Friday, August 28, 2009

Vérszerződés, Warfare 88, Melancholy, Disiplin

Scheduled to be released before the end of the year, will be a limited edition re-release of the first 2 albums of the long-running Hungarian hatecore band Vérszerződés. The original albums are reportedly very rare and difficult to get (even in Hungary).

New Hungarian electronic musical project, Melancholy, is working on material for a possible upcoming release. Check it our HERE.
Blood Sacrifice productions of New Zealand, is releasing Orange County punk rock outfit Warfare 88' s "FTW: The Complete Discography." The release will feature all the featured songs from The White Album, the split with Forward Area, plus rare and demo tracks. 42 tracks in total and all new artwork.

White Devils, Fehér Törvény, Bombs Not Food, Kampfbund, Fatal Assault

The vocalist of Poland's White Devils is currently incarcerated for allegedly producing and/or distributing hateful material(s).

An organized support group has encouraged fans of the band to send Tomasz registered postcards with the following message: "BE STRONG! WE ARE WITH YOU!" to the address listed below:

Tomasz Maciolek, syn Bronislawa
Areszt Sledczy
ul. Swiebodzka 1
50-950 Wroclaw

Hardcore band Fehér Törvény's newest release is scheduled to be out in time for the annual Sons of Europe Concert. The album is rumored to be some of the best material by the band to date.

Hardcore/crust band Bombs Not Food, a project of Pushing Onwards, recorded a new song for the upcoming Hungarian compilation, "100% Magyar volume 2."

BNF have only previously been featured on the Hungarian compilation "BHS Crew." Reportedly, the band hopes to push the direction more into hardcore with the newer material.

From New York, hardcore influenced band, Fatal Assault, is reportedly working on a debut release.

French metal band Kampfbund is currently working on recording 4 new tracks that are set to appear on the 4-way split with Arianrhod, Fehér Törvény, Pushing Onwards; due out early 2010.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rick's Pick: Razor's Edge & Squadron

This week's pick actually goes to two different bands. I have been listening to some classic British RAC the last week or so and two CDs in particular have been getting the most play. Razor's Edge's "Stick To Your Guns" and Squadron's "Our Time Will Come/ Take The Sword." (It`s a double release.)

Two great CDs, from two long running English bands. Pick them up if you are in the mood for some good old British RAC ~Rick 56

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gone South, Kreuzfeuer, Sharon Tate, Octobre, Murder In Society, Stay True

Chris of Midtown Bootboys and Downright Hateful has announced a new band titled Gone South. The music is quoted as being "alcohol powered rock 'n roll," whith several samples available HERE.

OPOS records is reportedly beginning works on a tribute compilation to Kreuzfeuer, the popular German death metal band that featured members of Brainwash. So far the CD titled "Kreuzfeuer Tribute" features many several bands yet to be announced.

The debut CD by metal outfit Sharon Tate is scheduled to be released in approximately one month
Out now is the limited CDR by Canadian metal Rac crossover band Octobre.
Charles M, the singer for Murder In Society, has informed Uprise Direct that the band will finally be recording their debut full length album around the end of September. Keep and eye out for them as they play a hardcore style with heavy punk influences. Check out the band's samples HERE.

A new young group Trattendrang have released an in house demo. The CD features seven titles, and has a playing time of about 18 minutes. The release is limited to 1111 hand numbered pieces together and features a sticker.

From the Saint Petersburg area of Russia comes a new straight edge hardcore outfit Stay True

Thursday, August 20, 2009

IN REVIEW: White Devils, Titania & Antisystem and IPVOX

Titania/ Antisystem: We Are Here To Create Our Own Fate
(2006 Strong Survive records)

Awesome split cd featuring Sweden's Titania and Russia's Antisystem. While both bands carry their weight Titania really steals the show with their musical craftsmanship and different/ in your face way of discussing the problems that plague today's society. Highly recommended for fans of intelligent lyrics and well played melodic hardcore for Nationalists. ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Intro
02- Media
03- Broken Generation
04- Till Dig Som Forsvann
05- Nu Gudar Oss Kaller
06- Folk Mot Folk
07- Discover Your TV
08- Not For Sale
09- Anti-system Fighter
10- Paradise For Parasites
11- Dirty Politicians
12- Don't Ask Us Why
13- Gods Of War
Ipvox: Dissident 2.0
(2007 Alternative-S)

This is a pretty good release that took me by surprise, seeing it's typically not a genre that I listen to, at all. I'd classify this as a hybrid mix of industrial, techno, and rock & roll with heavily NS influenced vocals in French. If you're in the market to try something different, this will probably be it. ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Agir Pour Ne Pas Subir
03- Creer
04- Odysseus
05- L'art De La Manipulation
06- Archeofuturisme
07- L'exemple
08- Creativite (remix - instrumental)
09- Archeofuturisme (remix - instrumental)
10- L'art De La Manipulation (remix - instrumental)

White Devils: Manifesto Of Resistance
(2008 Strong Survive records)

I highly empathize the word heavy to describe this Polish metalcore bands latest release. Lots of mosh-part breakdowns and neckbreaking singalong choruses sung in both Polish and English. This CD is sure to please fans of Konkwista 88, SOL, Honor, and the likes. ~Steve Skam

