Monday, March 30, 2009

Hate For Breakfast, White Monster, Avalon, Red White & Black

We regret to share this sad news regarding Italian hardcore giants Hate For Breakfast. The band announced that they will be disbanding after the newest release "Squadrismo Hardcore" and performing their final scheduled shows later this year.

Several of the members are involved in numerous other bands throughout Italy, including Bad Fate and Still Burning Youth, we hope to see additional works in the future from the HFB guys.

It is rumored that Red, White & Black have supposedly broken up. However, this is not confirmed yet and if anyone verify so, please contact us. We never like hearing bad news such as this.

Graham of Avalon and Mickey Woden are reported to have started a new project with members of Poland's White Devils, titled White Monster. An EP or split CD is expected to be released in early summer.

Avalon along with Celtic Warrior and Blackout performed at the annual Violent Storm memorial concert in the UK this March.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Code 13, Tri-City Trashed, The Caucazoids

After 10 years since their last performance, Tampa's own Code 13 had a successful reunion show at the annual Saint Patrick's Day concert in Florida this month, is reportedly working on brand new material. Only two of the original members reside in the Florida area, while the vocalist Gideon resides in Australia, causing the long hiatus since their 1999 release of "Blood, Sweat, Beer" on Hatefront records.

Originally the vocalist in Southern Cross and later Blood Oath from Australia, Gideon has not remained stagnant in the least bit during Code 13's long time off. Gideon was involved in many different projects and is reportedly working on something new here in the states, Flack Jacket.

Orange county rockers Tri-City Trashed are working on material for their 2nd full length release. TCT features Roy of Final War, Aggressive Force, Cut Throat, H8machine etc. on vocals, and carries much of that same Final War energy into this project.

The band's first release "One Life" was quite successful in many different circles, however, many people continue to ask about the future of Roy and Final War...

Hardcore pyshcobilly band The Caucazoids, featuring members of Break the Sword and Slay the Beast, have released a CDR 4 song demo including a Platoon 14 cover and the band is reportedly working on new material for a full length album.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slavia Interview, Temnozor

Slavia performed live from a small local show on Saturday, March 21, 2009, I got a chance to talk to the guys tonight and ask them some questions about the band and the recent show.

What was the show and why wasn't I invited?
[Laughs] Well, actually it's only us jamming. More of a rehersal with a bunch of friends watching. It was real last minute, sorry.

How many people were there at the show?
About 25 friends who just came out to have a good time.

What's new with the band?
Slavia had recently added a second guitarist to the line-up and we are currently writing/recording material for a future release.
Just been busy, working on some new material and beside that everything is going good,

Other than this past weekend, what do you guys have going on as far as shows?
We have a few shows coming up. One in April, in "Baa-stin" [Boston] and then a show in Virginia, maybe a few smaller shows in between. Hopefully playing Philadelphia soon, with Blood Order Company.

How has feedback from the album been?
Really good, surprisingly. We recorded at a shitty studio and were real unhappy with the release but overall we have been getting great replies. It's great to hear your own music being played and enjoyed by other people.

What sort of projects do you have lined up for the future?
Been talking with Scorch from Empire Falls about doing a split with them. I imagine it'll be some hardcore straight to the face shit. Hopefully soon, we will record couple of new songs to debut on the split.

Aside from the band what have you guys been doing?
Me personally, I've been busy with college, work, and MMA training.

Busy with work and school also. The rest of the guys are good, pretty much the same busy with work and college.

Thanks a lot for the quick set of questions guys, I'm sure I'l talk with you guys soon.
Yeah thanks alot man, anytime. Hopefully we'll see you soon too.

Temnozor's new album, originally planned to be released late in 2008 has been delayed over 6 months. The band hopes it will be finished soon with the conceptual layout design and hopes it to be out around June. Other than that, they plan to record a few songs for their Jubileum CD, which will include our own songs and many covers from local (Russian, Ukrainean and Belarussian) bands.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Berlin Brandenburg 2 (Compilation)

While I am not familiar with the first version of the Berlin -Brandenburg sampler, I do intend to search for the release it in the future. Berlin - Brandenburg 2 is a double CD consisting of 17 different bands, totaling in at 113 minutes of new, never released material only available on this sampler by Rebel records.

