Friday, June 26, 2009

IN REVIEW: Sedition, Global Infected, Force Fed Hate

Sedition: Lies From Lies
( 1999 Tri-State Terror records)

One of the most underrated albums (and bands) of all time in my opinion. The album begins brutally and continues by exposing the truth, shedding light on current problems we collectively face. An intellegent and excellent addition vocally from Drew of Blue Eyed Devils. Definitely recommended for fans of B.E.D. & Teardown fans. ~Steve Skam
01- Underground
02- Dead End
03- Of The Cloth
04- Lies From Lies
05- Charity
06- Shit Talker
07- Empire
08- Hide
09- Vigilance

Global Infection: Globale Infektion
(2007 Beer 4 War records)

Usually, I don't knock any album, but this one has to single-handedly the biggest disappointment ever. It starts off having you wonder where it's going and I think that that's the vibe which continues throughout the whole album. Complete trash not worth the plastic it's printed on. ~Steve Skam
01- Jeder Tag
02- Globale Infektion
03- Suicide
04- The Greedy Eye
05- Nothing But Hate
06- Die Natur Am Ende
07- Die Vertreibung
08- Im Virus Gefangen
09- My Challenge
10- Manipulation
11- Grossvater (Bonus)

Force Fed Hate: Send Them Back
(2003 North X records)

Awesome, in your face, hardcore; that pulls no punches and speaks about the harsh realities of life. Aside from the obivious use of a drummachine, this album delivers the goods and holds it's replay value. Worth picking up if you overlooked it in the past. ~Steve Skam
01- Decline
02- Stikeback
03- Some Way Some How
04- I Hate You
05- It's In The Air
06- Onward We March
07- Heroes
08- What's left
09- Dead Man Walking
10- Survive
11- In Hate We Trust
12- Here I Stand
13- Classless
14= Another Day In Hell

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