Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Martial/ Infantry Split

A split cd is out now featuring American cult punk band Infantry and Polish/ American black metal band Martial. There are 11 new tracks from each band and it has been released by Strong Survive Records

Honor Double Cd

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Label 56 Indie Radio 2: 5/27/12

Listen Here

This is the second edition of the Label 56 Indie Radio Show. The show opens up with some discussion on the show format, a quick mention about our street teams, and also the delay in the US music scene show. A pretty good introduction to the pick of the week- Ultima Thule is then discussed leading up to the first song of the show.

From there we go into some of the upcoming release news and play some promo songs. Followed by that are two lengthy music blocks with a short intro for each. As always check our at www.label56.com for more info on our record label as well as any of these bands

Track List:
01. Hel/ Ultima Thule- Valkyriors Dom
02. LSHP
03. Hussar- Father War
04. Henry 8th feat. MCD- Merchant Of Death
05. Eternal Bleeding- Right Doors Have Only One Entry
06. Kill Baby, Kill!- Diversity
07. Tribute To Kreuzfeuer: Deathskull- Aufrecht Sterben
08. Spreegeschwader- Die Presse Lugt
09. Russkiy Styag- Назло врагам (Despite The Enemy)
10. Voice Of Justice- Suicide In Slow Motion
11. Honour Your Blood- The Sound Of The Horn
12. Olaf Jasinski- Stay Strong Brother
13. Selbstmord- Ultracony Glod
14. Eternal Pride- Walk With Us
15. Sturmkaiser- We Are Storm And Legion Of Beast

Ultima Thule- Frihetssång

Below is a new video from Ultima Thule for the song Frihetssang. Frihetssång was originally released on the fund raising compilation Genom eld och aska in the year 2000 and the best of compilation Folkets röst vol. 2 in 2007. This is a new version, recorded during april/may 2012 with guest vocals by Bruno and AnnaKarin.

The band has also decided it`s time to call it quits after 30 long years of making music. You can read their entire statement on their website here 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Defiance Magazine: New Website

Defiance Magazine appeared online maybe 2 -3 years ago and they have made a name for themselves with some excellent interviews with many bands and people involved in our cog wheel of music, media and more. They recently did a short upgrade to their site and have also posted several new interviews (which also includes an interview with Label 56 :) ). View their new website here. Statement as posted about their new design below-

The web needed the major re-doing so here we go. Still it’s not perfect, and there are some things still in progress, but at least – and for a time – we have web which we are quite satisfied with. As you can see, there is one fundamental and important change. I really wanted to print the 4th issue of Defiance and finally to give you a real magazine – not gonna happen, unfortunately, well…at least not now. We have discarded the PDF netmag for a while, the reason is – we cant get all the stuff in time :( people are busy, we are busy, there is always something. So its gonna be a webmag... DEFIANCE webmagazine... welcome.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Ungebetene Gäste - Anstoß

Just in time for the European Football Championship comes a new release from the "Uninvited Guests". This collaboration cd will feature 4 songs + intro presented in street rock style with a total length of about 15 minutes. This will be released by Front Records

Friday, May 11, 2012

Label 56 Indie Radio : Episode 1

The very first episode of Label 56`s Indie Radio Show is online now!
Listen Here

The show opens with a song from Will To Survive- the Label 56 pick of the week. Then some discussion about the latest goings on in our music scene including the new releases from Bombs Away and Spirit of the Patriot as well as the excellent new release from Moshpit.

The Greek music scene is discussed which includes talk about our upcoming interview with Kostas who writes for the Terra Patria music blog as well as his musical projects. Their music scene is then highlighted with a 3 song music block.

Afterwards the show is closed out simply enough with some really good music...

Track List:
01. Will To Survive - Our Lives
02. Moshpit - We Carry The Heart
03. Bombs Away - $6
04. Spirit Of The Patriot - NWO
05. Straightline - Walking The Straightline
06. Pride & Pain - Στο Κάλεσμα Τους (In Their Call)
07. Filopatria - Molon Lave
08. Black September - Lord`s Beauty
09. Pure Hate - Stay Alive
10. Tribute To Totenkopf: Choc Frontal- Football song
11. Empire Falls - The Time Is Now
12. Xenophobe- Xenophobe (Demo Version)
13. Still Burnin Youth - Diritto Allo Schiavismo
14. Njord - For Alltid Patriot

Vérszerződés - Straight, Proud, and True

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ofensywa - Robotnicza Krew

The new cd from Ofensywa is due out May 12 from Nadsat Productions and will be limited to 400 copies. More info as well as mp3`s posted here

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DJ Josse & DJ Sergi

Two well known artists in the HHard Bass/ electro scene have their latest tracks available for free download

DJ-Josse - El Ultimo Emperador Romano

01. Il Duce (1922) (21:22)

Free Download Here
DJ Sergi - ¡Pinchando por España!

01. Temazos Hard Techno, volume 1 (29:52)
02. Temazos Revival, volume 1 (37:09)

Free Download Here

Monday, May 7, 2012

Label 56 Pick Of The Week: Will To Survive

Pick Of The Week 5/6/12: Will To Survive 

With all of the new bands coming out today in the hardcore/ metal arena I wanted to make sure one specifically did not get overlooked. Last year Will To Survive had an excellent 3 song ep released by OPOS Records. This is an “alternative” hardcore band and I would describe it as Eternal Bleeding meets Second Class Citizen. There is a rather diverse sound on this cd with tempo changes from melodic (dare I say emo influenced) to heavy, with clean and harsh (yet not too harsh) vocals both backing each other at times. A great introduction to this band and one of the top released recently. I hope to hear more from these guys soon. Recommended for fans of Eternal Bleeding, Second Class Citizen, Moshpit, etc

Track List, ordering and mp3`s can be found on our site here. Main Page Here

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Homo Superior Mag Vol. 1

Poland Gols Vol. 2

Olifant Records will be releasing a new compilation cd for the 2012 European Football Championship. This cd will be limited to 500 copies. A 200 copy limited edition 7" vinyl containing 2 tracks from this cd will also be available- 100 black and 100 white copies. This is all due out May 15th. You can reserve your copy now by emailing olifant@home.pl

Cd Track List:
01. Contra Boys - "8 June"
02. All Bandits - "Just Win"
03. The Gits - "From now on eagles'
04. The Junkers - "The Price of Victory"
05. The Sandals - "Euro 2012"
06. From Tomorrow - "White Reds"
07. Skunx - "The eagle on the breast"
08. IVC - "stadium"
09. Relief - "Today Poland plays"
10. Dewastartors - "Hey! Poland Goal!"
11. Choirak and Heroi - "Euro 12"
12. Contra Boys - "This time"
13. Brat - "Euro"

Lunikoff- Vermindert Schuldfahig

Out soon on WB Versand is the new solo cd from Lunikoff titled Vermindert Schuldfahig

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Stormer Zine Isuue 11

The Stormer zine Issue 11.
Price 3,50 euro plus postage.
Bands, Labels interested in taking part in issue 12 get in touch: stormer18@gmail.com

Presumption Of Innocence- Guilty

After releasing a professional demo-CD a few years back, Russian hardcore band Presumption Of Innocence have their new full length cd ‘You’re Guilty’ out now on Last Round Records. This is a band that features members of Antisystem on guitar and drums. A preview for their new cd is posted below. Cd limited to 500 copies.You can pick up their debut demo through the Label 56 store here

Blood & Honour Hellas Compilation