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INTERVIEW: Norturnal Mortum

Keeping with the recent news of Kroda from the Ukraine, we are offering this interview from Nokturnal Mortum. This interview was sent to us this week and we would are passing it on to you, our faithful readers, to enjoy. This article was originally published on APOLLYON INTERVIEWS: "The First Ukrainian Web-Zine Of Unholy Music" in 2005.

I don't think that Ukrainian act Nokturnal Mortum needs to be presented to someone from our readers. However, still have to say a few words in the foreword. First, I want to thank band's leader Varggoth and bass-guitarist Vrolok for agreeing to answer my questions. And, although this process lasted for a long time (because of band's employment), the result turned out exhaustive. Moreover, considering the fact that Nokturnal Mortum rarely gives interviews and very selectively. Secondly, I asked a few questions about the ideology of the band, which has long been a subject of controversy and disagreement. Get ready for the answers that may surprise you a lot. Well, and third, it was just nice to talk with two abovementioned persons, which proved their intelligent and pleasant personalities in conversation.

Greetings! First, I want to say that I feel honor to talk with you in this interview. Now many people hate you, tell the things that never been with you, or vice versa – fanatically devoted. But for me the contribution of Norturnal Mortum to the emergence of Black Metal movement in Ukraine and the world is more important. Everything else is not so. Trite, but I still want to know a little bit about those things which happened with Norturnal Mortum over the past 5-6 years. Long enough, but you didn't have this information on the official website, and my knowledge of the activities of the band since 2001 are also somewhat superficial. Spill the light, please.

Vrolok: Hello! I will begin immediately from the fact that there is no Norturnal Mortum's official internet site. There are only remnants of the once-existing and obsolete. And all rumors, conjectures will soon be dispelled when our new site will be online. It will set out in detail everything that has occurred over the past few years, and before that time, to all the thirst for any information I propose to draw attention to a few interviews in recent periodicals.

Okay. Already some online sources have information that soon your new album "The Voice Of Steel" will see the light. Is that so? If that true, tell more about.

Vrolok: Yes, the album should be released, but the date is early to say – a lot must be done to make it completed. The stuff on it will be almost like late Norturnal Mortum, but there is definitely new ideas which will give the music a bit of freshness. I think everybody has been accustomed to the fact that the band has something new on each album, and the new one won't be the exception and may even surpass all previous by newness. This is a new test for all devoted listeners.

As far as I know, now the band rarely plays live. Why? How many gigs you have played in the past two years, where and what are your impressions?

Vrolok: We play rarely, once a year in our hometown at the Kolovorot Festival, and if it turns out in other cities of our country, last year we have been in Zaporizhye, a few years ago was a mini tour in Ukraine with the bands Khors and Tessaract. Several times we went abroad, played in Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Belarus, Lithuania, as well as in Poland and Germany. Gigs were good everywhere, though of course there are some problems happen. Because we carry a lot of equipment needed on stage, we take our technical staff, so Norturnal Mortum concerts are expensive and not every organizer from our country takes this work. But we believe that if a person listens to our music while sitting at home, then coming to our gig he should at least hear the same and even more. Therefore, we are doing everything we can to ensure that all will be at the highest level.

I agree with you. Without looking back to the previous question, I want to ask you about the annual Kolovorot Festival organized by you where, of course, you play always. What are the aims of the event, what are the requirements in the selection of the bands?

Vrolok: Data of the fest is chosen as close as possible to the date of the Winter Solstice, and, indeed, the name speaks for itself. This very ancient tradition revived by us in the modern world. This is not just a gig – this is a meeting of the people spiritually close each to other. All suggestions about the participation in the festival are considered, and there are no specific requirements in the bands selection, the main challenge – is to be in conformity with the spirit of the moment.

Although I don't often visit a big concerts in Kiev , where the well-known foreign play, but you or Varggoth I see almost always – whether this is W.A.S.P. or Obituary. As I understand, you try not to miss such a big shows? Why? Your impressions of some of the bands.

Vrolok: I visit the concerts of my favorite bands only. I want to see my childhood idols, I think it's the dream for everyone who loves the music, and it must be realized sooner or later. Very different impressions, mostly positive, because the bands on the gigs which I visit are the professionals with many years' experience.

Could you as the old residents and one of the founders of the Ukrainian Black Metal scene tell your opinion about extreme Metal scene in Ukraine and in Kharkiv in particular? As well as about Black Metal scene.

Vrolok: At the moment I almost have no interest to the present situation of our extreme scene. There are a lot of bands in our city as well as in the country and very difficult to keep the eye on them, and not necessary. I think that the strongest will not be negligible.

Well, basically, I understand your attitude. Let's turn specifically to Norturnal Mortum. In 2001 only Varggot and Saturious remain and they record the song "As Steel Eagle Into The Golden Svarga" which marks the transition from the more orthodox fast Black Metal to Dark Pagan. What is the cause of such big rethinking and changes?

Vrolok: I don't see anything surprising here, at that time have been a changes in the band's line-up, and therefore the music have been changed. Everything tend to change sooner or later and it happened with us at one time in music and the band's life, the main thing is that we keep afloat, and the music has become even more monumental. I think, there is wisdom came to music, mixed with the old melody and aggression. This is a result of our experiences then.

But, it's known that some former members of Norturnal Mortum left the band because of very dishonourable relations to it. How close you all together at this moment, not only musically?

Vrolok: The current line-up of the band is more professional then the previous one. Musically we understand each other so, that we can work together. And in human relations we have gone through a lot to live together, for example, a good test provide our tours with a gigs.

How hard was it to find any of these musicians and complete almost anew band? For example, Odalv never played in any of the known bands before you ( if to not take in Svyatogor attention).

Vrolok: It was a normal process of recruiting musicians, all of them from Norturnal Mortum's circle of communication, and it was not like we saw each other at the first time. The main thing is that it was mutual desire to work together, all those who doubted something, sooner or later descended from a path. There was natural selection; we filtered unwanted personalities at once.

Varggoth, you are the boss of the label Oriana Music, which continues to produce CD releases not only of Norturnal Mortum, but also the other interesting bands. Could you tell a little bit about the purposes of the label, history, prospects and ideology? Sorry for perhaps trivial questions, but their cause is absence of Oriana's site.

