Thursday, June 4, 2009

IN REVIEW: BHS Crew, Total War & English Rose

BHS Crew: V/A
(2008 BHS Service)

Very solid and hard hitting compilation album from several Hungarian bands such as Feher Torveny, Tar Had, Pushing Onwards, and Bombs Not Food (being the standouts), amongst a few other up and coming bands. If you like hardcore / metalcore and good covers of classic songs, then pick this up. ~Steve Skam
01- Ars Militaria - Martyrdom
02- Csontfej - Varosi Hadviseles (Plunder and Pillage cover)
03- Csontfej - 14 szo
04- A.N.V. - Haboru
05- A.N.V. - Az arulo bere
06- Tar Had - Honnan jottek ok
07- Tar Had - SHARP (Project Vandal cover)
08- Tar Had - Odin es Thor
09- Pushing Onwards - Porba hullik
10- Pushing Onwards - Media valyu
11- Pushing Onwards - Nature is fighting back (PoR)
12- Feher Torveny - BHS Crew (Blitz cover)
13- Feher Torveny - R.A.C.
14- Agressziv Fellepes - Szolgalunk es vedunk...
15- Agressziv fellepes - Kell, hogy erezd
16- Bombs not food - Szelessavu baloldal
17- Bombs Not Food- Bombs Not Food
18. Bombs not food - Stevie Wonder (Szappangyar cover)
19. Heldentod - Vision of a higher existence
20. Full Metal Jacket - Szavazz
21. Full Metal Jacket - Pribek

Total War: This Is Defiance
(2008 Arisches Reich production)

Great straight edge, old school hardcore hailing from Detroit. This album starts out strong and keeps the momentum up, until the very end. My personal favorite tracks are "KYLDD" & "Death Of A Nation". ~Steve Skam
01 - Land Of The Weak, Home Of The Slave
02 -Death Of A Nation
03 -Worthless
04 -France
05 -Kill Your Local Drug Dealer
06 -Kill Everyone In H.W.
07 -Hatred Is My Life
08 -Path Of Cowardice
09 -I Will Find You
10 -To think of you

English Rose: The White Album (Punk As Fuck)
(2007 Rampage productions)

An intense and vulgar display of punk fuckin' rock from one of England's best. The standout tracks for me are "Fuck 'em all", "My life, My fate", and my personal favorite "You Make Me Smile." The later song boasts the lyrics "Antifa Ha Ha Ha," and creating a rather addictive tune.

Compared to their last release, the Goodnight Left Side split with Kill Baby Kill, it seems they abandoned the classic RAC sound and went for more of a balls to the wall punk sound; which works very well for them. If you like your RAC loud and heavily influenced with punk this is most definitely the album for you. ~Steve Skam
01- Bastards (A.C.A.B.)
02- Always outnumbered, never outgunned
03- For freedom we will fight
04- Our flags of war
05- I don't need ist - I don't want it
06- You make me smile
07- No good, dirty scum
08- I remember you all
09- You won't kill our spirit
10- Show some pride
11- Fuck 'em all
12- My life - my fate

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