Monday, March 9, 2009

Brutal Attack, One Family, Total War

In two weeks Hatecore records is set to release the brand new album of legendary Brutal Attack, titled "The Real Deal."

A sample track from the upcoming release titled "Outlaw" is available HERE. Having listened to the available sample and viewing the cover art (left) it sounds like Ken has taken this work in a more upbeat direction, leaning toward rockabilly /southern rock. I anticipate hearing the full album after it's release...

The albums "One Family" parts 1 & 2 originally released by OPOS records, are being released on vinyl. The CDs which featured Moshpit, Attack, Non Divine, Forbidden, R. Purity & Total War, are now being combined onto one joint LP. SFH records are pressing a limited run of 500 albums.
100 Yellow/Black/Yellow
150 Yellow/Black
250 Black

The drummer of Total War had announced the creation of a hardcore styled side project last year titled Sudden Threat. Sudden threat is currently in the studio writing and recording for their first release, coming soon.

The vocalist from Total War is currently filling in on bass for Empire Falls, who are set record their second release with Final Stand records this year.

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