Varggoth: Yes, the things with a site move hard. But is almost up and running, so I hope that this is the last interview in which I answer to such questions. The history of the label is such. Oriana Music started its activities in 1996 and originally the company intended for publication the creativity of 3 Ukrainian bands: Norturnal Mortum, Astrofaes and Lucifugum, and the projects of those bands' members. Now the main band on Oriana Music is Norturnal Mortum. At the same time started sub-label Kolovorot Production which released the bands whose views and ideas are consistent with our own. Under the name of Kolovorot Production were issued tape releases of following bands: Graveland, Dark Fury / Thor's Hammer, Venedae, Dub Buk, Runes of Dianceht, Fiendish Nymph and some others. At this moment the activity of Kolovorot Production is ceased. New sub-label Slavonic Metal was founded in 2000. It have been issued on tapes some albums of Hate Forest and Drudkh. CD editions of Oriana Music are the previously unrealized Norturnal Mortum albums and reissue of the albums released before. Also under the brand name Oriana was released two albums of Khors – the band of ex-bassist of Astrofaes and a new album of old Ukrainian band Reusmarkt. As for the future – first of all, the release of the new Norturnal Mortum album as soon as it will be recorded, as well as possible release of all albums of Mistigo Varggoth Darkestra. Regarding the ideology – it's hard to describe. One I can say – it's very difficult to please me to be published by Oriana Music. Style is certainly not important. Rather, the thing in the man himself. And in the future is a new album of Norturnal Mortum.

Thanks for the exhaustive answer. I think many people long ago became a matter of concern to which ideology Norturnal Mortum belongs. Some considered you as NSBM, others as the pagans, someone even as the skins, or more. I would like to know your thoughts regarding this, anyway.

Vrolok: Many different cliché put on Norturnal Mortum and we are hard to assess ourselves, let the others do. But I can say one thing! The band is above all kinds of cliché and formulations, Norturnal Mortum is a mirror – each of our listeners sees in the stuff created by a band that wants to see and feel for himself. The stuff is the only stimulating factor for the development of feelings and emotions, pledged by ourselves, but it's a personal matter through what prism to pass this. This is one of the intended use of music – to provide spiritual food for a person, regardless of his political and religious judgments. This is one of the intended use of music in the culture of mankind.

Why Norturnal Mortum devotes considerable attention on the themes of World War II and the heroes of Ukrainian rebel movement at that time? After all, Ukraine has many heroes who lived long before those controversial events.

Vrolok: This war will not give a time to rest for many generations for a long time. It ended 62 years ago and those events still under the thinking, and more and more facts open and many historians, thinkers working on its legacy. It affected us through our parents from grandparents went through it. The war was not only territorial and ideological, but also mysterious, knowingly it still attracts a very young generations. We try to give our assessment of that time and to express it with our songs. Our history is very rich with characters and historical events associated with them. But World War II is close to us in time. Through it we connect our very distant past, in its live images not only the soldiers come to life but also Cossacks and ancient knights. In this war revived the ancient blood spirit, the spirit of warrior-hero. It showed at different times in our world and very important for humankind, without its cultivation man dies spiritually and physically (allegation that we are paying a lot of attention to these topics is a little wrong, because we have only two songs, one of the which is devoted to the World War II, and the second – to the heroes of the Ukrainian anticommunist movement).

By the way, I know that you communicate with Polish bands alot. Why Poles and what Norturnal Mortum has close with them?

Vrolok: We have no priority in communication and communicate with many around the world who are not indifferent to the band's creativity. Poland is our neighbour, to go there is not too difficult and it's much in common between us and the people with whom we are familiar there.

My collection has very interesting split of Infernal War and Warhead – the project involving you and the demons of Infernal War. Excellent stuff! Varggoth, can you tell something how this happened?

Varggoth: As I understand the question concerns Warhead. As already mentioned a long-standing friendship connects me with the Polish scene, so the originating in projects such as Warhead is not unusual. True, my merit is little – I participated only as a session vocalist. We recorded several albums. It was an interesting experiment for me, because with the music and the ideology it's "slightly" different from Norturnal Mortum. But this stage has already passed, at least no new album is planned in the near future.

Is it true that you have your own studio? Do you record there? If that information is true, whom you record there also and what equipment it has?

Vrolok: Yes, there is a studio, it's very expensive in equipment – all band's funds invested in it and not only. We made the studio to record Norturnal Mortum and perhaps even someone. But studio isn't ready to work in a commercial way, and we don't want this, yet it only to forge Norturnal Mortum.

OK, I think the interview went quite informative. I would like to hear from you some words in conclusion. Thank you.

Varggoth: In conclusion usually say thanks to the magazine and wishes to readers... So thank you for your patience, and the best wishes to your readers.

Copyrights by Alex Clotowski & Kirkill. All shits reserved (c) 2005

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kroda, Hunor, Gungnir, Bully Boys and H8machine

Ukrainian Pagan metal band Kroda was attacked by Antifa after their gig in Warsaw Poland Thursday.

The attackers demolished the band's car, destroyed the instruments, and seriously injured members of the band. Subsequently, the band was forced to discontinue their mini-tour through Poland, Germany, and Austria.

The Hungarian grind band, Gungnir decieded to support the popular Hungarian webzine Underground Revolution, by giving them a previously unreleased song which can be heard HERE.

Now available at BHS Service: the first full-length CD of the Hungarian RAC band Hunor, called "Küldetéstudat". 10 brand new songs, the lyrics are in Hunagrian.

Several of the scheduled European tour dates for the Bully Boys & H8machine have been posponed for currently unknown reasons. Organizers have not revealed any further information, yet.

Friday, June 26, 2009

IN REVIEW: Sedition, Global Infected, Force Fed Hate

Sedition: Lies From Lies
( 1999 Tri-State Terror records)

One of the most underrated albums (and bands) of all time in my opinion. The album begins brutally and continues by exposing the truth, shedding light on current problems we collectively face. An intellegent and excellent addition vocally from Drew of Blue Eyed Devils. Definitely recommended for fans of B.E.D. & Teardown fans. ~Steve Skam
01- Underground
02- Dead End
03- Of The Cloth
04- Lies From Lies
05- Charity
06- Shit Talker
07- Empire
08- Hide
09- Vigilance

Global Infection: Globale Infektion
(2007 Beer 4 War records)

Usually, I don't knock any album, but this one has to single-handedly the biggest disappointment ever. It starts off having you wonder where it's going and I think that that's the vibe which continues throughout the whole album. Complete trash not worth the plastic it's printed on. ~Steve Skam
01- Jeder Tag
02- Globale Infektion
03- Suicide
04- The Greedy Eye
05- Nothing But Hate
06- Die Natur Am Ende
07- Die Vertreibung
08- Im Virus Gefangen
09- My Challenge
10- Manipulation
11- Grossvater (Bonus)

Force Fed Hate: Send Them Back
(2003 North X records)

