Thursday, April 30, 2009

Uprise Video

Here is a music video from Uprise 2009 of Brainwash performing live. We would like to thank everyone again for making this event a continuous success, and the spawning of this zine as a result! Through your contributions and support we continue to try and bring you the best news from around the scene. We only hope to be able to give back to the scene what it has given to us individually and collectively. Without everyone this scene is nothing. So again, thank you. ~Doug Sacred

IN REVIEW: S.O.L., NSHC Massacre, Final War

Save Our Land: The Law Belongs To Stronger

As one of Adam of Konkwista 88's side bands, S.O.L. has a unique melodic yet hard heavy sound. With the latest installment the band keeps their formula true to the first three releases while discussing current problems and events. Out of the previous three albums this one seems to be the most thought out and well organized, whereas the others seemed to be a bit rushed in my opinion. The CD features a Hatebreed cover, Live For This, which I thought was pretty cool. ~Steve Skam
01. The law belongs to stronger
02. War for profit
03. Trust only yourself
04. Live for This (Hatebreed)
05. Drink your drink and fuck off
06. Backstabber
07. Break a dead lock
08. Thunderbolt
09. Where we going?
10. No way
11. Absolut

NSHC Massacre: Vol. 1
(2008 2YT4U Records)

Really good compilation album/ 3-way split with Downfall (Germany), Feher Törveny (Hungary), and the Hatelordz (USA). Definitly a must have for any fan of fast-paced oldschool styled hardcore. Not to mention Hatelordz cover 2 classic NYHC songs, Murphys Law's "Skinhead Rebel" and Cro Mags' "hardtimes," making it an instant classic. Pick it up if you haven't already, you'll thank me later. ~Steve Skam
01. Downfall- intro
02. Downfall- soon we will
03. Downfall- northside pride
04. Downfall- niemals vergeben
05. Downfall- reih dich bei uns ein
06. Downfall- dark times
07. Hatelordz- hardtimes (Cro Mags cover)
08. Hatelordz- together as one
09. Hatelordz- missing foundation
10. Hatelordz- skinhead rebel (Murphys Law cover)
11. Feher Torveny- onmagadnak
12. Feher Torveny- benned meg csak szunnyad
13. Feher Torveny- skinhead hadsereg
14. Feher Torveny- muvesz
15. Feher Torveny- kompormisszum

Final War: We Speak The Truth
(2008 Label 56 re-release)

Easily one of my favorite bands in the scene right now. Final War fuse together elements of rock and punk to create a unique one of a kind sound with honest politically charged lyrics anyone who lives this life can relate to. Highly recommended for any inteligent nationalist. ~Steve Skam
01. A Day In The Life Of...
02. Senseless Violence
03. Repatriation
04. The Patriots
05. We Speak The Truth
06. Pearl Harbor
07. Don't Want Your Excuses
08. Victory Or Death
09. Settle The Score
10. War Machine
11. Final Attack
12. Never Alone
13. Living For The Day
14. Do What You Want
15. OC Skinhead
16. Brotherhood
Stand Against

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rick's Pick: Across the Hudson

In anticipation of the upcoming Ultra Sur release, I have been listening to a lot of Oi and similar type music. The main one that has been getting regular play is the Across The Hudson CD. This is a great sounding CD with a unique style and lyrics that revolve around working class patriotism. Particularly the song H.A.D. which is about construction workers fighting a bunch of demonstrators back in 1970.

Check out a sample of Across the Hudson HERE:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

IN REVIEW: Hardcore Until the End, Bad Fate

V/A: Hardcore Until The End
(2008 Until The End Records)

This compilation album is a MUST HAVE for any die-hard hardcore fanatic, out of the 22 explosive tracks, there isn't any "filler," and all the songs deliver a serious knockout blow. Just glancing at the tracklist should say enough. It is practically the whos who of the scene. Best tracks in my opinion are Eternal Bleeding's "Your Promise, My Heartbreak", Fear Rains Down's "Angels of the Apocalypse", and both Band Of Brothers tracks. Satisfaction guarenteed. ~Steve Skam

