Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reverend Deaths Head & the Dixie Killers, Max Resist, White Knuckle Driver, Death Penalty

Over the past week, many people have contacted us about the availablity of The Caucazoids demo, in which we have informed everyone to contact the band HERE.

However, on the same note, there appears to be a side project of The Caucazoids members, Reverend Deaths Head & the Dixie Killers. The Rev. & the Dixie Killers do have a much more country/rock feel than that of The Causcazoids, however they do linger in that same vein. The available sample reminds me somewhat of Kilgore.

We anticipate the future release of a demo or perhaps a split between the two bands? While my personal taste in this music is pretty reserved, it is refreshing to see musicians venturing into otherwise new territory for style and direction.

Famed vocalist Sean of Max Resist has reportedly started a new project with the White Knuckle Driver guys from California. The project has yet to be named, but has already begun writting some material and recording. From the sample I got the chance to hear, it seems to be a bit faster paced than any of the MR stuff yet has the distinct vocals of Sean.

Death Penalty is a new a straight edge hardcore band from Russia. The sXe scene in Russia is quite large and their seems to be a growing number of bands to support this scene. Death Penalty being one of them. In the end of 2008, DP and Outlaw Heroes Standing played sXe concert together, will about 100 patrons in attendence.

The band performs more an old school style HC, at times the guitars sound similar to early Blue Eyed Devils material the tuning and riffs. The band sings the majority in Russian however there are lyrics sung in English, which also seems to be quite popular.

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