Awesome, in your face, hardcore; that pulls no punches and speaks about the harsh realities of life. Aside from the obivious use of a drummachine, this album delivers the goods and holds it's replay value. Worth picking up if you overlooked it in the past. ~Steve Skam
01- Decline
02- Stikeback
03- Some Way Some How
04- I Hate You
05- It's In The Air
06- Onward We March
07- Heroes
08- What's left
09- Dead Man Walking
10- Survive
11- In Hate We Trust
12- Here I Stand
13- Classless
14= Another Day In Hell

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Rick's Pick: Bloodshed

This week`s pick is one that many in the U.S. may not be familiar with. The Bloodshed CD "Asche Zu Asche" is one of the better metal/ RAC CDs I have heard come out of the music scene. It feature`s the unique vocals of Uwe (Proissenheads, Burndown, etc) and is one definitely not to be overlooked if you like aggressive and talented music...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jogos Önvédelem, Pushing Onwards & Mutiliated Truth, West Wall, Fehér Törvény

Loyalty Records of Hungary has released the first CD of Jogos Önvédelem. The band is a one-man-project, and has been described as the Hungarian Version of the German band Stahlgewitter. The CD contains 10 tracks, with one Freikorps cover, "Wenn du fühlst."

Hungarian metalcore outfit Pushing Onwards is in studio, to record 4 new songs for a split CD with Mutilated Truth and a currently unknown German band.

Death metal heavy hitters West Wall has released their lastest follow up to the excellent album "Blitzkreig Symphany #1," titled "Conquest Or Death." West Wall features fromer members of Before God and Bound For Glory. Included below is live footage of the band performing this spring.

Fehér Törvény have finished up recording their new album, and only have the mastering left. The graphic work for the album is also ready. The album will hopefully be out in 1 month at BHS Service.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


This week's interview is with Ian of Octobre/Kvaathan courtesy of of Voice of Vinland zine. To view the original interview, or read it in French, visit HERE.

VoV : Hailsa Ian! First off, Octobre is quite a recent band and you recently decided to make it your main band, can you introduce it to us and explain why you decided to concentrate on it at a 100%?
Ian : Hailsa! Octobre was born spontaneously in the begining of 2009. In fact, I had absolutely no intentions to start a new band to be honest. I simply composed/recorded the track ‘’Québec Hooligan’’ spontaneously. Even if the style was totally different than what I was doing with Kvaathan I decided to use the track for this band. But after composing and recording more songs in that vain, I decided to publish them under the name Octobre.

I decided not long ago to fully concentrate on Octobre. This particular style pleases me much more than the one of Kvaathan. The mix between OI!/Punk, Metal and Folk really seems to be the best style to accompany my message and is simply more inspiring musically. The style itself evokes me more than some traditional black metal heard hundreds of time before. My interest for traditional bm faded with time and I finally got the impression that I was only putting half of myself in the music I was creating. It just seems natural to take Octobre as my main band, because of the influences you can find in it, which are musical styles I’ve been listening for a long time.

VoV : What will be Kvaathan’s future then?
Ian : Kvaathan will continue as a studio-only side-project. While I intend to bring Octobre onstage as soon as I can.

VoV : Good. Please speak about your influences? What does influences Octobre’s style?
Ian : OI!/Punk/Rac, black métal (to a certain extent) and Folk/Traditionnal music are what influences me most but I always try to do my own stuff.

Octobre - Terre Souillée

VoV : For a Quebecer, the name ‘’Octobre’’ (October) must evoke exactly what you was thinking when you chose that name. But could you explain why you have chosen that name?
Ian : The name Octobre is linked directly to the crisis of October 1970 (here in Québec)… I had that name in mind for a long time. What could be better, for an Identity band that preaches the pride and freedom of the Québécois people, than this crisis that showed the whole world that there is some of us ready to do everything to finally have our own Nation? That not all Québécois are assimilated and lobotomized? That our Patriot Fathers (1837-1839) and their fight is not forgotten?

VoV : There is no doubt about your will to promote the Quebecer identity and a future Nation. Further than that, what does Octobre represent ideologically?
Ian : Indeed, I glorify the Identity of the Québécois people. But we must not just scratch the surface. Québécois are of European descent and out ancestors were Pagans (Celt on my side). We must go back to those ancestral values that made our people, at a time in history, warriors and conquerors. Québécois must go back to their European and Pagan roots and must get rid of that defeatist attitude that has been afflicting us for too long. The warrior mentality is important when we fight that kind of battle. It brings not only the strength to fight but honor and dignity as well.

We’re lucky to be a proud people, however, there are more a more people that aren’t. There are not proud because they are lobotomized by alien cultures. I find it really hard when I see people who belong to a Nation as rich in culture and traditions as ours denigrate their roots. It’s time to teach them that they should be proud of being Québécois and that this ‘’Identity Crisis’’ that strikes us hard must stop.

When it comes to writing lyrics, I have no limits, I just let the inspiration flow. Everything that has to do with Québécois Identity, le Paganism (celt/Gaulish), Nationalism, Warrior Mentality, Honor and Dignity… And countless of other subjects.

VoV : Octobrejust like Kvaathan, is member of a movement called the ‘’Vinland Front’’. What does it represent to you? How is this association important for you?
Ian : The Vinland Front represents unity, but independence as well. We are united because we share the same Pagan and Nationalist values, and we want to promote them with arts and activism. It is not really important for me to be associated with anything. VF is not an organization like countless others. We know each other of course, but we are individuals with a unique weltanschauung above all, but our ideas meet with the two points afore mentioned. We follow the Lone-wolf philosophy and each one have their own ideas.

VoV : You seem very friendly with the NSBM scene, what do you think of it? Do you consider yourself one of them?
Ian : Indeed, I am related to that scene. Not only because I am a Nationalist but also because of some friends who are deep in it (some VF members among others). But it doesn’t mean I’m a part of it. Octobre is an Identity and Pagan band, that’s it that’s all. I don’t need any therms to describe the music I am making. I do not wish to be a part of any scene, no matter which one and I don’t even consider my music blak metal, so I can’t see how Octobre could be a National-Socialist BLACK METAL band. But be sure that I count on ‘’you know who’’ to point their fingers at me and cll me Nazi (without knowing what they are talking about), but I don’t really care to be honest.

For NSBM music in general, I’M a fan, but I think that just like in every musical scene, there’s some good and some bad bands. There are excellent ones, just like there are average, and even some so shitty that it is completely hilarious! I prefer the ones who concentrate on their own culture. Absurd, Nokturnal Mortum, Sombre Chemin, Temnozor, Seigneur Voland, Wotanorden, Pantheon etc… are all excellent bands!

