Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thesyre, Mutilated Truth

Canadian experimental / metal / thrash band Thesyre is set to release their forthcoming album "Résistance" with Osmose Productions. The band has submited the music and artwork to the printers and the official release date will be announces shortly. An LP version of the album will be made available later...

"Résistance" is the first album to have the lyrics written completely in French, opposed to previous releases featuring only one song. However, translations of the album into several different languages will be available at the official Thesyre website. The band has tried to avoid "over-mastering" the album in the effort to maintain a natural feel, and believe they have accomplished exactly that. Samples of the album are also available on the band's website.

Those of your not familiar with Thesyre, here is a review about the band's one song album "Exist!"....."This 30 minute epic of sorts is quite ambitious not only in lyrical content nor length, but primarily in the select blend of the extreme Metal palate, throwing every goddamn style into a blender and producing a rather odd and unique feel..."-The Metal Observer

Currently available on Loyalty Records, up and coming Hungarian metalcore outfit Mutiliated Truth. From the tracks I had the chance to sample, this band is not reinventing the wheel here, but they are providing some quality music.

A newer trend in the Hungarian scene is that the bands are realizing the use of English lyrics is broadening their listeners. So I expect to see more international releases from Hungary due to this progressive idea.

The demo includes 4 original tracks and a cover of the Daily Broken Dreams song "xXx." This is a limited pressing, collectors act fast. Play 6time comes in just over 13 minutes.

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