Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Uwocaust, Ultima Fronteria

New on PC records, Uwocaust (& alte Freunde). Uwe, the vocalist of popular German hardcore outfits: Burn Down, Bloodshed, Proissenheads & A.B., has released his newest project, Uwocaust. However, it is said this album is not like other projects, that it is more or a rock feel and a bit slower than his previous material. The CD at 14 tracks comes in at 50 minutes and is packaged in a digipak.

Uwe has a distinctive voice which has made his work quite popular, so we look forward to checking out this newest release. There are sample track available on PC's site.

Italian RAC band Ultima Frontiera, who released their last album "Arditi Sentieri" on Tuono records in 2008, hopes to record a new CD this summer.

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