VoV : What does Octobre have in store for us in the future? A demo maybe? An album?
Ian : A demo named ‘’Québec Hooligan’’ will be out soon and a project of a split with the excellent Québécois band Markland Folks is currently being planned. After that will come an album, but not before 2010.

VoV : Ok, thanks for your time! The end is yours.
Ian : Thanks for the interview. OI!

Check out some music by Octobre HERE.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Voice of Justice, 100% Magyar Compilation vol. 2, Filopatria, Sig:Ar:tyr

Out now on Loyalty records, is the debut full length album by Hungarian hardcore band Voice of Justice. The album titled "Eruption of Hate," has a total of 10 tracks; all sung in English. After having the chance to hear the sample, I look forward to checking out this release and seeing if it will live up to the hype.

BHS services has planned 2nd volume of the Hungarian NS compilation "100% Magyar". The label sent an email to every RAC band in Hungary about the new compilation and asked everbody to take part on it; also posting the information on several forums & webpages. It is scheduled to come out in the begining of 2010. BHS Service also plans to make a 2nd voulme for their split series "Egységben az erő" with Utolsó Védvonal, Kitörés and Agresszív Fellépés.
Greek band Filopatria's debut "Αντίδρασης Γενιά" is out now. The band plays an excellent brand of RAC and is quite popular as their release has been anticipated by many.
Earlier this spring Filopatria had the priviledge play with The Bully Boys at Skinhouse Hellas, as well as many other great international acts that have toured through the area.

Coming soon on Morbid Winter records is the re-release of Sig:Ar:Tyr's debut CD, "Sailing the Seas of Fate."

The band has been quoted as "Easily of Canada's best underground bands at the moment." - Unrestrained! Magazine. According to Worm Gear zine, "SIG:AR:TYR is a yet unheard of entity out there in the music world making art for all the right reasons... to reach into the listeners heart and mind and turn their emotions under the artists will."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

IN REVIEW: Brigade M, Fear Rains Down, Dr. Martin Skinheads

Brigade M: National Revolutionary
(2006 Final Conflict & NetRevProp)

This album is easily one of my favorite Oi-core/ RAC releases of all time. Lyrically, it is cutting edge, with a positive and intelligent message to all Nationalists. Musically it is amazing, due to the adrenalin packed double bass and blast beats. If you haven't picked this one up yet, you should. ~Steve Skam
01- !
02- So What!
03- Mr. WP R&R
04- Destroy All That Destroys You
05- Something's Brewing
06- The Political Soldier
07- 10 Years Agains The Grain
08- Liberal
09- The Netherlands Out Of NATO
10- Internet Informers
11- Hate
12- European Unity
13- Re-immigration Now
Bonus: European Unity- Video

Fear Rains Down: No Turning Back
(2006 Final Stand records)

Awesome up close and personal NSHC album from this band, no matter how many times I listen to this classic, it still holds it's replay value. If you're into realistic lyrics and menacing hatecore/ metalcore with top notch production and somehow haven't picked this one up, get on it. Seriously. ~Steve Skam
01- Intro
02- Burning Flame
03- Downfall
04- Fear Rains Down
05- Never Lose Sight
06- For My Friends
07- Break Free
08- The End Is Near
09- Pictures Of Reality
10- So Cold
11- Impending Doom
12- Outro

Dr. Martens Skinheads: My Hatred
(2000 Ragnarock records)

Angry vocals, a positive message, and a musical sound that would best be described as a fusion between classical RAC, hatecore, and speed metal make this a pretty solid release and definitely something different; worthy of grabbing. ~Steve Skam
01- My Nation
02- For All Traitors
03- I am White (I Have To Fight)
04- My Hatred
05- Kill The Swine
06- Invisible Empire
07- White Roses
08- Fist Of Nation
09- Season Of Lies
10- White Rock & Roll
11- Kosovo for Serbs
12- Victim Of Impartiality
13- God Save Us
14- White Defense
15- Ian Stuart (R.I.P.)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rick's Pick: Vedan Kolod

This week's pick is the CD "Wolf's Path" from Vedan Kolod. This is an excellent neo folk CD featuring a proud female vocalist singing in her native Slavic tongue . As with some trends of mixing folk based music styles, some of the songs on this album have a hint of traditional Celtic music and at times the music strays from neo folk into an ambient feel with the use of ancient Russian intruments.

Check out Vedan Kolod and their blog regarding the use of these time honored instruments HERE.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hate For Breakfast, If We Die Tomorrow, Frontkraft and Under the Black Sun

Coming soon on EDA propaganda & Black Shirts records is the newest and final release by Italy's hardcore giants Hate For Breakfast, titled "Squadrismo Hardcore." The mini CD is scheduled to be released very soon and preorders are available now through Black Shirts now.

If We Die Tomorrow's anticipated debut is out now on OPOS records. The CD, limited to 666 copies, features 15 songs and is over 30 minutes in lenth of a blend of hardcore, metal, punk and grind. The release also features a poster and stickers with the production.

Also out now on Rebel records is the re-release of Frontalkraft's 1995 demo almost 15 years after being recorded. The CD was originally limited to only 150 copies. The new CD features the 12 original demo tracks and 3 previously unreleased songs by the band, which total over an hour of music by this historic band.

Out now on FS records is Under the Black Sun's release "Hate Rock." UTBS plays a great and very professional heavier rock with a wide range of vocals. The CD features 10 tracks and comes in at about 40 minutes. As we stated before we look forward to picking up the CD as the samples seemed quite interesting.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Frozen Abyss and Knochenfell

Frozen Abyss, a doom/goth metal band featuring members from several great German bands: Kraftschlag & Brainwash, among several others. I got a chance to check out the CD recently and will definitely be picking up a copy in the near future. This project actually probably explains a large influence in the recent Brainwash release memorializing a lost friend, titled "No More Tomorrow." Which is a great new (unreleased) track by the way; only available HERE.

Frozen Abyss performs a style heavily influenced by later Type O Negative, but still offers their own creativity, and direction. At times I even feel some of the songs remind me of the melodic parts of early Atreyu. The songs are mostly sung in English, and the vocalist has a great voice which to deliver them.
Check the out Frozen Abyss HERE.

Another German metal band worth checking out is Knochenfell. Knochenfell perform a more grove laden death metal with heavy thrash influences and some great technical work to top it off; all without over production. The band is also featured on a new Various artist release by SFH records titled "Dawn of the Antichrist."