01. Daily Broken Dream- Just a fake
02. Daily Broken Dream- XXX
03. Path of Resistance- Hold fast
04. Path of Resistance- Our Time will come
05. 2 Minutes Warning- NS Capitalists
06. 2 Minutes Warning- Fools like you
07. Painful Awakening- Hate keeps me alive
08. Painful Awakening- Fuck your Society
09. Anger Within- A new Age
10. Anger Within- Rebirth of Nature
11. Fear Rains Down- Poison free
12. Fear Rains Down- Angels of the Apocalypse
13. Empire Falls- Time heals nothing
14. Empire Falls- Zero Tolerance / No Compromise
15. Eternal Bleeding- Your Promise my Heartbreak
16. Eternal Bleeding- Life is a new Death
17. Inborn Hate- In the Name of Freedom
18. Inborn Hate- From Friend to Foe
19. Painful Life- Maltreatment of Nature
20. Painful Life- No Escape
21. Band of Brothers- School of Pain and Fear
22. Band of Brothers- My last Breath deletes yourExistence

Bad Fate: Bite Back
(2007 EDA Propaganda)

Bad Fate knows the score. With a perfectly meshed combo of thrash and oldschool hardcore, in conjunction with angry vocals and right wing lyrics, this Italian band manages to capture a uniquely 1984-esque sound. Worth it's weight in gold, the album is sure to please all. ~Steve Skam

01. Grido Vendetta
02. Intifada
03. Assassin
04. Antifa' Qua' Qua' Qua'
05. Hai Perso
06. Eterna Colpa
Next week in review: S.O.L.: The Law Belongs to the Stronger, and NSHC Massacre Vol. 1.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rick's Pick: Gigi & Die Braunen Stadtmusikanten

This week I have to pick Gigi & Die Braunen Stadtmusikanten, "Braun Ist Trumpf," as my top CD of this week. Like last week this CD is another that has had regular play on my ipod since I got it. This band features the vocalist of Stahlgewitter but is more of a rock and roll CD. I have several favorite songs on this CD, one of which is an upbeat cover of "Napalm In The Morning."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Skaldic Forge Productions, Ultra Sur

Vocalist Jorgen of Wotanorden has recently joined with long-time friend Dan, of Norsewind, to create Skaldic Forge productions. Skaldic Forge will specialize in the production and distibution of folkish and heathen based acts, domestic and European.

The artwork for Argentinian rock legends Ultra Sur's newest album is finished and printing will begin soon. Check out at Label56 for updates.

INTERVIEW: All You Can Kill Buffet records

AYCKB records just released the newest Fear Rains Down on vinyl and not too long ago the Honor tribute on vinyl as well, any particular reason vinyl?
AYCKB likes to put out vinyl records because vinyl's old school. People can't make copies of them and lots of people collect them. Who doesn't like vinyl anyway?

What other releases have you done? Any plans to re-release stuff on CD or strictly vinyl?
We also released Antisystem 7", Honor 7" and Honor Double CD (re-release).

What are some of the upcoming projects you plan or hope to release in the future?
We're currently working with Streetfight Records and O-T Records to release a great RAC album, which will be released on CD and vinyl.

Who do you think are the artists to watch out for as far as up and coming talent?
Germany has the best scene as of today and that's where the best bands come from.

If you could see one band live that you have yet to, who would it be?

A lot of old school guys do not like the hardcore or black metal music scenes and do not view it as progressive. What are your thoughts regarding these strong ever growing genres?
I don't listen to black metal. Hardcore is definitely a move in right direction. We need more bands and more shows like UPRISE. Bands like POR, Moshpit, FRD, Brainwash are my personal favorites in this genre, new bands should be influenced by them.

What do you think of the American scene? How can we improve it?
I don’t think there's a lot to say about American scene, except that we need more shows.

What was the best concert you ever attended? And Why?
I had a great time at 2006 ISD Memorial in Belgium, Razor's Edge and Blue Eyed Devils were on the bill. The show was sold out at about 600 people.

How many games do you think the Devils will take Carolina in? Who do you think will win Philly and Pittsburgh? And who would you want the Devils to play in the next bracket, Rangers or Caps? Devils in 6. Pitt in 5. I'd like to see Devils and "Rags" rivalry again.

