Friday, December 27, 2013

Heldentod - Dawn

Hungarian NSBM band Heldentod will have their new cd released in early 2014. Samples below

Hungarian Voice Magazine Free Download

As an end of year treat, Hungarian Voice has made a download link for the first four issues of their print magazine. For info on each issue and to download use their link here

Sunday, December 15, 2013

I Stand With Golden Dawn

A new compilation in support of Golden Dawn is in the works. Bands from all over the world will be contributing tracks

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Requiem For A Dream

This song has been written to tribute the memory of the Greek comrades killed the 1st of November.

Was a warm November Friday,
we'd bet an ordinary one,
hard work to fulfill in the morning
before meeting the comrades when the sun goes down

It is known that times are not being easy
but we would never supposed that hard
the noisy street turned into silence
after two shots deafned tho lives.

You've stolen two lives, didn't win the war,
you took two hearts, but their souls are with us.
You've stolen two lives, didn't win the war,
you killed two brave men, but the struggle lives on.

And from now a thousand candles
will light them the path to eternity
and to us will be the guide
to find the road to victory

Pure blood will never be spilled in vain
it will feed the soil for a new European dawn
the noisy street turned into silence
after two shots deafned two lives.

Torna Il Natale!

Painful Life / Mortuary - Unleash the Beast Split (Album Snippet)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Empire Falls- Black Helicopters

Long running US hardcore band Empire Falls have a new cd out from the Hatecore Store. The new cd- Black Helicopters has 11 tracks and is limited to 550 copies

Stahlgewitter -Stählerne Romantik & Das Hohelied der Herkunft

 Also out now on PC Records are two new cd`s from Stahlgewitter! Their full length titled Das Hohelied der Herkunft contains almost an hour of music and comes with a 20 page booklet. Their mini cd titled Stählerne Romantik was released to coincide with the full length and has almost a half hour of music. This cd also comes with a 20 page booklet. Sound samples here and here

Lunikoff & der Baron - Treudeutsch Allwege!

One of the new releases out now on PC Records sees Lunikoff teaming up with The Baron for a new cd filled with 12 songs, melodic and catchy with Lunikoff`s unmistakable voice. The cd also comes with a 24 page booklet with lots of extras. Sound sample here

Brainwash- Time To Act LP

Berserker Vol. 3

At long last is the new edition in the popular Berserker compilations. This new cd is released by Heimdall Versand and features over 70 minutes of music. Bands featured are Weisse Wölfe, Sleipnir, Strafmass, Old School Wankers, Liedermacher Wecki, Sturmrebellen, Pride and Pain (Griechenland), RKR, Integrationshelfer, Nordic Wrath and Graham von Avalon with 2 live tracks

CCCP Fedeli alla Linea- Ortodossia III (Tribute)

3 song Italian NSHC Tribute to CCCP. This release features the 3 songs debuted on CCCP`s Ortodossia release covered by Hate For Breakfast, Bad Fate and Still Burnin Youth. 100 copies pressed on 7" black vinyl with an oversize cover and original artwork. Available now from Black Shirts Records