Monday, April 30, 2012

Światogor / Wojnar - Tym, Co Z Ziemi Lecha...

The split cd between Światogor and Wojnar is out now on Eastside Records. 12 tracks of neo folk/ ambient music which also includes a Graveland cover. Track list posted below

01. Światogor - Wejście (01:38)
02. Światogor - Dla ojczystej ziemi (Cichy powiew, chłodny szept) (01:15)
03. Światogor - Las - nasz dom (03:28)
04. Światogor - Smak pogańskiej stali (04:47)
05. Światogor - Słowiański duch (02:20)
06. Światogor - Pamięć mych braci (05:20)
07. Światogor - Echa walki 1037 (07:09)
08. Światogor - Głos Bałtyku (01:10)
09. Światogor - Wilczy las (05:26)
10. Wojnar - W objeciach białej damy (08:09)
11. Wojnar - Powrót praprzodka (08:06)
12. Wojnar - The Celtic winter (Graveland cover) (03:44)

Label 56 Pick Of The Week: Desolated- Roll Out

Pick Of The Week 4/29/12: Desolated- Roll Out

Desolated`s debut cd Roll Out is this weeks pick of the week. This is a band that features former members of Excalibur. Unlike Excalibur which was a pretty heavy Pagan/ death metal band, the music from Desolated takes a more chaotic nu metal sound with their second cd Hi Tech Garbage Dump even being comparable to System Of A Down. While not quite as hectic as the Hi Tech Garbage Dump cd, Roll Out is a great cd on it`s own accord and is filled with various sound samples. It has very high energy and has a sound that is not too common in our music scene, but can be appealing to many people outside of it. A great cd with a diverse sound.

Track List, ordering and mp3`s can be found on our site here. Main Page Here

Friday, April 27, 2012

Moshpit- We Carry The Heart Out Now!

The long awaited second full length from Moshpit is out now on OPOS Records! Moshpit- We Carry The Heart is 11 tracks of music that has reached a new level of quality which even surpasses many mainstream bands of the day. 3 sample songs are posted here on the OPOS home page. Cd ordering is also found there.

As a bonus 666 copies are available in a special 24 page media book which contains the music video for We Carry The Heart

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Absurd: The Return of Asgardsrei: Remixed, Revised, Remastered!

Info below posted at The Pagan Front:

Once upon a time, "Asgardsrei" was recorded in a hurry and without any sound engineer who would assist the band at mixing and mastering their recordings. Hence the initial mixdown, done by the band, suffered from serious flaws affecting the intended impact of this album. Regardless of that, after the release in 1998 "Asgardsrei" was soon to be hailed as a pillar of German Black Metal in general as well as of NSBM in particular. 

The band was never satisfied with the sound of this album, though. Many years and re-releases later, the original ADAT-tapes resurfaced all of a sudden. It was decided to seize upon this opportunity and to have the original recordings remixed and remastered. One of the best sound engineers in Black Metal started to work on the rough material, and his final achievement has ultimately exceeded any and all expectations. 

After more than 12 years, the Tyrants of German Black Metal celebrate their triumphal return in all glory and hatred! Remixed, revised, remastered: The Return of Asgardsrei! Available since 20th of April, 2012.

Jewelcase CD: Totenkopf Propaganda / Digipack CD: Strong Survive / 12" LP: Satanic Skinhead Propaganda / Audio MC: Wolftower Productions (distributed by Werwolf Records and Breath of Pestilence)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kategorie C- Enemy For Life (15 Years)

Kategorie C is now taking pre orders for their next release on their website here. The new cd titled Feinde fürs Leben (Enemy For Life) is a 15 year anniversary cd. Sound samples here

Label 56 Pick Of The Week: Barbarous Pomerania- Bloody Mystery Of War God

Label 56 Pick Of The Week 4/22/12:  Barbarous Pomerania- Bloody Mystery Of War God

This weeks pick goes to Barbarous Pomerania`s cd Bloody Mystery Of War God. This is the fourth full length from this Polish Pagan/ black metal band. There are 17 tracks total with almost every other track being an intro to the next song. The music is heavy and a bit raw with somewhat distorted guitars and vocals and imo is best described as slow death metal/ war metal with some black metal influence. The songs are filled with sounds of war, clashing swords, battlefield screams, speeches, etc. , some of which are backed by keyboards and folkish sounding instruments. A great cd that includes a video for Cieniom Przodkow as well