Any last words for the readers?
Support your scene and blogs like Uprise Direct. Thanks for the interview.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Deaths Head, Varg, Profane

Currently, Deaths Head compilation cd "Decompilation" is out now. 14 tracks of hard to find compilation songs and live stuff with a 12 page booklet of photos and band commentary.

Aussie death metal outfit Deaths Head enters the studio next week to begin recording of the Norse myth themed concept album "Baldr". A retelling of the legendary tale of the murder of the god of light and the quest to bring him back from Hel. This will be the second concept album in a row for Deaths Head and a long awaited project for singer Jesse.

Out of Sweden is a new project of Angriff and Titania member Lundsson titled Varg. This release, "Visioner for Miljoner (Visions for Millions)," is limited to 100 CDR copies, at almost 30 minutes of material. Samples of the band are available at Frihetsrock productions HERE.

The music itself is somewhat ambiguous as it has obvious influences from different genres, as well as differing vocal ranges. However, at no point does this melodic project lack interest for the listener.

I happen to be a fan of work produced by these talented group of muscians. With the Varg samples you will notice vocals at points similar to another side project One Day Access. Everything Lundsson creates has excellent production and is of the best quality.

New CD by Profane, titled "Heretique Arya."

Thursday, April 16, 2009

IN REVIEW: Second Class Citizen, H8machine, Slavia

Second Class Citizen: Demo 2008

Anyone with the slightest knowledge on the hardcore coming out of Germany, knows that is is one of the leaders in the hardcore movement right now. 2NDCC proves it with their 7 track onslaught, filled entirely with pure energy. Best of all they almost have a newer Agnostic Front sound mixed with very melodic bridges that mesh nicely. A must have for any serious connoisseur of the genre. ~Steve Skam
01- Intro
02- 100%
03- The Nature Is Dying
04- Scene Abcess
05- Fucking Slave
06- Hoffnung Und Zuversicht
07- Outro

H8machine: One Less Reason To Smile
(2008 Free Your Mind productions)

If there was a reward for a band that consistanly releases hard-hitting, anger-ladden, yet positive albums...that reward would go to H8machine. On their latest installment you can expect an explosive arsenal of crushing vocals from Dennis who is nicely paired with Joe Frustration (from Tears of Frustration, Last Battalion, and Hatelordz fame). Musically it's oldschool styled and the lyrics are angry, which in my opinion makes this the best release to date. Pick it up if you haven't already, definitly worthy of heavy rotation. ~Steve Skam
01- Burn
02- Back to the Start
03- The Story's Always the Same
04- One Less Reason to Smile
05- A Dollar and A Dream
06- Shame on Me
07- Low Life
08- Hold My Breath
09- Self Hatred
10- Better Days
11- Dont Know
12- Put Your Hands Up

Slavia: End To Peace
(2008 Cause Of Honor records)

Talented Polish hardcore band out of NYC that play more of an oldschool style. To say that these guys took me by suprise with their debut, would be an understatement. What a great sound, a nice blend of mostly English vocals with a few Polish songs. Keep your eyes out for them, their future is very promising. ~Steve Skam
01. Intro
02. End To Peace
03. Take Back What's Ours Think Agian
04. Think Again
05. Warfront
06. This Lie
07. Im Drunk... So Fuck You!
08. Batalia

09. Czerwone Skurwynysy [cover]

Next week In Review, Hardcore Until the End compilation and Bad Fate... Also next week, an interview with All You Can Kill Buffet records.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rick's Pick: Blind Justice

"Rick's Pick" is a weekly album brought to you by Label 56. Each week Rick will provide his choice listening for you the readers.
This is not so much a review as much as just a choice of top notch tunes by Rick, owner of Label 56.

This weeks pick has got to be the debut cd from Italian hardcore band Blind Justice titled "That`s Not For You." This cd has been a regular play on my ipod since I got it several weeks ago. Melodic fast paced hardcore, similar to Hate For Breakfast and other Italian hardcore bands.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Brutal Attack, Honky Tonk Knife Fight, Hatelordz, Total War & Still Burnin' Youth

Recently Diehard records just re-released two aditional Brutal Attack albums on CD..."Steel Rolling On" and "Valiant Heart" which include 5 bonus demo tracks and a nice 8 page booklet.

