Friday, April 17, 2015

From Vinlandic Shores Out Now!

Out Now!! From Vinlandic Shores is a 19 track compilation featuring 8 different US based bands who have all come together to create this outstanding cd. Most of the music styles range from NSBM to atmospheric black metal but there`s also two tracks from the new RAC band Vinland Friekorps. You won`t be disappointed. This is a professionally produced cd (not cd-r) and comes with a full size lyric poster. It is cased in a dvd sized case. Released through Uprise Direct and distributed by Label 56 
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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Straight Right- Round One

Members of White Rebel Boys / MPU and Verboten team up for this oldschool hardcore and punk cd. Out now on Opos Records

Sunday, March 15, 2015

From Vinlandic Shores (Promo)

From Vinlandic Shores: 19 NSBM, RAC, and atmospheric black metal tracks from Skraelings Bane, Schadenfreuden, Volkskampf, Warscroll, Vinland Freikorps, Ravensbruck, Polestar & Stjorna.
Limited edition professional cd (not cd-r) with lyric poster. Comes in dvd sized case
Due out April 1st, 2015: 
Distro trade info: Contact
Domestic Distribution through Label 56

T(error)sphara- Kampfansage

Official promo for the new cd

Friday, March 13, 2015

The Yardbombs- Freedom Is Calling Promo

Promo for the album "Freedom is calling..." recorded Dec to Feb 2014/15 by Australian punk band The Yardbombs. Featuring members of longtime Aussie bands Deaths Head and Kilgore the new album is 18 tracks of fast paced, political and scene sarcasm and satire... release date and label to be announced.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

surVIVors of the plague interview

This is an interview with the new d-beat inspired hc project surVIVors of the plague. It was originally posted on Da Wolfman`s blog here 

One of the better bands to come out of the American scene for a long time!

1. Can you introduce us to the line up of surVIVors of the plague?

Right now it's me on vocals, Jake on guitar, Conor on drums, Adam on guitar and Kevin on bass

2. Can you tell us a bit about the musical style of the band?

It's a different approach than my previous bands, we are a mix of early d-beat, hardcore, metal, punk and power electronics

3. What thoughts do you normally write about?

Anti regime, personal issues, current political situations, anything against the dictator we now have in office

4. Can you tell me the massive influence on this band?

We are influenced mainly by the state of affairs around us, the constant turmoil we all experience living in this system. However as far as musical influences you can hear Discharge, Gism, Grey Wolves etc

5. This genre is normally left leaning or apolitical... are you feeling this album will make it catch on with right winged people?

I am not sure that it will catch on or not but that really doesn't matter to me, the band is an outlet of ideas. Anyone who liked my previous band will probably like this, surVIVors just an extension of that. This band gives me more freedom to try new things than the previous one did. We have released three short releases already "humanism is shit","the system causes pain" and "uberlebenden der pest". So far the response has been very good, the new album "we must be as equally brutal" should raise a few eyebrows in either a positive or negative way. It has never really mattered to me what people thought of me or my music, I just keep going.

6. Are you part of any group?

I am in 28 Social Club and proud of it. We stick to ourselves.

7. In your area, hows Nationalism? Is it growing or shrinking?

It's growing only because we were smart enough to drop the 80's skinhead thing and change with the times.

8. Is antifa common there?

They used to be but not so much anymore. I believe when election time comes around they will be out in droves. The dummies think Obama is their friend lol

9. Whats your feeling on downloading music?

I am very much against it unless it's on bandcamp or something. the bands and labels are losing their ass and not able to fund new projects due to everyone stealing the music. It's killing our scene and to be honest it's no different than stealing. if the band allows free downloading that's on them. The current 'fans' steal the music and disseminate it everywhere and no one buys the release the band spent months to years writing  and recording and a couple grand recording and pressing. is the music funding a cause anymore? No. Because the 'supporters' are fucking the bands over in turn fucking the cause over.

10. Are you planning to play live with this band?


Thank you for the interview.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Simple Men Interview

Presented here is a brand new interview with the founder of The Simple Men. I specifically wanted to do this interview because the debut cd Voice Of Freedom is an amazing cd and I don`t think it has gotten the attention it deserves. So now here is our interview with The Simple Men

1. Hello and thank you for this interview. Can you give everyone a quick background into the Simple Men and if band members are in other bands?

Hail. I introduce myself briefly and the band. My name is Kr0ne. I am the founder of The Simple Men. The band consists of only one person and that's me. The background of the band lies in the fact that I want to support the movement with music and would like to further carry our message to many people.

2. Why did you decide to form the band?

I started the band, because I like already said- I would like to support the movement with music. I take nothing from this band. All the money raised goes to the label for national projects.

3. Your cd Voice Of Freedom is your debut release and it is an excellent cd. Most songs are great compositions that last over 5 minutes and each song has a different style of music. Some songs are grind and some are symphonic metal. Can you tell us the influence for the music and who writes the music?

All songs are well over 5 minutes. There I tried to let all my thoughts run wild. I write the songs themselves. It was supposed to National Socialist death metal but it came out different. Therefore, many songs have symphonic metal.

4. Looking at the wide range of music you write in, I have to ask what kinds of music do you listen to and who are some of your favorite bands?

Actually, I listen only RAC, Hatecore or good old German folk music. My favorite band is Moshpit. They have inspired me to make my own music.

5. Where do you take the inspiration for your lyrics?

The lyrics are based a part of my life and a part in the future. I try to sing as much as possible about the freedom of our people. And about the bad system and the bad politicians conducting all this. Mainly I sing for freedom.

6. I have seen you have a new cd coming out soon. Can you tell us more about that?

Yes. My new CD will be released in April. There will be 12 songs. And this time also with lyrics. The album will be just like the last album with several songs that will go over 5 minutes. It will be even longer than the other with a running time of just 90 minutes. I hope this time it goes down well with the people. 

7. Thank you for the interview. Please say any closing words

I have to thank you for the interview. My greeting goes to all the comrades in the world. Fight for your freedom. Fight together for your freedom. Do not get it taken from by the system! One day we will win! Our time will come. Greetings from West Germany to you!