Track List, ordering and mp3`s can be found on our site here. Main Page Here

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Video Interview With Enesess

Below is a video interview with Enesess from the German National Hip Hop act- n'Socialist Soundsystem

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vinland Warriors New Site Online Now

Canadian RAC band Vinland Warriors have a new website online now courtesy of Dare2Dedicate. They are one of the most well known RAC bands in the world, but just in case you haven`t heard of them visit their site here.

Skrewdriver- Open Up Your Eyes Music Video Collection

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hunnia - Ha Minden Elvész

The new cd from Hunnia titled Ha Minden Elvesz has been released through BHS Service. It is 8 tracks total of Hungarian RAC

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hussar- Demons Inside Promo

Featuring members of Bound For Glory and White Devils. Due out April 20th from Hate Core Shop

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tors Vrede - Remember The Fallen - Teaser

Below is a teaser for the Tors Vrede song Remember The Fallen. It will be released on the "Katýn 1940 - Let The Graves Sing" compilation cd by Homo Superior.

White Rebel Boys- Rebels Do It Better

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Krawallbrüder - Morgen die Welt (Offizielles Video)

Krawallbrüder - Blut, Schweiß und keine Tränen out on KB Records

Freicore - Flaschen und Fäuste

The Freicore cd Flaschen und Fäuste is out now on GKS33. This is a band featuring members of Skalinger and Path of Resistance. and Freikorps. 250 limited edition digi pack are also available.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Zagharos/ Iverial/ Aryan Tyrant/ Defrontis- Pagan To The Victory

A 4 way split featuring Zagharos, Iverial, Aryan Tyrant and Defronti is also out now. This is a black metal split featuring Zagharos and Aryan Tyrant from the Netherlands and Iverial and Defronti from Peru.

Track List:

01. Intro
02. Tyrant's In Arms
03. Black Metal Weapon
04. Bestial Carnage
05. Image Of The One

06. Intro
07. King Of Pagan
08. Hate Bloody
09. Black War
10. Triumph Of Holocaust

Aryan Tyrant
11. Intro
12. Purifying March
13. Black Sun
14. Sign Of The Wolves
15. The Fallen Werwolf

16. Intro
17. Command Operation 121200900
18. Dominio Total
19. Sofrimiento De Camada
20. Destruction To The Glory NSBM

Zagharos- Light To The White Path [demo]

Zargharos is a black metal band out of the Netherlands. They have recently self released a 7 song demo

Zurzir/Triskel - The Same Blood- The Same Race

HOMO SUPERIOR PRESENTS: Zurzir/Triskel - The Same Blood- The Same Race

This is a very successful split cd from two bands of South America (Brazil, Chile). Strong and radical RAC! 55 minutes of music.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

English Rose- Crucified 7" Single

From Pure Impact: This little 7" features what will be the last ever recordings of English Rose, no new songs, but "Crucified" (not a cover of the Iron Cross song) and "Police aggression" re-recorded in 2011. The single is limited to 500 handnumbered copies, 350 black and 150 red. This is the black vinyl, the red one is not out yet.

n'Socialist Soundsystem - Zigtausend

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Drizzatorti/ Philth Collins- Acca Acca

Due out on April 20 is a splt cd between Philth Collins and Drizzatorti. Philth Collins is a musical project consisting of members of well known bands like Bully Boys, Bouncin 'Betty and Warfare 88, while Drizzatorti is a new group featuring members of Hate for Breakfast. The cd is to be released by Italian Label- Black Shirts Records

Mind Terrorist- Once Upon A Heartbeat

Band page, mp3`s and more info here

"Once upon a Heartbeat" is a concept (thematic) album. The story is based on current economical situation in Greece and concerns national revolutionary matters. It will contain 9 brand new tracks in English, plus one already released and it will be out in 2012 through One People One Struggle Records.

"Freedom for Death, all hearts are beating, a thirst for a change, the world is shaking
Freedom for Death, the peoples' voices, will turn into struggle against the tyranny"