The CD boasts a pretty impressive line-up of artists, new and old. While there are some RAC styled bands on the comp, the majority of the bands tend to lean toward hardcore. Numerous tracks on the CDs are sung in English, inlcuding a Nordic Thunder cover, however, most of the tracks are performed in German.
Some of the artists featured on the albums include: Anger Within, Kontra, Bloodshed, Frontalkraft, Cynic, Burn Down, XxX, Deathfeud, Legion of Thor, Confident of Victory, Spreegeschwader. Whether you are picking these CDs up to check out several new bands or to collect some previously un-released tracks by some of the bigger names featured on the album, I do not think you will be disapointed.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

H8 System Records Interview

I was digging through some old emails and found this interview from over a year ago that was never published. So, now is as good as time as any to share it...

August 9, 2007 05:00
Over the past week I got the opportunity to meet Finnish Nationalist and owner of H8 System Records. After several hours of discussion, I got the chance to sit down and ask him a few questions for an official interview.

Tell me a bit about your record label. (Website)
The name of the label is H8 System. It is a small distribution label of about 8 years, aimed at providing the Finnish scene with a good selection of music from throughout the world. As well as spreading the music of Finnish bands to other parts of the world. As of right now we do not have any releases, but we have some planned for the future.

Could you tell me a bit about the scene in Finland?
The scene is small compared to other European countries. Finland is about the size of California and has a population of roughly 5 million. In Helsinki, the capitol of Finland, there is about one hundred skinheads who live there. A lot of other skinheads live in smaller, neighboring cities and towns. The scene there is constant and has very little drama is ever any.

What are some of the most popular bands from Finland?
Most notably Mistreat, who have been around for many years now and have played many parts of the world. The band Sniper, who has released several albums to date, is also known worldwide. However they are lesser known cause they have not played abroad.

What are some newer bands from Finland to look forward to?
Right now the band White Minority is growing in popularity and becoming better known. White Minority plays RAC and has been playing together since 2002. They have only released limited pressings of an EP before, however we hope to help them release their first professional full length.

Are you in any bands yourself?
No. I have only written a few songs for the band Mistreat, and help to record backing vocals with the band.

Is it difficult to organize a concert in Finland?
No, it is actually really easy. There is no harassment from the police or protestors. There are very few Reds in Finland, and of the few they are all scared of us.

What foreign bands have performed for your concerts in Finland?
Bands from all over the world have performed here: Bound for Glory, Brutal Attack, Legion of St. George, Stonehammer, Youngland, Final War, Max resist and many, many more.

Speaking of Final War, on Youtube there is a video of Roy from Final War singing a Bon Jovi song in a Finnish karaoke bar. What was this all about?
Oh ha, that’s on the internet now? Well it was a Sunday night and nothing much had been going on so we decided to go down to the local karaoke bar for something to do. About 20 of us were there in this small bar having a great time. Roy and Shaun, from Max Resist, ended up singing several songs all night. It was a great time by all and everyone enjoyed themselves. I would like to send my best wishes to the guys from O.C.

What is the future plans for your label H8 System records?
No real plans to expand much, but I wish to continue to provide the best diverse selection of N.S. music to the Finnish scene. To that I also wish to distribute Finnish N.S. titles to help to get bands recognized and gain popularity internationally. I also hope to organize as many successful shows here in Finland as I can.

Would you like to share any final thoughts with our readers?
Keep your head up and never let your flag fly low, even if you feel like everything is against you. Do not give up hope, keep the faith.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Arghoslent, Kill Baby Kill

The death metal band Arghoslent has just finished their first European tour. We hope to sit down and interview the band soon to discuss their recent tour and their most recent and future releases.
The band has just re-released their first three demos which is now available on one CD. Arghoslent also plan to release a split with the Canadian band Martial Barrage, later in 2009 with Drakkar productions.

Coming soon on vinyl, by NADSAT productions, Kill Baby Kill "Product of Society." The album will contain 11 new songs, no covers. The album is due to be released in the beginning of 2009.

Also scheduled to be released by NADSAT is a 12" by Aussie rockers Ravenous.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Filopatria, Red.Lock

Red.Lock is an oi / hardcore outfit from Greece. The band started in 2006 and produced a 3-track demo titled "Against all odds." The band is currently preparing their first full length album to be released in 2009. A sample off the upcoming release is the video below, "IMIA 2008."
Red.Lock's demo is available for free download HERE

RAC group Filopatria of Greece are also currently working on a CD to be released very soon. The band is set to play an upcoming gig at the end of the month with the Bully Boys.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Grom, Ad Hominem, Kategorie C (KC die Band)

Ad Hominem's awaited newest album "Dictator - A Monument of Glory" is available now through Elegy records.. Limited digipack edition (500 copies) available exclusively through The newest release is said to be some of the band's best work ever.

