Monday, March 30, 2009

Hate For Breakfast, White Monster, Avalon, Red White & Black

We regret to share this sad news regarding Italian hardcore giants Hate For Breakfast. The band announced that they will be disbanding after the newest release "Squadrismo Hardcore" and performing their final scheduled shows later this year.

Several of the members are involved in numerous other bands throughout Italy, including Bad Fate and Still Burning Youth, we hope to see additional works in the future from the HFB guys.

It is rumored that Red, White & Black have supposedly broken up. However, this is not confirmed yet and if anyone verify so, please contact us. We never like hearing bad news such as this.

Graham of Avalon and Mickey Woden are reported to have started a new project with members of Poland's White Devils, titled White Monster. An EP or split CD is expected to be released in early summer.

Avalon along with Celtic Warrior and Blackout performed at the annual Violent Storm memorial concert in the UK this March.

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