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H8 System Records Interview

I was digging through some old emails and found this interview from over a year ago that was never published. So, now is as good as time as any to share it...

August 9, 2007 05:00
Over the past week I got the opportunity to meet Finnish Nationalist and owner of H8 System Records. After several hours of discussion, I got the chance to sit down and ask him a few questions for an official interview.

Tell me a bit about your record label. (Website)
The name of the label is H8 System. It is a small distribution label of about 8 years, aimed at providing the Finnish scene with a good selection of music from throughout the world. As well as spreading the music of Finnish bands to other parts of the world. As of right now we do not have any releases, but we have some planned for the future.

Could you tell me a bit about the scene in Finland?
The scene is small compared to other European countries. Finland is about the size of California and has a population of roughly 5 million. In Helsinki, the capitol of Finland, there is about one hundred skinheads who live there. A lot of other skinheads live in smaller, neighboring cities and towns. The scene there is constant and has very little drama is ever any.

What are some of the most popular bands from Finland?
Most notably Mistreat, who have been around for many years now and have played many parts of the world. The band Sniper, who has released several albums to date, is also known worldwide. However they are lesser known cause they have not played abroad.

What are some newer bands from Finland to look forward to?
Right now the band White Minority is growing in popularity and becoming better known. White Minority plays RAC and has been playing together since 2002. They have only released limited pressings of an EP before, however we hope to help them release their first professional full length.

Are you in any bands yourself?
No. I have only written a few songs for the band Mistreat, and help to record backing vocals with the band.

Is it difficult to organize a concert in Finland?
No, it is actually really easy. There is no harassment from the police or protestors. There are very few Reds in Finland, and of the few they are all scared of us.

What foreign bands have performed for your concerts in Finland?
Bands from all over the world have performed here: Bound for Glory, Brutal Attack, Legion of St. George, Stonehammer, Youngland, Final War, Max resist and many, many more.

Speaking of Final War, on Youtube there is a video of Roy from Final War singing a Bon Jovi song in a Finnish karaoke bar. What was this all about?
Oh ha, that’s on the internet now? Well it was a Sunday night and nothing much had been going on so we decided to go down to the local karaoke bar for something to do. About 20 of us were there in this small bar having a great time. Roy and Shaun, from Max Resist, ended up singing several songs all night. It was a great time by all and everyone enjoyed themselves. I would like to send my best wishes to the guys from O.C.

What is the future plans for your label H8 System records?
No real plans to expand much, but I wish to continue to provide the best diverse selection of N.S. music to the Finnish scene. To that I also wish to distribute Finnish N.S. titles to help to get bands recognized and gain popularity internationally. I also hope to organize as many successful shows here in Finland as I can.

Would you like to share any final thoughts with our readers?
Keep your head up and never let your flag fly low, even if you feel like everything is against you. Do not give up hope, keep the faith.

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