Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Holdaar - Времена Уходящие В Небо

GAN - Przeklęty Polak

RAUS! & Perunwit – Under The Sign Of The Black Sun

Out now on Odium Records is the RAUS! and Perunwit split. RAUS! is a new project of Shadow from Black Altar and Aro from Perunwit. They play a blend of industrial Black Metal in the vein of Mysticum and Iperyt with martial dark ambient songs, with a guest appearance of Shocker from Iperyt. Perunwit of course is the legendary and the oldest pagan band from Poland. Sound samples here

Astral Oath - European Heritage

Italian NSBM group Astral Oath have a 6 track cd out now titled European Heritage. Released by Cisalpine Records

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sacha Korn - FUNKENFLUG - Neuveröffentlichung

Sacha Korn has posted a new video from his cd Kunkenflug. More info on his site here 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Blood Red Eagle- Australiana 2

Blood Red Eagle- Australiana 2 out now on Pure Impact Records

"7 years after "Australiana I" comes the follow-up album with another 16 tracks taken from various studio sessions between 2006 and 2008. Apart from 1 song all others were previously unreleased. As always, you get excellent and very catchy heavy Aussie rock with some nordic influences and some more Oi! sounding tracks, accompanied by Doug's gruff vocals. The booklet features a band bio, all lyrics and some background info on the songs."

Endless Struggle - Is The Last Choice

Out now on OPOS Records is the debut full length from Endless Struggle. The band features the singer from Brainwash and musically combines metal and hardcore.The cd comes as a 6 panel fold out digi pack with a 16 page booklet!

Against Commie Bastards

Against Commie Bastards. Out now on Barbatos Productions. 10 band compilation limited to 200 copies.  

    22th February, 1918 is the date, when the heroic Ice March has started.
It was the first march of just generated Volunteer White Army on general M.V. Alekseyev's initiative firstly commanded by L.G. Kornilov and after his death under the command of A.I. Denikin.
This hardest march at the breaking point of possibilities concerned with huge casualties became, contrary to the expectations of exultant reds, the hardening and the new birth of White Resistance.
Generally speaking, firstly it was not an army, but a big officer partisan detachment that included 36 generals, 2103 officers and 1067 privates (467 of them - cadets of the upper school). This is the number of warriors of Russian Imperial Army who assembled at Don after the October Revolution and who decided that they haven't got a right to lay down arms and go to their homes after the finish of Great War that ended as red international's occupation of the Fatherland.
   In spite of high death-rate, the five-thousand armed force, hardened in severe battles, returned from the Ice March. Later the officers who were the members of the First March became the basis of other White Armies. Many books are written about the Ice March an the rank "pervopohodnik", a member of the First March, became on of the most honorary titles in Russian emigration. Because they were the first, who started the White Struggle against the world evil!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Slavic Hardcore Vol. 2

 Promotional video of the second "Slavic hardcore" compilation. To be released by First Line Moscow

Fight Tonight- The Next Round

One of the most active hardcore groups from our ranks is back with their second full album. The cd contains 11 tracks of Oldschool Hardcore and also features several guest singers and a regular back up vocal group. A 16 page booklet is decorated to match the album title with some pictures from the world of boxing. The cd is also available as a limited edition 444 digi pack. Out now on OPOS Records 

Hold Kick- These Walls (Official Version)

This is some awesome hardcore crossover!  
Within these walls is a motivational video promoting healthy lifestyles, as well as involvement in sports and physical culture!

The Simple Men - Souls of Death

The song is from the upcoming cd titled Voice Of Freedom

Khorss - Public Anger

You Must Murder - Злая Россия + Bonus

Terrorsphära feat. Makss Damage - Sargnagelhagel

This is a new crossover track from hardcore band Terrorsphära which features NS Rap artist MaKss Damage. The track can also be downloaded on MaKss Damage website here

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Heretic Voice: 2013 Year In review

Hot off the press! The new issue of Heretic Voice (2013 in review) is available now. To get your copy email – More info at

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Projekt Gleipner - Sånger till fosterlandet

Projekt Gleipner is a project that takes songs from Ultima Thule and re-releases them in a more ballad type style. The cd will feature 10-12 songs and will be released this year  

Unbroken Brotherhood- Hungarian / Polish Solidarity Compilation