Friday, April 3, 2009

I.C.1, Fehér Törvény, Voice of Justice

I.C.1 is a new project featuring Andy of Razors Edge and members of Carpe Diem. I.C.1 is a term used by English police, abbreviation for "Identity Code" and the number 1 afterwards depicts the specific ethnicity of Caucasian.

The project, with Andy on vocals, is sung entirely in English and is based on traditional Oi with lyrics about memories, heroes, friends, government and humor. With 15 varied songs, timing in at around 50 minutes, the CD should be quite interesting for fans of the two bands involved in the project. "Out of Control" by I.C.1 out now on RACords.

Hungarian hardcore outfit, Fehér Törvény plan to go into the studio to record new material by the end of May. The band hopes for the album to be finished and available by the end of the summer.

Recently featured on the "Smashing Rainbows" compilation, the "NSHC Massacare" and a split with Empire Falls in 2006, Fehér Törvény are getting a good bit of international exposure, especially here in the US. Official band site HERE.

Additional news from Hungary, hardcore band Voice of Justice has announced that they have parted with the original vocalist. The band is now looking for a new vocalist to finish the upcoming album titled "Eruption of Hate" to be released on Loyalty Records.

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  1. Razors Edge are fantastic.I hope IC1 are as good.I cant wait to hear this.Best wishes.whitehammer.