Friday, February 27, 2009

Tattoed Mother Fuckers & Garrison LPs

TMF have plan to release their latest album "Thug Anthems" on limted vinyl with 'Step 1' in the U.K Expect production around April.

Other TMF news the split CD with The Gits from Poland is still in progress, the band is just waiting about who will release it, on which label and when. The release will be called 'An Army Of Tattooed Gits'.

Outclass is another one of TMF side projects. "Second To None" was recorded back in 2006 and just released by 'Barracuda Records' in Italy. It is only a 4 track mini CD, but gives you a taste of what is to come when they record a full length in 2009.

The Garrison release was a split originally done by Ken McLellan (Brutal Attack) & Fortress. When Brutal Attack, feating Jim of Squadron helping Ken McLellan, played a gig in Australia in 1996, the Garrison CD was recorded with their Australian hosts.
Recently a second Garrison project was released featuring Kill Baby Kill, Ravenous & Death's Head.
Now both albums are available on one limited pressing, 550 available only.
Side A - Garrison II - Under Strong Survive Records License
Side B - The Garrison C.D. - Under Midgard Records License

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