Thursday, September 26, 2013

Idle Hands- Speech Is Golden (Promo Song)

Posted here is a sample track from the new band Idle Hands. The song is titled Speech Is Golden. More info coming soon

Mind Terrorist - Blind At Heart (New Cd Promo)

This is the new song "Blind At Heart" from the upcoming album "Fragments Of Human Decay" (

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fear Rains Down- Still Not Dead

The new cd from Fear Rains Down will be out soon on OPOS Records. Promo tracks are posted now on soundcloud here

Green Arrows- One Life To Fight

Fight Tonight- In These Days (Vinyl)

[Last Page]- Sobriety X Hatred

Ukraine straight edge hardcore band [Last Page] have self released 11 new tracks which also include a YMM cover. They can be downloaded for free here

Iberian Wolves- Europa

More info on the band facebook page here

Antisystem- 1000 Year Slavery & 2 Minutes Warning- In Your Face

Out now on PC Records
German hardcore band 2 Minutes Warning are back with 12 new songs with musical styles ranging from metal to hardcore to beatdown hardcore. The cd also features guest vocals and songs are sung in English and German. The cd comes with a 20 page booklet and also available is a limited edition digi pack release which is limited to 500 copies. Sound samples here

Also out now on PC Records is the new cd from long running Russian RAC band Antistystem. There new cd has 12 new songs and comes with a 24 page booklet with lyrics in both English and Russian. Also available is a wooden collectors edition box which is limited to 73 copies. Sound samples here

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Freibad Grenadiere Vol.1 - Schlauchbootpiraten

Flip & Flop Records have released the Freibad Grenadiere Vol.1 cd titled Schlauchbootpiraten. The band is a rock/ ballads project of Sleipnir.  

Shoot on Sight - Правосудия Нет

Russian hardcore band Shoot On Sight have self released their new cd No Justice. 10 tracks total

Amalek & Nachtkult- Das Letzte Aufgebot

German and Polish NSBM bands Amalek & Nachtkult have teamed up for a split release. There are two songs from each band as well as an intro and outro. It has been released by IG Farben Produktion

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Caio - R.I.P.

Caio, Peggior Amico lead singer and Italian VFS co-founder.

On September 8th we left a Man and a Friend.

He who with his life gave us an example of loyalty , consistency and courage that have inspired generations of Lions.

He wanted to be at the front until his last breath going forward, to assault of last frontier.

He will remain forever in the hearts of those who, thanks to him, keep alive the ideals that in an auspicious day our paths joined.
R.I.P. Comrade!!!

Tors Vrede - Ave Victoria (förbokning)

Monday, September 2, 2013

Sound Of The Street Zine & Clockwork Radio

 The Sound of the Street is a new Italian Zine issued about every 4-5 months. There are 3 editions so far with more to come. This zine features info on the Italian Scene, band interviews, cd reviews, comics and more. They also a radio program which you can check out here

Ultima Frontiera- Anime Armate LP & CD

The Ultima Frontiera LP & CD combo is available from Black Shirts Records. This version has been remastered and has new graphics. It is limited to 500 copies: 250 Blue transparent / 250 Black
Also available are extremely limited copies of the ERROR edition as a double LP. This includes non destroyed copies of the first print (wrong tracklisting) plus either black or blue copies of the final second pressing. This edition will be available only at the 4 day CasaPound summit or else by preorder until September 10th.

Tribute to The Temple of Fullmoon