Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Toter Winter - Oncoming Storm

Thors Hammer Productions has the new cd from US NSBM band Toter Winter. This was recorded originally between 2009-2010 but was not released until 2011. This full released has all the tracks from the "Oncoming Storm" demo plus two unreleased tracks "Siege of
Leningrad" and "Operation Barbarossa". Operation Barbarossa is a rough mix that will appear in Toter Winter's next release "Blood and Victory". This is limited to only 150 copies

A great surprise from America!
Toter Winter is an unique U.S Style! Highly Influenced by the Mighty European Scene!
T.W play Cruel Hateful cold Black Metal
For fans of : Wolfnacht, Old Totenburg , A.Blood . Bilskirnir, Absurd...
Highly recommended!

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