Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Slavia Interview, Temnozor

Slavia performed live from a small local show on Saturday, March 21, 2009, I got a chance to talk to the guys tonight and ask them some questions about the band and the recent show.

What was the show and why wasn't I invited?
[Laughs] Well, actually it's only us jamming. More of a rehersal with a bunch of friends watching. It was real last minute, sorry.

How many people were there at the show?
About 25 friends who just came out to have a good time.

What's new with the band?
Slavia had recently added a second guitarist to the line-up and we are currently writing/recording material for a future release.
Just been busy, working on some new material and beside that everything is going good,

Other than this past weekend, what do you guys have going on as far as shows?
We have a few shows coming up. One in April, in "Baa-stin" [Boston] and then a show in Virginia, maybe a few smaller shows in between. Hopefully playing Philadelphia soon, with Blood Order Company.

How has feedback from the album been?
Really good, surprisingly. We recorded at a shitty studio and were real unhappy with the release but overall we have been getting great replies. It's great to hear your own music being played and enjoyed by other people.

What sort of projects do you have lined up for the future?
Been talking with Scorch from Empire Falls about doing a split with them. I imagine it'll be some hardcore straight to the face shit. Hopefully soon, we will record couple of new songs to debut on the split.

Aside from the band what have you guys been doing?
Me personally, I've been busy with college, work, and MMA training.

Busy with work and school also. The rest of the guys are good, pretty much the same busy with work and college.

Thanks a lot for the quick set of questions guys, I'm sure I'l talk with you guys soon.
Yeah thanks alot man, anytime. Hopefully we'll see you soon too.

Temnozor's new album, originally planned to be released late in 2008 has been delayed over 6 months. The band hopes it will be finished soon with the conceptual layout design and hopes it to be out around June. Other than that, they plan to record a few songs for their Jubileum CD, which will include our own songs and many covers from local (Russian, Ukrainean and Belarussian) bands.

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