland is 'The Firm' with some up tempo Oi! music all in English, a band to watch out for. Out of Belgium comes Bruges favourites 'The Pride', bringing some nice hooligan influenced Oi!

Overload- Godkiller

We go punk again with a twist of Oi!

These boys have been around some years and supported a lot of bands on the punk and Oi! scene and bring some hard hitting music of their own. We first noticed them on the 'Oi! Fuck You' release when it was originally released. This release features a number of recording sessions from 2007 onwards, remastered and packaged in a nice 16 page booklet with lyrics, photos and more.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Honor- Flames Rising Force Re Release

Homo Superior Records has re released the Honor cd The Flames Rising Force. This re release also includes as an added bonus the tracks from the split with Graveland

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Toter Winter - Oncoming Storm

Thors Hammer Productions has the new cd from US NSBM band Toter Winter. This was recorded originally between 2009-2010 but was not released until 2011. This full released has all the tracks from the "Oncoming Storm" demo plus two unreleased tracks "Siege of
Leningrad" and "Operation Barbarossa". Operation Barbarossa is a rough mix that will appear in Toter Winter's next release "Blood and Victory". This is limited to only 150 copies

A great surprise from America!
Toter Winter is an unique U.S Style! Highly Influenced by the Mighty European Scene!
T.W play Cruel Hateful cold Black Metal
For fans of : Wolfnacht, Old Totenburg , A.Blood . Bilskirnir, Absurd...
Highly recommended!

Bisson/ Filopatria Split Cd

New split cd from Bisson and Filopatria due out in June. More info can be found on both bands websites here and here

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Magazine Support & Updated Info

A new magazine is in the works. It will combine music, political activities, book and cd reviews and more. So far support and material has come from South America and some countries in Europe, like Spain, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, France, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and more.

If you have any reviews of shows, band interviews etc from your country send to:

We have received this updated info about this project: This magazine is not just a magazine from South America, Southern Warriors Division is just one contact.

This is a World Project with four divisions, Spanish language (Southern), German language (Northern), Russian language (Eastern) and English language (Western). With some contacts around the World, like Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, England, Bulgaria, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, U.S.A, Canada, New Zealand...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

H8Machine- Speak Now... And Forever Hold Your Teeth

Dennis from H8Machine has recently contacted Uprise Direct to give us news on an upcoming H8Machine. Their new cd- Speak Now... And Forever Hold Your Teeth will be due out in July. He also says this cd will be more aggressive than their previous releases. After the release they will be doing some shows in Europe and a few in the states.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Armed & Ready- Our Youth EP Out Now

The debut EP from OC`s hardcore/ punk band Armed & Ready is out now. Label 56 has copies in stock now

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Brutal Attack- Live In Deutschland DVD & Freiheitsdrang -Titanic Deutschland

Out now on PC Records:

Brutal Attack- Live In Deutschland dvd. This is a live dvd recording from 2010 and is limited to 777 copies.

The Freiheitsdrang -Titanic Deutschland is also out now. This is a RAC band featuring the drummer of WoA and Stumrwehr. A sample mp3 is here

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

United Skins For Freedom Of Speech

Adler Versand has the United Skins For Freedom Of Speech compilation out now. This is a double cd featuring many bands with new and unreleased tracks. Complete info, track list and promo video posted here

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fúria Bélica - Vis Absoluta

Out now on Freivolk is the new cd from Brazilian RAC band Furia Belica. The cd is 12 tracks including intro and outro

Avalon- In Death We Breathe

New cd out now on Moloko Plus

Friday, March 4, 2011

Looking For The Future: Autonomo Radio 3/6/11

Autonomous Nationalists Greece will be discussing their latest book "Looking For The Future" on Autonomo Radio this Sunday. This new issue is about Kostis Palamas, a Greek poet and writer. The show will also be interspersed with music from some of the greatest bands in our music scene. Info can also be found at Terra Patria`s excellent web blog here

Thursday, March 3, 2011

WOA (Marco Solo) - Schlacht um Deutschland

OPOS Records newest release is a solo cd from Marco the front man of Words Of Anger. Mp3`s as always can be found on their website here

Filopatria- Order Thru Chaos

The debut cd from Greece`s Filopatria is out soon on Blood Sacrifice Productions. This will be 13 tracks of RAC/ Oi!.