"Dawn of the Antichrist" is the newest sampler compilation from SFH records. The CD hosts 13 bands including new material from Permafrost, Annihilation666 and many others...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

INTERVIEW: Open Season

This is an interview with legandary Aussie rockers Open Season courtesy of United & Pissed zine. We will continue to try and bring you interviews every Sunday here at Uprise Direct. Some of the interviews lined up for the near future include: Arghoslent, PC records, Blood Order Co. and others, so keep checking back. The original version of this interview as well as other great ones, with United & Pissed, are available HERE.

Open Season, in my eyes, is one of the classic bands. There is not a lot of documentation about your band’s history. Normally the “give your band history question” is typical and boring. In this situation I think it is appropriate. Introduce yourself and your role in the band. What years was OS active and when did you officially disband?
My name is Jim and I play bass and now sing as well in the band, Open Season were formed at the end of 88 early 89 and stopped playing 91. Frontline Fighters was the only album that we recorded, though we did record an ep worth of extra songs and appeared on several compilations and a split single with Legion 88, Who knows there could be other bootlegs out there hahaha. The band had several members over it's time together and now there are only 2 remaining original members Hilly and myself. The original line up was Hilly, Anna and myself, Later our friend Gary joined the band on vocals, he was replaced after one show by Dave and Anna left and was replaced by Russell (sticks) Scouse and Allan both played guitar in the band at different times. Our main influence at the time was Skrewdriver and Brutal Attack.We also listened to a lot of oi and metal. A lot of other R.A.C. bands were starting around the same time as us who we really liked Bound for Glory, Mid Town Boot Boys, No Remorse and Squadron. We had quite a few originals and did covers by Skrewdriver, No remorse, 4 skins, combat 84 etc. There was probably enough original songs for 2 albums by the time that we disbanded.

I understand that Kommando was an Open Season band. Please give us some details about that band. The only songs I have from that band were released as a split CD with Macht & Ehre. Is that the band’s only release?
Kommando was a side project that I started with some other guys. We recorded a couple of songs in the studio and some in my friends lounge room. I gave this tape to a few friends when I was living in England and I have no idea how this was released as a cd, I have never even heard the CD. The songs war and sick woman were recorded with one of my friends Tottenham Mark singing, the other tracks as I said were recorded in my friends lounge room with a drum machine, the vocals were recorded in the toilet for more echo and a lot of beer was consumed hahaha.. The songs were never really finished properly. Funnily enough the best songs that we recorded properly in the studio are not on that split cd, I think I am the only person with a copy of them. I'm sure if i gave them to anyone they would be released on a cd somewhere. Kommando only played one gig which was supporting Open Season.

Could you give us some history on the recording of the “Frontline Fighters” LP? How was that experience? Any interesting stories?
The recording of Frontline Fighters was only supposed to be a demo. This was recorded in a studio that a guy had built in his house in a posh sydney suburb. I don’t think he expected what we were going to play. At the time he had no problem with us, and we recorded the tracks over 2 Saturdays. However when we went back there a few months later to record the songs R.I.P. Devils Guard and Who Dares Wins, he let us know that he wouldn't record any sieg heiling as this had upset his neighbours terribly. Luckily the 3 songs mentioned didn't have any sieg heiling in them when they were written. It was good recording the songs and at the time we were really excited as we had never recorded anything properly before. But like I said this was recorded only as a demo, we thought we would go back in again and record them and spend a bit more time doing each song. We were stoked when we heard that Rebelles wanted to put it straight out as an album. At the time none of us had any experience in recording, we barely knew how to play our instruments haha. It's a pity because the album would have been a lot better. The tapes would have been finalized here and the opportunity to adjust them would not have happened..
Upon the first listen of “Frontline Fighters”, the lyrics immediately pop out as being extremely “in your face”. Was that the goal at that time?
Our plan when we started the group was to be a true White Power Skinhead band that we would like to see. I was writing the lyrics from things that we were noticing were happening around us at the time. We were quite open and in your face in our beliefs back then, wherever we went people knew we were NS skinheads. We were the first extreme right wing skinhead band in sydney. At the time no one out side of the skinhead / punk scene had heard of R.A.C. but every now and then there would be news reports on racist skinheads running amok through Europe and the US. The press then got onto us as well and we started getting some mention on TV and in the newspapers.
Also could you tell us about the difference between the vinyl version Rebelles Europeens released and NS Records’ ( Denmark ) CD version? On the vinyl, only the vocals and drums can be heard. On the CD you can actually hear the guitars. Was there a mistake in the studio mix or was it an error by the record label?
Haha you have noticed, when we received the albums from Rebelles and put them on we could not believe what they had done to the mix, we still have our copies of our original mixes and they were really good. Apparently though when the tapes were going for pressing in europe the people who were doing it were appalled at the lyrics and did not want to be associated with it at all. The mix was sabotaged and the result is the vinyl version of the album.

Speaking of Rebelles Europeens, how was it working with them?
We didn't really have much contact with them. I do thank them for the support that they did give us by releasing our album.

On your cover of No Remorse’s “Blood Sucker” it is said “one day the world will know that Bruce Ruxton was right”. For those who are not familiar, could you give some insight on him?
Bruce Ruxton was the president of the RSL (Returned Sevices League) this is a nation wide club that supports veterans. They do a lot of good for ex servicemen. At the time of recording the album was when Mandella was released from gaol. Desmond Tutu was very outspoken at the time and was coming to Australia, Bruce was the only person that publicly spoke out against this black terrorist coming to Australia and openly called him a witch doctor. Bruce was massacred by the press for his views as one is who has the balls to speak out openly about non whites or the chosen race.
The last material I bought from your band was around 1998. It was the split 7” with Legion 88. To my knowledge, OS was already broken up during that time. Were you aware of that record or was it a bootleg? Also, the songs that appear, are they from the same recording session as “Frontline Fighters”?
Hilly and myself were speaking about this not that long ago, we have no idea how this was released, same as the kommando songs someone got hold of them and released them. As per an earlier question these songs were recorded at a later session and not the ff recordings. A friend of mine in England actually sent me the single. It seems that if somebody has a tape that they can now turn it into a cd/album whatever.

What about your gig history? Back in the band’s previous history did you play often in your native Australia ? Did you ever have a chance to play elsewhere?
We used to play fairly often back then at least probably once a month. We only played in Australia but played gigs in Sydeney, Melbourne and Canberra regularly. There was a small scene then and was gradually building, we used to play quite often with Phoenix Rising and White Lightning. In Sydney we had no trouble getting gigs, however in Melbourne it was slightly more difficult, however only the one time a venue cancelled us and that was when they threatened to be blown up if we played. We still played that night but in another venue.