Black metal heavy hitters Grom are currently working on newest release "The Dawning of Herecy." The new material is discribed as , "Heathen black metal sure to set the soul ablaze..."

It is also rumored Grom is discussing the collection of some old unreleased recordings along with other now defunct tracks and releasing them together on an album.

Long time football rockers Kategorie C (KC die Band) have released a live, dolby digital quality DVD, available for purchase-HERE. The DVD is said to include extra features including a backstage interview plus 2 bonus live CDs.

Absurd, Iron Clad Grudge

Coming soon on Elegy records: Absurd, "Demos 1992-1994." The four demo recordings of Absurd, dating back as far as 1992, will be released on a double compact disc with Darker Than Black in conjunction with Elegy. The releases will also be released on a set of four 12" vinyls (via New Defenestration) in 2009.

"The recordings have been remastered in order to enhance the overall sound quality, and thus preserve the audial integrity of this early manifesto of true German Black Metal!"

Iron Clad Grudge of the Richmond Virginia area is looking for a drummer & a bassist to help the band along in playing out. Anybody in the Richmond area who's interested in hardcore/punk/oi!/streetrock & roll please contact HERE

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Straight Laced Nightmare, White Wash, Empire Falls Daily Broken Dream

Straight Laced Nightmare is currently recording for their upcoming release with Final Stand records. When we last spoke with Reno, the lead vocalist of the band, he stated that SLN is taking their style in a bit heavier direction then their 2oo5 full length release "The Comfort You Give, Is My Torment."

Speaking of Reno, the White Wash guys have reportedly teamed up with the guys from Attack for a upcoming project together. While we are not sure of the name, we are sure to expect an oldschool hardcore direction from the outfit. White Wash is also scheduled to record a split with Empire Falls in the future.

Spirit of the Old Terror is a new music project of the guys from Empire Falls. All of their releases are limited to 100 hand numbered copies and will never be repressed. The EP includes three new songs by Spirit of the Old Terror, and is hand numbered including many inserts and extras. You can buy the EP for $12 ppd/shipping anywhere in the known world. accept paypal to

TRACK LISTING: 1) The shot heard around the world 2) Trust No One 3) Domestic Terrorist 4) War Is Inevitable (Empire Falls cover) 5) Way Of The World (Flipper cover) 6) I Hate PC scum (Fortress cover) 7) Obey (experimental noise collaboration with the Agartha)

Daily Broken Dream is scheduled to record their first full length, since the band changed from their original name Race Riot, with Until The End records. The album is rumored to be released later this year.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Brutal Attack, One Family, Total War

In two weeks Hatecore records is set to release the brand new album of legendary Brutal Attack, titled "The Real Deal."

A sample track from the upcoming release titled "Outlaw" is available HERE. Having listened to the available sample and viewing the cover art (left) it sounds like Ken has taken this work in a more upbeat direction, leaning toward rockabilly /southern rock. I anticipate hearing the full album after it's release...

The albums "One Family" parts 1 & 2 originally released by OPOS records, are being released on vinyl. The CDs which featured Moshpit, Attack, Non Divine, Forbidden, R. Purity & Total War, are now being combined onto one joint LP. SFH records are pressing a limited run of 500 albums.
100 Yellow/Black/Yellow
150 Yellow/Black
250 Black

The drummer of Total War had announced the creation of a hardcore styled side project last year titled Sudden Threat. Sudden threat is currently in the studio writing and recording for their first release, coming soon.

The vocalist from Total War is currently filling in on bass for Empire Falls, who are set record their second release with Final Stand records this year.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fraction, Kolovrat, Hassgesang

I must admit most French bands never did much for me. As I had many friends through the years who would bombard me with different French bands, none of which sparked much interest. From time to time I would enjoy what I heard, but I was not sold. Within the recent years I was given a copy of Fraction's "Europa." I instantly took to the style, energy and passion the band played with, I had heard the band before, however, as their previously title Fraction Hexagone. Something was different since I had heard them before-they had changed style.

For over a decade the band Fraction has been performing their ever-evolving brand of music. Perhaps the reason I enjoy this band so much is their williness to adapt, to stay current, and after reading this translated interview from a Russian 'zine I now understand why I admire their direction. I have since collected the majority of this band's works and continue to be impressed. Perhaps, I may go back and check out some of those early 90's French RAC bands I passed up years ago, and find a diamond in the rough.

