Sunday, June 12, 2011

Artist Of The Month Submissions

I have been running Uprise Direct for a few months now and have been keeping it updated as regularly as possible. I would however like to pick back up the "Artist Of The Month" feature. If you are a band or a label and would like to promote the release of a new cd please send us some info on your new cd, a recent interview, as well as an image we can use for the header of the Uprise Direct Blog.
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Thanks, Rick 56

Seth Putnam 5/15/68- 6/11/11

Reposted from Label 56 Blog

Just a note to mark the death of Seth Putnam. Seth was certainly a very controversial figure and because of his personal habits I would not consider him a role model, but he was still very influential in the extreme music scene. He is most known for his band Anal Cunt, but also well known in our music scene as being the front man for Vaginal Jesus.

ANAL CUNT’s publicist, Kim Kelly of Catharsis PR, has confirmed via Twitter that the band’s frontman, Seth Putnam, died earlier today (Saturday, June 11) of a suspected heart attack. He was 43 years old.

Commented Kelly: “Yes, it’s true. Seth Putnam, one of the most infamous musicians that extreme metal has ever seen, the grindcore GG Allin, has passed away due to a heart attack.

“I handled all the promotion for ANAL CUNT’s last album, ‘Fuckin’ A’, and Seth was always happy to oblige any request I sent his way. The band had been working on a new album before his passing, so chances are his musical career’s epitaph has yet to be inscribed.

“I want to remind everyone that no matter how outrageous and controversial his musical career has been, Seth was still a human being with friends and family that loved him. I’m hoping that the Internet will remember that. This is a very sad and trying time for those that knew him, and the last thing they need to see is an outpouring of message board hate. The man lived and died by his own rules; if anything, respect him for that.”

Label 56 Support: $10 Challenge

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Kroda

I have seen posts online for a new Kroda cd, however there are two different names and covers for this cd that I am finding and I cannot find any real info on either. So anyway, Ukraine Pagan/ Folk metal band Kroda definitely have a new cd out. Whether the name is Chornotrop or Schwarzpfad is unknown to me. Perhaps one of our readers can clear this up.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Levédia - Tiszta Égbolt Demo

Hungarian hardcore band Levedia has a new 5 song demo out soon. Check out more on their my space here

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Second Class Citizen

I posted the other day about the debut from German metal/ hardcore band Saw Cross Lanes which is expected out soon on OPOS Records. Today I have seen another exciting preview for a new cd from Second Class Citizen. SCC released a demo ep a few years ago which was more hardcore oriented. Since then they recorded 2 new songs which have been on their my space for awhile that were very heavy, more metal influenced and varied with extreme vocals. Sound samples for their new cd can be heard on OPOS Records here

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bloodshed -Wenn die Flüsse Rot Sich Färben

On their 10th anniversary comes the fifth release from Bloodshed! This new cd titled Wenn die Flüsse Rot Sich Färben (When the Rivers Turn Red) is 12 songs of their original metal sound which is as always mixed with rock, and on this cd some black metal. 16 page full color booklet limited to 1312 copies from PC Records. Sound samples posted here