So what have you been up to all these years? Are you still in contact with any of the original members of OS?
I still am in contact with Hilly and Anna but no one else, I lived in London for several years and played in some other bands that were not NS but they were nationalistic. We have got jobs and families that do take up a lot of our time, however we are hoping though now to play a couple of shows a year. Where we live there are a lot of old boys from the days when we used to play in Sydney, we all seem to have moved to the same area, with all these people the movement here could get rather large hopefully. We are looking at getting an annual show here.

With the band reformed, do you have some gigs lined up?
Oh yes we are playing the ISD (Australia) this year which will be fantastic, we are really looking forward to this. It was by going to ISD last year that the question was put to us to see if we would reform, We consider it an honour to be invited to play.

Do you plan on recording some new material? If so, can we expect the same straight forward lyrical approach?
Definitely I have been writing a lot of new music and lyrics and it is definitely in the same style. It would not be Open Seasom if it was not straight in your face. Hopefully we will have some new material available by the time of ISD and we are looking into recording that show properly.

I am glad your band is back playing music. Thanks for doing this interview. Final thoughts?
Yes thank you very much for giving us the time for this interview and we would like to thank all the people who have listened too and enjoyed the music over the years. Everyone who has talked to us about the band, sincerely it has been great. We also want to give a plug to 9% productions you can check them on the Blood and Honour Australia page. Keep an eye out on myspace for any new info on Open Season and when we are playing, If anyone has not heard us or does not have the album go to the page and we will give you the songs.
Also we are all aware of what is happening to our race, we all have to do something, As Ian Stuart said join something find what is best for you, but just do something. We can all sit back and do nothing but think of our children and there children and what they will have to face in the future. Thanks WPWW. OS88

Thursday, June 11, 2009

IN REVIEW: Last Battalion, Deaths Head, Hate For Breakfast / SPQR

Last Battalion: Where Do We Go From Here

(2004 Resistance Records)

If you're a fan of old school hardcore, with a thrash influence, then you may want to check these guys out if you overlooked them in the past. The CD sounds like something that came out of the early 80's with up to date sociopolitical observations and NS themed lyrics. ~Steve Skam

01- Face The Facts
02- The Aftermath
03- (Where Do We Go From Here?)
04- Ask No Questions, Told No Lies
05- Who Are They?
06- Lost Treasures
07- Our Blood
08- Fantasy's Reality
09- Pay The Price
10- The End Of Another Day
11- Only You

Deaths Head: Kriegslied
(2008 BHS Services)

Pretty interesting & awesome NS metal release from one of Australia's most dominating bands in the movement. What seperates this CD from the other Deaths Head releases, is that this is a concept album that plays like a biography of the Third Reich. Good stuff all the way around and cheers to the DH guys for coming up with something original. ~Steve Skam

01- Sundered
02- First Blood
03- A Nation Reborn
04- Blitzkreig
05- The Red Menace
06- The Leaders Fall
07- Red Rag Over Reichstag
08- Assembly Line Death
09- Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Forever

Hate For Breakfast & SPQR: Play Hardcore Or Die
(2007 EDA Propaganda)

Rad split album from HFB & SPQR of Italy, proving once again the land thats shaped like a boot is one of the leading contributers of NSHC. "Fascist & furious" old school hardcore sung mostly in Italian, with a Judge cover thrown in for good measures. ~Steve Skam

01- Tsunami
02- Mors tua, Vita Mea
03- Lo spirito del '22
04- Belli Come La Vita. Neri Come La Morte
05- Alba (Bete et Mechant cover)
01- Scassina Entra Barrica
02- Donna Cesso
03- Occhio Non Vede Cuore Non Duole
04- Tremino Gli Infami I Traditori E Le Spie
05. New York Crew (Judge cover)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rick's Pick: Shutdown - Pray For War

My pick for this week is for the Shutdown CD, "Pray For War." This is an excellent metal/ rock album with lyrics that read like a Jack London novel; with songs about war, survival, government oppression, etc...

[Editor's note:] It's coincidental Rick chose this album for this week's pick as not too long ago I heard a great story about this release. Honestly, I am often very skeptical about putting such rumors up on Uprise Direct, but this is truly interesting and so dated I imagine it doesn't matter at all much anymore if it is true. It would be great to get some confirmation either way...

The supposed story behind this specific production is that a [video] gaming company was looking for a metal band to record the soundtrack to an upcoming, soon to be very popular, first person shooter video game. Apparently a friend to Scott, and the guys in Bully Boys, were put in contact with the company. To which the band was given a rather large budget to record the album. However, soon after recording the music the gaming company learned of the band's affiliations and politics and decided to terminate the band as the official soundtrack musicians. In an effort on the gaming company's part to keep things from ruining the video games anticipated release, they cut the loses and told the band to keep the recording monies, thus providing this great album.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Burning Hate, Shed No Tears, Voice of Justice

Burning Hate of Bayern, Germany have reportedly begun work on the newest release to follow the album "This Is the End of Our Days," on Freiheits Klänge records in 2008. There is currently no other available information regarding the sophmore release other than a sample from a rehearsal online HERE.

From Leipzig Germany, long time band Odessa has decided to change their name to Shed No Tears. Over the time members have come come and went so the band felt it time to change the name as styles have shifted. Shed No Tears has been featured on the PC records solidarity sampler previously, but has now released their debut with PC titled "Organized Noise."

The CD features 11 tracks (10 songs), two English and with the rest in German, which comes in at about 40 minutes total.

We had reported that Voice of Justice of Hungary had parted ways with their original vocalist in April. Apparently, the vocalist of Mutilated Truth has decided to fill in the position to which they have recorded and released a sample of the material featuring the new vocals. "Suicide in Slow Motion" is available to check out at HERE. The expected debut is quoted as to possibly "be one of most interesting NSHC CD of this year."

Saturday, June 6, 2009

INTERVIEW: Javi of Dramatic Battle: The Band (Part 2 of 2)

The 2nd part of the two piece interview with Javi from the popular Spanish band Dramatic Battle. [Part 2 0f 2]
Javi, you gave us quite an in depth history of the Spanish scene how about more specifically your band Dramatic Battle?
In Dramatic Battle we play a style which is very popular among Spanish nationalist scene, playing a classic blend of Oi / RAC in the vein of bands such as Skrewdriver, Combat 84, English Rose, Freikorps, Endstufe, etc... The band was formed about 2000 or so. The vocalist, after recording a low-quality demo tape entitled "Violencia Nocturna" (Nocturnal Violence) by himself; got a regular line-up together some time later and recorded the mini-CD "Terroristas."

