Sunday, July 27, 2014

Uprise Weekend Review- The Chosen Youth & Yggdrasil

The Chosen Youth- Never Hang Up: This cd was released about 2 years ago and it`s really good. I`m surprised I hadn`t heard it yet. These guys play some good aggressive rock n roll / punk with vocals to match. In fact I really like the vocals which are raw and loud and give it that punk (I don`t give a fuck) feel. At many times there is more then one singer that adds to it even more. The song Dying Nation is my favorite on the cd, it`s fast paced and the bass is prominent as well. I love hearing a chugging bass in songs. There`s lots of dual vocals on this song also. In general, even though this is a mini cd the songs are nice and full and the cd lasts a good 20 minutes or so. Comes with a complete booklet with the lyrics and photos as well. Great cd.Mp3 sample

Yggdrasil- Heaven Of Blood: Yggdrasil is the band that the guys from Frozen Abyss started out as. As many know the Frozen Abyss cd was an amazing gothic rock album in the vein of Type O Negative. This cd- Heaven Of Blood was released in 2001 and even though they changed their name the style is still in the same genre. A nice cd with a unique sound. Mp3 sample
Both cd`s in stock now

Bound For Glory- Death & Defiance

Long running US metal band Bound For Glory will have their new cd Death & Defiance released soon! They will also be doing a cd release party / concert in Eastern Europe. Keep checking back for more info

Ken McLellan & the Long Riders- H8 Balls of Fire

Ken McLellan has teamed up with the Italian guys- Los Confederados for a project called Ken McLellan & the Long Riders. This is a really nice cd done in a southern rock style. It has been released by Rampage Productions

Flathead- Guilty

Former Skrewdriver bassist Frenchy has a cd from his new band out now on Iceni Records

Bloodred Hatred & Acciaio Vincente

Out now on PC Records is the split CD of the Germany`s Bloodred Hatred and Italy`s Acciaio Vincente. Both bands contribute 6 new songs each. Musically, both bands play the harder RAC that leans more towards metal and less to hardcore and compliment each other very well. Political lyrics, a 12 page booklet, and limited to 555 copies.Sound samples here

Konkwista 88 - Konkwista 88

Pure Blood Records are re releasing the Konkwista 88 Demo. This release will come with a 16 page booklet and is limited to 400 copies

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Uprise Weekend Review: Agnar & Still Burnin Youth / Beyond Hate / Boris Britva

Agnar- Worte Konnen Ketten Brechen: This is an excellent melodic RAC cd. I say RAC but the cd is more of a light rock / ballads cd. A great cd musically that while being melodic really keeps your attention and is well composed. The vocals are harmonious and plenty of emotion comes through in them and they go perfect with the music, many times seeming in unison with the guitar as if they are complimenting each other. Most of the songs come in at over 4 minutes but they never get boring and there is plenty of nice guitar work between the singing. The cd is sung completely in German with lyrics about Germanic legends as well as political topics. A quote from the song Worte Können Ketten Brechen – “Millions of chains can break at once if a thousand voices scream the truth. Have the courage and words will be stronger than their chains.”

Still Burnin’ Youth – Beyond Hate – Boris Britva: The Weapon, The Corpse, The Reason:
This cd was recently released by Blackshirts Records and is an excellent split featuring 3 different bands with 3 different styles of hardcore. Italy`s Still Burnin Youth start off this cd with a slightly different sound then their previous releases. Their songs on this cd have more of a melodic- maybe post hardcore sound. It`s still fast and aggressive though but I like the new style, it has a really good sound. They are followed by Beyond Hate who play some great Japanese RAC that borders on hardcore at times. It`s rockin and aggressive with some nice guitar work in spots. Then my personal favorites- Boris Britva come in with some killer heavy hardcore beatdown style. 20 songs total and comes with a full 16 page booklet. Great cd!! 
Both cd`s in stock now

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Killuminati & Morgenrote

2 new releases out now on OPOS Records are Killuminati - Jetzt sind wir da and Morgenröte - Momente der Wahrheit. Killuminati is a project featuring the drummer from Heiliges Reich, the guitarist from Resistentia and rough but still melodic vocalist of Hermunduren. Morgenrote- Momente dr Wahrheit is the bands second release and features again lovely female vocals and backed up by Uwocaust

Saubande- Your Side, Your Identity

Saubande is a new HC / Metal band from the Czech Republic. Their cd titled Your Side, Your Identity is out now as a tin box 350 copy limited edition release. It comes complete with booklet & lyrics