Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ravensbruck / Schadenfreude

US NSBM bands Ravensbruck and Schadenfruede will have a self released split out in April. This wil be available on cd as well as cassette. Promo`s for both bands are posted below including an insane ripping cover of No Remorse`s song Smash The Reds

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Arysan- War Made Flesh

Arysan is a side project of Jesse from Deaths Head. His new cd War Made Flesh is set to be released by Wewelsburg Records

TMF/ Offensive Weapon & Thumbscrew

New 7"`s on tap from MFS include a split with Tattooed Mother Fuckers and Offensive Weapon as well as a 7" from Thumbscrew titled Drunk & Disorderly

Thumbscrew is a new band from Spain that sing in English and bring that good old spirit of early 80’s British Oi back. This will be released as 175 Red vinyl, 175 white vinyl and 50 red/ white mixed vinyl

The TMF/ Offensive Weapon split features 2 songs from each band and will blow you away. This is where British ‘thug rock’ meets American ‘Oi with attitude’. This will be produced in limited edition colours and hand numbered as 175 black vinyl,175 white vinyl, and 50 black/ white mixed vinyl

Nordfront - Der letzte Streich

After 5 years Nordfront are back with their brand new cd titled Der Letzte Streich. This cd has 11 new tracks as well as bonus tracks which include alternate versions of the song Homeland as well as a live song. 15 tracks total and a full 16 page booklet. Available now from OPOS Records

Nessuna Resa / Lemovice – Tempo Che Non Ritorna

Out now on Black Shirts Records is the split cd from Nessuna Reas and Lemovice.

Blood Red Eagle/ AggroKnuckle

A new split cd from Australia`s Blood Red Eagle and Japan`s Aggro Knuckle titled The Japanese/ Australian Skinhead`s Compilation is out on Hostile Class Records

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Evil Inside Promo Sampler

Men Against Time- If This Is The Way It Ends

A new German- Swedish collaboration has debuted with the release of a Rahowa tribute. Viktor Ferox, Barny and Andhrimnir of Magog have released their first cd on PC Records. There are 9 songs total including the song Under Our Banner. The cd is also available in a limited edition metal box. Mp3 sample here