"Terroristas" included 4 songs which became very well-known all over the Spanish nationalist scene. Later the band recorded a split with Depresion (Spanish streetpunk band) which got the band a bit better known abroad.

About two years ago, the band recorded a 4 track mini-CD called "La vida en un pacifico nuevo mundo..." (Life in a new pacific world...) ironically making fun of a Jehovah’s Witnesses leaflet talking about "peace and love between races all over the world" This was recorded under the name Dramatic Battle (to avoid hate laws here). The 4 songs included have become anthems among Spanish nationalists since the lyrics, full of irony and humour, are more direct and deal with social/political problems. Again, the band suffered line-up changes and added a new member, me. We then started to play on a regular basis all around Spain.

Honestly though, the band started as an apolitical patriotic Oi band. Later on, the original member, and founder, took the a path towards nationalism. He was sick of the politically correct Oi scene and left-wing infiltration. Then when I joined the band (being into the RAC scene for many years) Dramatic Battle turned into a true RAC band...

Up to this point we have played with bands such as Estirpe Imperial (ES), Zetazeroalfa (IT), Brigada 1238 (ES), Mas Que Palabras (ES), Retaguardia (ES), Frakass (FR), Blue Max (DE), Aufbruch (DE), Guarda de Honra (PT).

What was it that influenced the band to change heart and follow nationalist RAC direction?
As I said before, the singer-guitarist was into patriotism but not in a strictly political point of view. He was fed up with left-wing infiltration into Oi scene and the numerous self-proclaimed Oi bands formed by SHARPs and Redskins and his views about immigration, crime, race, patriotism were not well received by the liberals and left-wingers. He also drew influences mainly from patriotic Oi and RAC bands, which was not politically correct for apolitical skinheads.

The fact is that he really didn't change his heart but took a determination and choose a side since it was nearly impossible to sit on the fence and watch things pass by. I guess it’s pretty similar with the situation of bands such as The Unruly, Hated & Proud and Empire Falls...

On the demo, there’s a song about being proud of your nation. On the 1st mini CD “Terroristas”, the title song is against terrorism, especially the Marxist one from ETA, and demands the death penalty. Another song, ‘El fin del Paraiso’, is a bitter mourning about our nation and calls for its rebirth; ridding if of all the scum who rot it's integritity.

A funny incident happened, before I had even joined yet, when the band was asked to play in Italy with non-political band Prima Linea. It was a huge concert including many different bands from punk to metal. The band showed up and after playing several songs, suddenly started to play Skrewdriver's "Boots & Braces." which promted some people from the public to whine and complain. The organizer and singer from Prima Linea told the band not to play that song and the band decided to leave the event altogether. While performing, the band played with a Spanish flag bearing the double-headed eagle; a clear nationalist symbol. The truth is that they really pissed-off many people there!

Funny thing actually, some time ago I was talking with an Italian girl and she said she was at that gig that night, and she remembered the drunken Spanish band, displaying the nationalist flag and playing the Skrewdriver cover!

What has happened to the fans of Dramatic Battle who were fans before your direction change, have they followed?
Well, many people liked the band (from left-wing to nationalism), especially non political skinheads… but to be honest, most of the followers came from nationalist scene due to the patriotic feelings on the songs. Here in Spain if a band states they’re patriotic they’re immediately labeled as fascists or bigots. So...the founder of the band got sick and thought it was a logical evolution to head towards nationalism

Right now, our followers are strictly nationalist people...but believe me, non political skinheads still enjoy our music!

Are you or any of your band mates involved in additional bands?
Not now… about ten years ago I tried to play bass guitar in a well-known Spanish RAC band but the truth is that I was a bad musician at that time. I’m not much better though now. Several years later I sang in a live-project called Reyerta (Brawl) with members of other RAC bands and we played only Oi / RAC covers. Our second guitarist used to play in an Oi / punk band but he also got sick of average Oi scene and joined Dramatic Battle…

What is in the future for Dramatic Battle, any new releases in the works?
Actually yeah. We've got some new stuff and we’ll probably start recording soon. I guess we're going to release a new mini-CD, with 4 or 5 songs. A full length album is quite difficult to distribute; due in part to bootlegging and such. We don’t want to spend money to have tons of CDs stay in our practice room. We think it’s better to release mini-CD which is cheaper and easier to distribute.

You've played shows with with quite a list of bands, which was your favorite? Who is the biggest act you have had the chance to share the supporting stage with?
Before I joined the band they were a trio...they played a show in a little village during the local town celebration. A comrade talked with the mayoress (who was from a left-wing party) and she allowed the gig not knowing it was a patriotic band. The band showed up with 50 skinheads and nationalists with only a dozen locals in the village main square. They played about 12 songs. The mayoress' only complaint was the imperial Spanish flag, with a double-headed eagle, which the band played behind. Eventually the police showed up and stopped the gig, doing so without any violence, since it was a bit late for a live show. [laughs]

We really enjoyed the one show we played with Estirpe Imperial in Barcelona at an infamous biker clubhouse. It was a private show to honor a friend, and my first gig with DB! Our show with Kill Baby Kill was funny too since it was held in a ruined warehouse with only a half of a roof. KBK were really shocked about it, you know, it was a bit strange!

We once played in Asturia for a private party which was really a chaotic show . The drummer and guitarist were drunk as fuck and the singer lost his voice during the 5th song! To which the public sang the rest of the songs while we played… believe me, it was great!

The biggest gig we played was in Madrid honoring Ramiro Ledesma Ramos (founder of the 1st Spanish fascist party, JONS) together with Territorio Salduba, Brigada 1238 and Zetazeroalfa (during their European tour; be sure to check out their DVD); there were about 500 people and we really had a good time.

Italia is often looked at as a leader in nationalist actions with groups such as VFS, Casa Pound and many others, is there any influence from the Italian scene in Spain?
Of course, during 70’s and 80’s there were several political groups resembling Italian ones such as Frente de la Juventud (like Italian Fronte della Gioventu), Bases Autonomas (very similar to Italian NR groups), Vanguardia Nacional Revolucionaria and some others…

For some years there’s a party called MSR (Social-Republican Movement) which was founded after Italian nationalist parties such as MSI (Social Italian Movement) and whose ideology is National Revolutionary in a very European way. Right now there is a young party called MPS (Patriotic Socialist Movement) whose ideology is also National Revolutionary and take its influences directly from Casa Pound and Fiamma Tricolore.

The marches and meetings from Spanish groups are very similar to Italian ones and their social-political actions are very good examples for us. There were attempts to create an established Skinhead organization such as VFS but the government always arrested the organizers and disbanded the groups. There is a Spanish branch, in Madrid, of the Italian Radio Bandiera Nera which broadcasts every Thursday from 22:00 to 00:00 on RBN dial.

