Saturday, February 28, 2009

Attack, Sniper, material

"Fade Away." the new album from Attack is out now. Released by Rebel Records of Germany. When the band was recently asked about the choice of a German label, the reply was simple, the band wants everyone to access and enjoy their music.

Getting to speak with Chris and the guys briefly at this year's Uprise, they agree the direction of the band is becoming more progressive and less preaching to the choir. Perhaps that is why famed Cannibal Corpse/Deicide guitarist Jack O. joined the band in recording this album?

The overall theme of the album is supposedly based on the lyrics of famed frontman Forrest, while he was touring Iraq with the US military. The photography in the booklet of the CD is by Forrest while in Iraq. We definately anticipate checking out the whole CD soon, and be sure to keep checking back for an upcoming interview with the band.

NYHC band Slavia has added a second guitarist and are in the studio again recording some new material. While the band has not decided on the 2nd release date yet they do have several shows lined up for throughout the year.

Out now on Nordvind records the Finnish RAC veterans Sniper newest release, "On the Road To Vicotry." The record contains 12 songs and with all English lyrics, styles mix between hard rock and powerful ballads.

New album from Sturmtrupp, "Blut Unserer Ahnen," available on Old School Records. Samples are available here.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Tattoed Mother Fuckers & Garrison LPs

TMF have plan to release their latest album "Thug Anthems" on limted vinyl with 'Step 1' in the U.K Expect production around April.

Other TMF news the split CD with The Gits from Poland is still in progress, the band is just waiting about who will release it, on which label and when. The release will be called 'An Army Of Tattooed Gits'.

Outclass is another one of TMF side projects. "Second To None" was recorded back in 2006 and just released by 'Barracuda Records' in Italy. It is only a 4 track mini CD, but gives you a taste of what is to come when they record a full length in 2009.

The Garrison release was a split originally done by Ken McLellan (Brutal Attack) & Fortress. When Brutal Attack, feating Jim of Squadron helping Ken McLellan, played a gig in Australia in 1996, the Garrison CD was recorded with their Australian hosts.
Recently a second Garrison project was released featuring Kill Baby Kill, Ravenous & Death's Head.
Now both albums are available on one limited pressing, 550 available only.
Side A - Garrison II - Under Strong Survive Records License
Side B - The Garrison C.D. - Under Midgard Records License

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Blood Order Co. & Wotanorden...In the Studio

Up and coming metalcore band Blood Order Company is currently in the studio recording their sophmore release for FSR. The band just finished laying down the drum tracks this past week and will be laying the vocals some time very soon. those of you not familiar with this band, the drummer as well as everyone in the band is extremely talented and expect nothing but the best.
The BOC drummer also plays in the black metal bands Wotanorden and his personal project Eingar. He was also briefly the drummer for Fear Rains Down playing live with the band several times in Europe and recording the tracks featured on the UTE release "Hardcore Until the End." The other members were also involved in the now stagnent act Blue Collared Saints who were scheduled to record their debut with Hatefront Records but have reportedly have not done so.

After a several month break, black metal outfit Wotanorden is also currently writing new material and recording for their upcoming third release titled "The Hands of Fate" due out in late 2009. We will be sure to keep you informed on any additonal information as we obtain it.
You can visit the official Wotanorden site HERE.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Devastation Now & Knockout (Youngland Kenn)

Devistation Now is a grind/death metal band from Germany, featuring members of Global Infected. The band's debut CD "Chaos Conflict" will be avilable soon on One People One Struggle Records out of Germany...

Check out samples of the band HERE.

Available now on Rebel Records is Orange County's original rock outfit Knockout. Knockout features Kenn, from Youngland and Radio White, before Youngland was created. Knockout actually had a music video that aired on MTV in 1997. This is a release of old material by the band. The original MTV video is posted below.

2 Minutes Warning & Ultra Sur releases 2009

New full length album from 2 Minutes Warning being released by UTE records. 2MW previously featured two excellent tracks on the UTE "Hardcore Until the End" compilation. We look forward to checking out the release...

Also scheduled to be released soon is South American Oi/RAC legends, Ultra Sur's, first North American release with Label 56.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Uprise Direct......ZINE?

We are proud to announce we have decided to update this FULL TIME as an online 'zine, In the effort to provide everyone with news from throughout the music scene and keep the blog from becoming stale between the annual events. Bands, labels and show promoters, please feel free to share any updates and flyers for events as you get them. Again we'd like to thank everyone for the continued support and the encourangement to produce this product.

Bury Their Rules
7" (2009) UTE-Records / FSR-Records

Two brand new tracks released to a limited vinyl pressing of 1,000. 100 clear, 200 red, 700 black.

A side: Question of Life
B side: Bury Their Rules

Fear Rains Down is a talented hardcore/metalcore outfit featuring members of several bands throughout the world. Sharing members with bands such as Daily Broken Dream (ex. Race Riot) & Teardown (R.I.P.) you would expect nothing less than excellent heavy hitting material.

Since having released their debut full length, "No Turning Back," and being most recently featured on the UTE release "Hardcore Until the End" compilation, FRD has created quite the following. The release of new material has many people in anticipation for more.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

We Won't Forget

Last weekend's event was a huge success. The entire Uprise Crew would like to thank everyone who made it possible. To all the performing bands, the official sponsors, Final Stand Records, Label 56, and Strong Survive Records, and of course everyone who attended deserve a large thank you from us. Special thanks are in order for Jake of Beyond Sacred for running the sound the drummer of Martial who literally saved the evening.

Unfortunately, we did regret having to share with everyone that vocalist of Moshpit was unable to attend because of a family emergency prior to the event. In the same vein we'd also like to send our sincerest wishes to the MRSA guys and their families in their time of need.

Many people had no problem stating this was the best Uprise to date as well as one of the best events in years. Other words following such statements included anticipation exclaimed toward the next event(s).

(Brainwash at Uprise 2009. Photo: Becky)
Numbered few limited concert shirts are available yet: in charcoal and black. If you were unable to pick one up last week and still want to get your hands on one email: