Thursday, April 30, 2009

IN REVIEW: S.O.L., NSHC Massacre, Final War

Save Our Land: The Law Belongs To Stronger

As one of Adam of Konkwista 88's side bands, S.O.L. has a unique melodic yet hard heavy sound. With the latest installment the band keeps their formula true to the first three releases while discussing current problems and events. Out of the previous three albums this one seems to be the most thought out and well organized, whereas the others seemed to be a bit rushed in my opinion. The CD features a Hatebreed cover, Live For This, which I thought was pretty cool. ~Steve Skam
01. The law belongs to stronger
02. War for profit
03. Trust only yourself
04. Live for This (Hatebreed)
05. Drink your drink and fuck off
06. Backstabber
07. Break a dead lock
08. Thunderbolt
09. Where we going?
10. No way
11. Absolut

NSHC Massacre: Vol. 1
(2008 2YT4U Records)

Really good compilation album/ 3-way split with Downfall (Germany), Feher Törveny (Hungary), and the Hatelordz (USA). Definitly a must have for any fan of fast-paced oldschool styled hardcore. Not to mention Hatelordz cover 2 classic NYHC songs, Murphys Law's "Skinhead Rebel" and Cro Mags' "hardtimes," making it an instant classic. Pick it up if you haven't already, you'll thank me later. ~Steve Skam
01. Downfall- intro
02. Downfall- soon we will
03. Downfall- northside pride
04. Downfall- niemals vergeben
05. Downfall- reih dich bei uns ein
06. Downfall- dark times
07. Hatelordz- hardtimes (Cro Mags cover)
08. Hatelordz- together as one
09. Hatelordz- missing foundation
10. Hatelordz- skinhead rebel (Murphys Law cover)
11. Feher Torveny- onmagadnak
12. Feher Torveny- benned meg csak szunnyad
13. Feher Torveny- skinhead hadsereg
14. Feher Torveny- muvesz
15. Feher Torveny- kompormisszum

Final War: We Speak The Truth
(2008 Label 56 re-release)

Easily one of my favorite bands in the scene right now. Final War fuse together elements of rock and punk to create a unique one of a kind sound with honest politically charged lyrics anyone who lives this life can relate to. Highly recommended for any inteligent nationalist. ~Steve Skam
01. A Day In The Life Of...
02. Senseless Violence
03. Repatriation
04. The Patriots
05. We Speak The Truth
06. Pearl Harbor
07. Don't Want Your Excuses
08. Victory Or Death
09. Settle The Score
10. War Machine
11. Final Attack
12. Never Alone
13. Living For The Day
14. Do What You Want
15. OC Skinhead
16. Brotherhood
Stand Against

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