Also released on Diehard, a limited vinyl 7" from Australia's Honky Tonk Knife Fight, which is a new Punk & Roll band featuring members of Blood Red Eagle. Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies, the album is available in different varied shades of marbeled color vinyl.

Coming soon on Die Hass Fabrik records out of Germany, brand new material by Hatelordz. a 7" including 3 tracks titled "Friday Night Riot." Available in two different covers

Also available soon on DHF is a 7" split of Total War and Italy's Still Burnin' Youth, titled "Generation X." Reportedly come in two different covers each.

Still Burnin' Youth [pictured at top] is the Uprise Direct featured cover artist for the month of April.

Want your band to be featured? Send us a high quality live [or promo] pic of your band, or your favorite band [with permission]. Please include with the photo a sample MP3 of the same artist. Please email all entries to

Attack vocalist mentioned in news.

Attack frontman Forrest was mentioned in a local Floridian news article describing his enraged presence at an anti-war protest. Forrest reportedly drove past the protest and exited his vehicle to express his freedom of speech. Forrest "...pulled placards out of the protester’s hands and kicked signs out of the ground," while yelling profanities.

According to the article written by Kyle Martin for the Tampa Tribune, "the investigator, Detective Stacy Rodriguez, considered building a case for assault or battery charges, a report shows, but none of the protestors felt threatened enough to justify the crime. In his interview with Rodriguez, Fogarty said he had recently returned from serving 18 months in Iraq and grew angry when he saw the protestors. He regretted yelling obscenities and kicking the signs, but felt he had the same rights to freedom of speech as they did, Rodriguez reported."

There have been no charges pressed against Forrest, however, the organizer has stated if he does not apologize publicly, charges may be filed against him for his actions.

Forrest is commonly known among the scene as a war veteran of the Iraqi conflict, recently serving overseas. While the Iraq war is a subject of debate for many, there is no question that Forrest is entitled to voice his opinion of the current war and such issues. Much of his recent experiences have been lyrical inspiration for the latest Attack album titled "Fade Away."

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Youth Defense League, No Alibi, Shed No Tears

Pure Impact records has announced a release of new material by NYC legends Youth Defense League. We will be sure to post any additional information regarding this release as we get it.

Since the assistance on the newest Attack release (available through Label 56), Jack Owen of Cannibal Corpse / Deicide fame has officially joined forces with with notorious Buffalo boys No Alibi to perform lead guitars on their forthcoming studio release. All songs are written by No Alibi, although Jack O. will produce and perform leads on the new CD.

The German band Shed No Tears, former members of Odessa, have announced the upcoming release of their debut CD on PC records. SNT plays a kid of old school hardcore, heavy rock sounds very similar to Empire Fall--including the vocals.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

REVIEW: 2 Minutes Warning, Tattooed Mother Fuckers

2 Minutes Warning: When Their Statues Fell
(2009 Until the End records)

What a great album that completely took me by surpise. I knew this band had talent after hearing them on various compilation albums but the full length is really their best, hardest hitting material to date. The songs all have a crunchy almost old school tune to them and they sing about everything from globalism, zionism, the NWO, vigilante justice, internet nerds, and so on. I Definitely recommend, pick it up and support the scene! ~Steve Skam
1- Bloody Money
2- Headhunter
3- Sudden Irrational Act
4- Zahltag
5- Coward
6- Forum Fighter
7- Global Epidemic
8- Vigilant
9- Infusion Of False Thinking
10- Swimming With The Tide
11- Nightmare Of The Undead (+ bonus track)

Tattooed Mother Fuckers: The Mother Fucking Army (mini CD)
(2009 Thug Beat productions)

This mini CD reminds me of a beatdown, it starts and finishes brutally, leaving a taste in your mouth that you just want more. As a follower of TMF, I must say I'm very impressed by their latest work. Definitely hard hitting and straight to the point, leaving the listener frothing at the mouth for more. Highly recommended. ~Steve Skam
1- Join Up (Join In)
2- Fuck This, Fuck that, Fuck Everything
3- 3 Things On My Mind
4- I Spit In Your Face
5- So Full Of It
6- Violence Reigns Supreme

Next week in review: H8machine: "One Less Reason To Smile" and Second Class Citizen: Demo 2008

Awakening Tyr Records, Lupus Infectus

A new label from Argentina, Awakening Tyr, has announced their debut production. The international list of artists planned on the debut release perform: martial, noise, power electronic and experimental style projects. While this genre is not one of my favorites, I am a fan of several of the listed artists, notably Argentum and Eldar, and anticipate the release.