As far as music, bands such as Division 250 claim influences from Peggior Amico or Plastic Surgery (covering their famous song “Rivolta,” which later was re-discovered by many European nationalists, especially in Germany...bands such as Radikahl have also covered the song in German) or Rebelion and Seccion de Asalto show up as Italian influences.

Axis Mundi and Mara Ros are also strongly influenced by Italian songwriters, musically and lyrically. The fact is that Italy always has been a good role model for Spanish nationalist scene; of course there are always local additions.

Any last words you would like to share?
Thanks a lot for giving us the chance to be included on your web zine. to everyone, try our music and we're sure you’ll enjoy!

Greetings to all our friends and comrades in Spain, Europe and the USA. Oi! It’s a working class protest! We’re Iberian and brutal!

All the best mate, keep in contact and thanks for the interview.

[Part 2 of 2]

Friday, June 5, 2009

This Month's Featured Artist: Brutal Attack

One doesn't have to ponder long as to why this band is our featured artist of the month, in fact I am sure some people would argue that they should be the featured artist every month, Ken McLellan and Brutal attack have managed to create a legacy to last the ages. In which we wish to acknowledge with our small tribute as the Uprise Direct featured artist.

With over a quarter century of music, Ken has been able to carry a torch and bring light to so many hearts, regardless of age or location. With over 20 separate releases and countless projects Ken has done a great job in continuing to provide his fans with top notch material. In fact he currently boasts yet another recent addition to the bands' long discography; "The Real Deal," released earlier this year.

So in ending, thank you for everything.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

IN REVIEW: BHS Crew, Total War & English Rose

BHS Crew: V/A
(2008 BHS Service)

Very solid and hard hitting compilation album from several Hungarian bands such as Feher Torveny, Tar Had, Pushing Onwards, and Bombs Not Food (being the standouts), amongst a few other up and coming bands. If you like hardcore / metalcore and good covers of classic songs, then pick this up. ~Steve Skam
01- Ars Militaria - Martyrdom
02- Csontfej - Varosi Hadviseles (Plunder and Pillage cover)
03- Csontfej - 14 szo
04- A.N.V. - Haboru
05- A.N.V. - Az arulo bere
06- Tar Had - Honnan jottek ok
07- Tar Had - SHARP (Project Vandal cover)
08- Tar Had - Odin es Thor
09- Pushing Onwards - Porba hullik
10- Pushing Onwards - Media valyu
11- Pushing Onwards - Nature is fighting back (PoR)
12- Feher Torveny - BHS Crew (Blitz cover)
13- Feher Torveny - R.A.C.
14- Agressziv Fellepes - Szolgalunk es vedunk...
15- Agressziv fellepes - Kell, hogy erezd
16- Bombs not food - Szelessavu baloldal
17- Bombs Not Food- Bombs Not Food
18. Bombs not food - Stevie Wonder (Szappangyar cover)
19. Heldentod - Vision of a higher existence
20. Full Metal Jacket - Szavazz
21. Full Metal Jacket - Pribek

Total War: This Is Defiance
(2008 Arisches Reich production)

Great straight edge, old school hardcore hailing from Detroit. This album starts out strong and keeps the momentum up, until the very end. My personal favorite tracks are "KYLDD" & "Death Of A Nation". ~Steve Skam
01 - Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave
02 -Death Of A Nation
03 -Worthless
04 -France
05 -Kill Your Local Drug Dealer
06 -Kill Everyone In H.W.
07 -Hatred Is My Life
08 -Path Of Cowardice
09 -I Will Find You
10 -To think of you

English Rose: The White Album (Punk As Fuck)
(2007 Rampage productions)

An intense and vulgar display of punk fuckin' rock from one of England's best. The standout tracks for me are "Fuck 'em all", "My life, My fate", and my personal favorite "You Make Me Smile." The later song boasts the lyrics "Antifa Ha Ha Ha," and creating a rather addictive tune.

Compared to their last release, the Goodnight Left Side split with Kill Baby Kill, it seems they abandoned the classic RAC sound and went for more of a balls to the wall punk sound; which works very well for them. If you like your RAC loud and heavily influenced with punk this is most definitely the album for you. ~Steve Skam
01- Bastards (A.C.A.B.)
02- Always outnumbered, never outgunned
03- For freedom we will fight
04- Our flags of war
05- I don't need ist - I don't want it
06- You make me smile
07- No good, dirty scum
08- I remember you all
09- You won't kill our spirit
10- Show some pride
11- Fuck 'em all
12- My life - my fate

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rick's Pick: Racial Purity

This week`s pick is another death metal band, Racial Purity from Germany. I don`t know how many people are familiar with this band but if you are into death metal you need to pick up their CDs.

Their debut was a demo CD released on PC records titled "Last Days Of Humanity," even though it is labeled a demo, it included 8 tracks of top notch screaming and guttural death. The band has since contributed 6 tracks on the One Family Part 1 split. I can`t say enough how good these guys are!

Check them out HERE.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Ultra Sur, Bully Boys, Bad Fate and Blind Justice, Buldok, Against Music Industry, X.x.X., Wiege des Schicksals

Out now at Label 56 is the latest release by Argentinian rockers Ultra Sur. The CD, titled "'Nacido Para Ser Skin," is 11 tracks of Oi / rock that is said to be some of the bands best work.

The newest Bully Boys release, due out on PC records, is titled "Be Careful What You Wish For." Recording for the album were finished in April and the CD is set for release by the end of the summer.

SFH records is announced the release of the both Italian bands Bad Fate and Blind Justice's newest CDs onto one LP. The Vinyl release will contain both "Bite Back" & "That's Not For You" and will be limited to 320 hand numbered pressings. 100 in white 220 in black.

Coming soon on OPOS records is debut CD of A.M.I. (Against Music Industry), which is a side project from Confident Of Victory. I anticipate checking this release out as I feel the COV release was greatly underrated.

Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede is proud to announce their latest release by Buldok titled "Fire and Ice." This CD had been recorded 10 years ago but never made it to production, until now. The CD will include 14 songs, all sung in English, and new artwork.

Out now on PC records is the newest release from long time running band X.x.X., titled "Virus." The release is 13 tracks and come in at about an hour. There is also a limited edition (300 pieces) which includes a tee shirt, button sticker and lanyard of the band.

According to PC records, the special edition package are quite popular purchases and are only avaible while supplies last...

Also out on PC records is the debut release from the young band Wiege des Schicksals, titled "Die Wende naht."