Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bandeira De Combate Tribute

Arcabuz Records will be releasing a tribute to Brazilian band Bandeira De Combate. The cd will feature 14 songs total split between Smart Violence & Hammerstroke, Tar Had, Malnatt, Lemovice and The Bully Boys

Nessuna Resa / Dr. Martins - Split 7"

 Promo posted now for the split 7" between Nessuna Resa and Dr. Martins. To be released by Hostile Class Productions

Germarier`s Rache

Moloko Plus have released the cd from Germarier`s Rache.This is a heavy RAC cd that would appeal to fans of Stahlgewitter. Aside from the regular cd there is also a 200 copy limited edition digi pack release with an alternate cover


Saturday, August 24, 2013

Grav- Mental Illvilja & Dark Ages- Rabble, Whores, Usurers

New releases out now on Elegy Records include cd`s from Grav and Dark Ages

Grav - Mental illvilja:
Grav’s Mental illvilja now exhumed and vomited forth onto CD. A dark twisted anti-human offering sure to immolate you soul
Dark Ages - Rabble, Whores, Usurers
The Final chapter of this dark symphony has reached the land of the living. Seven tracks of dark ambient depression and sin that shall fill your psyche with utter depravity. The whores and rats are upon you!

Musigkruppe- Lieder Für Gewisse Stunden...

Out now on PC Records is the Musigkruppe- Lieder Für Gewisse Stunden... cd. This band is a project of White Rebel Boys and is limited to 678 hand numbered copies. Sound sample here

Defiance- Sans Concessions: New Trailer

Hatestylez Internet Releases

The electronic/ industrial oriented project Hatestylez have released a 3 track single titled Race Mixing Isn't Cool!  It can be downloaded for free here. There are 3 tracks which include an intro, a track featuring Mr.White and then an alternate mix of Killing Season which still features the raw beatdown/grind vocals from the vocalist of crapulent (Spanish Grindcore) just with a different structure behind it.

They also have a compilation of unreleased remixes that have made over the years titled It`s Party Time and features various artists. It can be downloaded for free here and are looking in to re-releasing their first EP, The Future is Ours. This re release will contain alternate mixes and a bonus track.

Signal Rex/ Frent Europa?

Does anyone have any info on Signal Rex/ Frent Europa. Money was sent via paypal for the Heathen Hammer Live cassette that Signal Rex supposedly released. The cassette never came and the signal rex email is no longer valid. Frent Europa`s email was also listed in the paypal account but after emailing them several times no responses have been received

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mind Terrorist Interview

 National Revolutionary Blog has just posted a well done interview with Hellenic metal band Mind Terrorist. You can read that interview here

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Baranki Boze- WDK Session 12” Vinyl

Nadsat Productions and Longship Records have released the Baranki Boze – WDK Session 12” vinyl.  This material was recorded back in 1988 and become Legend in Poland. It is limited to 300 hand numbered copies in black vinyl. An insert with photos and lyrics are included. A must have for collectors! 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Strategia- Vérzik e föld

Hungarian metal band Strategia have self released their newest full length Vérzik e föld. The album is available for download here

Sang d'encre- Premier Jet & Défiance- Sans Concessions

 Martel en Tête is a new label out of France. Their releases to date include Sang d'encre- Premier Jet and Défiance- Sans Concessions

Friday, August 9, 2013

100% Magyar Vol 3: Band Submissions

The 100% Magyar Compilation is in the works. If you are a Hungarian band and have a song you`d like to contribute email or


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sacrifer - Demo

Slovakian metal band Sacrificer have self released a 4 song demo. You can check out a sample below and find out more on their facebook page here

Kategorie C - Einer für Alle

Hool Rock band Kategorie C`s new cd Einer fur Alle is available on their site here-
Check out the sample below

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Spirit Of The Patriot- More Punk Than You

The second full length from Spirit Of The Patriot titled More Punk Than You is set to be released by Hatecore Shop this month. Check out their new song I`m A Punk on their ReverbNation page here 

The first ever shirts for SOTP are also available for $12 each. Email for info on how to get yours