Read the Fraction interview with Zentropa zine originally interviewed with HERE

"Unity In Action," a split between long time Russian band Kolovrat and German band Hassgesang, is now available on PC records. Coming in at about 45 minutes the CD features songs by both bands in English and of course in both their native tongues.

Kolovrat has released two full lengths albums since their last split with the Portuguese band Guarda De Ferro, "European Freedom Express," in 2006 on Whitenoise records, and continues to be a standard in the Russian scene.

The keyboardist / backing vocalist Dmitry of Kolovrat is involved in anoter project Antisystem. Antisystem was featured on a 2007 split with Sweden's Titania titled "We Are Here To Create Our Own Fate," released by Strong Survive records. The split, although rather underrated, is a person favorite of mine and I anticipate hearing more from both bands.

H8machine, Tattooed Mother Fuckers, Lebensessenz

H8machine reportedly has added a new drummer to the membership of the band. The band is practicing and working on material for upcoming live performances. The band has also recently updated their long stagnent website with an excellent layout, complete band bio and live pictures.

The split album between Tattooed Mother Fuckers and The Gits scheduled to be released has fallen through. The tracks recorded by TMF are now being released seperately on a mini CD under the album title "The Mother Fucking Army," available through Thug Beat Productions. A vinyl version of the release will be available also.

Neoclassical project Lebensessenz has rccently finished some newest material, works 9 and 10. Both pieces were written as personal reflections. Nine is an homage to the artist's father drawing from both good and bad, childhood and adult. Work ten a story of romance.

A side project of Lebensessenz, Feuerberg, is an eclectic ambient / atmospheric using drums and keyboards. The artist describes this specific project as, "music with mixed influences, like Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Vinterriket, Vangelis and for sure my own project Lebensessenz." These newest works as well as previous material is available through Lebensessenz mailorder.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thesyre, Mutilated Truth

Canadian experimental / metal / thrash band Thesyre is set to release their forthcoming album "RĂ©sistance" with Osmose Productions. The band has submited the music and artwork to the printers and the official release date will be announces shortly. An LP version of the album will be made available later...

"RĂ©sistance" is the first album to have the lyrics written completely in French, opposed to previous releases featuring only one song. However, translations of the album into several different languages will be available at the official Thesyre website. The band has tried to avoid "over-mastering" the album in the effort to maintain a natural feel, and believe they have accomplished exactly that. Samples of the album are also available on the band's website.

Those of your not familiar with Thesyre, here is a review about the band's one song album "Exist!"....."This 30 minute epic of sorts is quite ambitious not only in lyrical content nor length, but primarily in the select blend of the extreme Metal palate, throwing every goddamn style into a blender and producing a rather odd and unique feel..."-The Metal Observer

Currently available on Loyalty Records, up and coming Hungarian metalcore outfit Mutiliated Truth. From the tracks I had the chance to sample, this band is not reinventing the wheel here, but they are providing some quality music.

A newer trend in the Hungarian scene is that the bands are realizing the use of English lyrics is broadening their listeners. So I expect to see more international releases from Hungary due to this progressive idea.

The demo includes 4 original tracks and a cover of the Daily Broken Dreams song "xXx." This is a limited pressing, collectors act fast. Play 6time comes in just over 13 minutes.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Outlaw Heroes Standing, Diary of A Dying Nation, My Sanity

From the Russian Federation comes the newest of sXe hardcore bands--Outlaw Heroes Standing (Outlaw HC Squad). The band describes themselves as "Teardown meets Leftover Crack," yet I do not hear that much of the famed crust punk outfit in their style; and their politics are far from the later. From the samples available of OHS, the band sings in Russian but some choruses are sung in English such as "Moscow Beatdown," and the band has great energy. I look forward to picking up a full length.

One People One Struggle records' Non Divine has changed their band name to My Sanity. My Sanity consists of members of Hope for the Weak and Moshpit. There is no reported change in style or direction, yet.

Non Divine was featured on the OPOS "One Family Part 1" split where they debuted their half the split with heavy hitting metalcore as well as an excellent cover of Bound For Glory's hit "Hate Train Rolling."

Another new band which I look forward to hearing more of is Diary Of A Dying Nation. The sample, which I took enjoyment in listening to, leads me to believe the band shares members with some of the other current prominate hardcore bands from Germany. DOADN's style is that of a metalcore outfit, however, at times the bands tends to go back to a traditional hardcore style of catchy riffs and natural vocals with heavy breaks and tight metal riffs mixed in.