Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rick's Pick: Shutdown - Pray For War

My pick for this week is for the Shutdown CD, "Pray For War." This is an excellent metal/ rock album with lyrics that read like a Jack London novel; with songs about war, survival, government oppression, etc...

[Editor's note:] It's coincidental Rick chose this album for this week's pick as not too long ago I heard a great story about this release. Honestly, I am often very skeptical about putting such rumors up on Uprise Direct, but this is truly interesting and so dated I imagine it doesn't matter at all much anymore if it is true. It would be great to get some confirmation either way...

The supposed story behind this specific production is that a [video] gaming company was looking for a metal band to record the soundtrack to an upcoming, soon to be very popular, first person shooter video game. Apparently a friend to Scott, and the guys in Bully Boys, were put in contact with the company. To which the band was given a rather large budget to record the album. However, soon after recording the music the gaming company learned of the band's affiliations and politics and decided to terminate the band as the official soundtrack musicians. In an effort on the gaming company's part to keep things from ruining the video games anticipated release, they cut the loses and told the band to keep the recording monies, thus providing this great album.

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