New CD by Lupus Infectus out soon on Black Shirt records. Order from BS records HERE.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Der Blutharsch

New album by Der Blutharsch, "Everything Is Alright," is now alvailable. Der Blutharsch is known for mixing folk, martial, industrial and electronic elements to form their brand of powerful experimental rock music that flirts with Fascism through imagery and sound.

"Everything Is Alright" features a compilation of rare tracks and remixes recorded from 2002 - 2008. At 17 tracks, including a cover of neo-folk legends Death In June's "The Odin Hour," the album's total play time about 57 min.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sudden Threat Exclusive!

Exclusive to Uprise Direct first, a sample off the upcoming split to be released with OPOS records, Sudden Threat.

Sudden threat is a side project of Total War. The band been working on their upcoming debut recently. This song is titled "Don't Need You" and will be featured on the upcoming release. It may be a little rough because this is not the final mix, however, I'm sure that won't stop you from enjoying it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eugenik, Antisemitex / Selbstmord, Eingar

After 3 years since the release of "Tag des Raben," Eugenik has released their newest work "Schlactenhall" on LP. The LP features 6 new tracks and is available in blue vinyl and black. Hand numbered, limited posters are also included (number unknown). I look forward to the having the chance to check this release out, as their first release is a personal favorite of mine.

Eugenik's first CD "Tag des Raben" is an excellent album containing many classic black metal elements while also having that unique German RAC influenced black metal. The vocalist Asemit, also of black metal band Totenburg, does a great job of mixing the vocals, which range between two distinct different styles; black metal screaming and clean RAC style, the latter being the dominate. There is great energy and flowing transitions from song to song creating a very epic feel throughout the entire album. This is an obvious result of the tight performance of the musicians. "Tag des Raben" is available in two versions, one being a limited 999 digipak print.

Antisemitex, Selbstmord split titled "We Bring Desolation" on Die Todesrune records, out now. Antisemitex features members of Polish black metal band Martial.

Other news from Die Todesrune records, Eingar has resently joined company to release the band's follow album up to "Quickening Sun." Eingar's 3rd album is scheduled to be released in the near future. Eingar is a solo project from Waffenscholtz of Wotanorden.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hate for Breakfast Interview

Translated interview with Hate for Breakfast for sent to us courtesy of Thank you.

1)For a long time hardcore considered as antifa music, what was the reason to start playing hardcore? Why did you decide to bring this music to fascist scene? What reaction did you expect from comrades in Movement?
Hardcore has always been present in the skinhead scene and in the NS front: from Blue Eyed Devils, H8 Machine or Angry Aryans, just to mention some.
In the last few years the scene has moved to Europe, especially in Italy and Germany, thanks to high quality of their bands. SPQR, Evil Church, Macchina Targata Paura, Still burning Youth, Blind Justice in Italy; Path of Resistance, Moship, Brainwash, Daily broken dreams, Painfull Awaiking, as far as Germany concern.
Also, the relationship between the those two Nation are very good: we can say that we support each other and if one succeeds, is like a victory for all: this is the real NSHC Mafia!!!
At our very firsts live performances, comrades where kind of shocked by this sound.
Today, after so many live shows, most of them know our songs and we always end up with a massive invasion on stage with all the comrades singing along loud with us.
The ones that think the HC is music for antifa, understand fuck all about music and Fascism!!!
This is one of the reasons why we have decided to overtake HC music and give to those antifa’s scum an attitude lesson! HFB becomes a Fascist still point inside the HC’s movement.
Hardcore is Fascist, hardcore is Squadrons, hardcore is HATE FOR BREAKFAST!!

2) What is the current line-up of HfB?
Sandro: - vocalist
Vincenzo: - guitar
Bizzo: - bass
Alberto: drummer for worldwide shows (1st drummer of HfB)
Pio: drummer for the new album (ex Carnivals Carnage)
Lorenzo: drummer for everything else (16 years old yeahhhh)

3) Tell us about your releases. Any plans for releases in 2009?
We’re very pleased with our past releases and I believe that our fans are too since all our productions have sold out so quickly. For this reason, beside the band it self, I would like to say a special thank you to Gio form EDA Propaganda for his great distribution work.
For this year we have planned innumerate concert all around Europe, we’re working on a MCD called "Squadrismo Hardcore".
Our new stuff will be ind of the same old school hardcore sound of "Hatecore Connection" and will be released under the cooperation of the well known EDA Propaganda label and the Black Shirts Records (a brand new label managed by my self, with the primary intention of producing and promoting new bands within the NSHC’s scene – if you have anything that you want us to produce, just give us a bell!).

4) What inspire you to write such a cool music? What are your texts about?
I get inspired by the everyday living of the sickness of this shitty society.
Nature’s destruction, air pollution, animal torture and vivisection, liberal capitalism, Judaism, the fact of doing anything and everything to make profit… I hate human’s nature blindness: why don’t they
under stand that we are the earh.

5) The two main NSHC scenes in Europe are Italian and German? What is the major difference between them on your opinion?
Do you mean the political/organization differences or just the musical ones?
Because as far as the first one concern, In Germany is definitely more difficult organize and play to and NS show and this because of the absurdity of their laws that is kind of suffocating their country – even though, every time we went to play there we really did have an awesome time. We feel very closed and supportive to all of them because of this reason and also because they don’t give a toss about their restrictions and they carry on with their good work!
On the other hand, if your question was referred just to the musical differences, well, the major difference between us and them is the budget to realize the final product.
Just to give an example: all the HFB work is registered at the the right moment that we play, in order to save time and money in the recording studio.
Our musical imprinting is very close to the classic Hardcore sound, more than the Hatecore one; that’s why we were the fisrt one to use the expression "NSHC".

6) How do you think what subgenre of hardcore is the closest to NSHC scene (youth crew, hardline, Christian HC and etc)?
Without a doubt, Hardline are very closed to the NSHC’s attitude and, unless we’re talking about emo’s shit, far as we are concern everything is good.

7) What's usually going on your gigs? Do you have some good hardcore dancing? Did you ever had gigs stopped by police?
All our live show are very much felt by all our fans: from a brutal pogo, to people jumping on and off stage, singing along with us. We can honestly say that all our show are very animated from the very begin right to the end. Personally I love the feeling between us and our supporters. I believe that live exhibitions are the best time for the band, that gives life to a magic and intense community moment,.

8) Movement in Russia is known for it's violence. As person from country with glorious tradition on political violence what do you think about it's role in Movement?
Like Benito Mussolini said during one of his speech in 1925 in front of the Chamber of Deputies referring to the Ceka in Russia: "La violenza, per essere risolutiva, deve essere chirurgica, intelligente e cavalleresca". Violence it self, just for the fact of being violent, doesn't to belong to us and to the way we are: we have other achivemnt in life. Have said that, if you really need to use violence, you have to be aware that is only one of the ways to achieve things, is never to end it.

9) Imagine that after national-revolutionary victory you'll become Italian ambassador in some African country, Ethiopia or Somalia for example, name 5 things that you'll take with you there.
A ring for a tend, some snow rackets, a pink Volkswagen’s wheel, a cork plug, a comb and a bone!

10) Are you involved in to any political projects? What do you think about Forza Nova and Fiamma Tricolore?
At the present time we are all members of Casa Pound, a newborn Italian association, after we all left Fiamma Tricolore. The main aims are against the high cost of living and usury. Lately has become very popular on the national territory thanks to the beautiful futurist actions of all the militants. FN and FT ideas do interest us as they don’t belong to us.

11) As some European nationalists think that Putin is a real nationalist, some Russian comrades think that Berlusconi and Allemano are fascists. So what real fascists think about Berlusconi and Alemanno?
I am glad to notice that you haven’t mentioned Fini’s the worm and Alessandra Mussolini the cheap star movie, which pleases me because I rather not express my self on these suspicious characters. Alemanno disgusts me as much as Fini does, while Berlusconi that even is everything else apart being fascist, he’s definitely more serious compared to the above mentioned ones.
Italian fascist act in the streets with demonstration, occupations and when necessary, ready to fight the cops and the commies! We’re in the schools, in the warehouses, everywhere these politician scumbags would even bother to come for a minute, we live and fight every day.
Fuck all the politician, we are the real power!

12) What do you think about global finance crisis? Now there are anti-government riots in Balkan and Baltic states. Can this crisis lead to new anni di piombo in Italy? How can fascists use this crisis in their interest?
Anni di Piombo have represented, from the ideological and political point of view, the most ill-omened period of the whole Italian Republic history. Way too many young people have fallen for their ideas. These years have left an open wound full of events that we all hope that wont ever happen again. Honour to the fallen comrades.
A whole different story applies to the capital global crisis or the Baltic States situation, but I wont even go there as the space and the time is not enough to analyze and discuss about this particular topic.

13) What about your future plans?
Come to "desecrate" Russia with a live show!

14) Some final words for Russian readers.
Squadrismo Hardcore for life! Keep it clean: stay Fascist!

Friday, April 3, 2009

I.C.1, Fehér Törvény, Voice of Justice

I.C.1 is a new project featuring Andy of Razors Edge and members of Carpe Diem. I.C.1 is a term used by English police, abbreviation for "Identity Code" and the number 1 afterwards depicts the specific ethnicity of Caucasian.

The project, with Andy on vocals, is sung entirely in English and is based on traditional Oi with lyrics about memories, heroes, friends, government and humor. With 15 varied songs, timing in at around 50 minutes, the CD should be quite interesting for fans of the two bands involved in the project. "Out of Control" by I.C.1 out now on RACords.

Hungarian hardcore outfit, Fehér Törvény plan to go into the studio to record new material by the end of May. The band hopes for the album to be finished and available by the end of the summer.

Recently featured on the "Smashing Rainbows" compilation, the "NSHC Massacare" and a split with Empire Falls in 2006, Fehér Törvény are getting a good bit of international exposure, especially here in the US. Official band site HERE.

Additional news from Hungary, hardcore band Voice of Justice has announced that they have parted with the original vocalist. The band is now looking for a new vocalist to finish the upcoming album titled "Eruption of Hate" to be released on Loyalty Records.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Reverend Deaths Head & the Dixie Killers, Max Resist, White Knuckle Driver, Death Penalty

Over the past week, many people have contacted us about the availablity of The Caucazoids demo, in which we have informed everyone to contact the band HERE.

However, on the same note, there appears to be a side project of The Caucazoids members, Reverend Deaths Head & the Dixie Killers. The Rev. & the Dixie Killers do have a much more country/rock feel than that of The Causcazoids, however they do linger in that same vein. The available sample reminds me somewhat of Kilgore.

We anticipate the future release of a demo or perhaps a split between the two bands? While my personal taste in this music is pretty reserved, it is refreshing to see musicians venturing into otherwise new territory for style and direction.

Famed vocalist Sean of Max Resist has reportedly started a new project with the White Knuckle Driver guys from California. The project has yet to be named, but has already begun writting some material and recording. From the sample I got the chance to hear, it seems to be a bit faster paced than any of the MR stuff yet has the distinct vocals of Sean.

Death Penalty is a new a straight edge hardcore band from Russia. The sXe scene in Russia is quite large and their seems to be a growing number of bands to support this scene. Death Penalty being one of them. In the end of 2008, DP and Outlaw Heroes Standing played sXe concert together, will about 100 patrons in attendence.

The band performs more an old school style HC, at times the guitars sound similar to early Blue Eyed Devils material the tuning and riffs. The band sings the majority in Russian however there are lyrics sung in English, which also seems to be quite popular.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Uwocaust, Ultima Fronteria

New on PC records, Uwocaust (& alte Freunde). Uwe, the vocalist of popular German hardcore outfits: Burn Down, Bloodshed, Proissenheads & A.B., has released his newest project, Uwocaust. However, it is said this album is not like other projects, that it is more or a rock feel and a bit slower than his previous material. The CD at 14 tracks comes in at 50 minutes and is packaged in a digipak.

Uwe has a distinctive voice which has made his work quite popular, so we look forward to checking out this newest release. There are sample track available on PC's site.

Italian RAC band Ultima Frontiera, who released their last album "Arditi Sentieri" on Tuono records in 2008, hopes to record a new CD this summer.