Track list:
01- Czas Rewolucji
02- Monster
03- Honour
04- Thousand Deaths
05- Narodowe Sily Zbrojne
06- Face Your Fate
07- Lusting For Death
08- Those Times Are Gone
09- Damned To Corruption
10- Hail Bialy Diable
11- The End

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rick's Pick: Guilty the Pain

This week`s pick is the grindcore band Guiltily the Pain, for their CD "Thepsychobastardbattery." This CD is 31 tracks of heavy chaotic screaming, yelling and guitar driven psycho bastard battery! This is definitely one to stick in the stereo to bang your head, or the head of somebody else, against a wall. Unfortunately, differences with the vocalist have left the future of this band in jeopardy; so this may be their only release. Pick it up, add it to your collection of greats before they are forgotten. ~Rick 56

Monday, August 17, 2009

INTERVIEW: Arghoslent (August's Artist of the Month)

This month's artist of the month, while late, is Death metal legends Arghoslent. Having met the band several times, and seeing them play on a few occasions, I figured it was about time to ask for an interview. Arghoslent are known for there crushing riffs and historically based infamous lyrics. This should have been up sooner but the Uprise Direct office is done and we are back...

It’s been awhile since we spoke last, what is new with the band?
POGROM: At the moment we’re putting the finishing layout touches to a split CD with MARTIAL BARRAGE that will be released around August. We also just returned from Europe a few months ago and played a show in Virginia on Memorial Day for a Confederate Hammerskin gathering.

You previously shared that you had some issues with show bookings and venues overseas, how was your European tour altogether?
POGROM: The tour was a success overall although 2 of our 6 shows were canceled. We were unable to relocate in Belgium, as the police took in the organizer for questioning for about 4 hours. When he got out he found another venue, he only sent the invite to 50 people and within an hour the new club had been contacted again. Nobody knows who the infiltrator is but it’s pointing to some homosexual German DJ that spends his days on the computer writing threatening emails. I think this one is still pissed off about the SMASHING RAINBOWS CD.

The French gig suffered the same kind of death threat against the club owner and he closed down his club in front of us, refused to call the cops to report the death threat, jumped on his scooter, and took off. Another venue was found, some biker club, but this time in Marseilles, not in Aix en Provence like originally booked. The problem was that there was another metal gig going on there at the time, so we were allowed to play after it was over, around 3:00AM. Only AFFLICTION GATE played after us then everyone split as you could imagine what time it was.

The first shows in Finland and the one in Italy were great, however. Only in Belgium were we not allowed to play.

Often, as much anything else, the metal scene seems to divide itself and there is constant back and forth, yet, Arghoslent generally does not involve themselves in such stuff. Is there a general anonymity that your band members take to avoid such issues, or is it the scene just loves you so much?
POGROM: The scene doesn’t love us, they just love our music. Not all the marketing and advertising in the world could make our ideas "popular" or "accepted" within the underground or anywhere else. The more we’re known, the more we’re despised and ostracized. Our American label once told us "If you guys didn’t sing about slavery and homophobia, you’d be a best-selling band based on your musicianship alone!!" It has been mentioned had we sung about flowers and mountains that we’d be fairly "successful" as musicians in the metal community.

As you see, it is party by choice, but also partly by the fact that we’ve been alienated by virtually every level of the scene. This is why you don’t see much written about us anywhere.

HOLOCAUSTO: I don't care a bit about controversy and would be just as happy releasing instrumental albums. But as long as we write lyrics, we write them about what suits, what interests. Aren't people tired of discussing the lyrics, whether they're offensive or just history lessons, whether a Jew can listen to Arghoslent, whether we advocate or merely present? I have many opinions about this but it's all too obvious to type here. I'll just say that I couldn't care less who likes it and who doesn't. If you like the riffs and lyrics, cool, so do I. If you don't, then put in a CD you do like. I don't care one way or the other.

Your site contains a hate mail section, and obviously you music is reaching the ears of more listeners, have you guys had to deal much with opposing views other than the occasional email?
POGROM: No opposition in person, it’s mostly anonymous messages and comments made on queer forums. I think everyone expects cowards to behave that way. Where drunks have liquid courage, pussies have internet courage.

Your latest and awaited album "Hornets of the Pogrom," from what I read has been getting good reviews from generally mainstream metal listeners. This has always been one of Arghoslent's attributes I think, would you mind sharing your thoughts as to why you guys are so well received?
POGROM: I don’t think anyone reviewing our work really approves of our message or out interpretation of history. Their words speak for themselves. Yes, you might be reading a lot of good reviews of our albums but we’re one of the few bands worldwide that requires a disclaimer in the package, much like the Al and Tipper Gore PMRC label in the old WASP albums.

Reactions to our music are always good; reactions to our lyrics are always bad. I think also that some of this attention we’ve been getting it thanks to the widespread availability of the internet as well. Don’t forget that old types of zines and traditional avenues are non-existent nowadays.

We’ve been playing death metal for about 20 years, so I would hope that it is appreciated for what that’s worth. It’s not rocket science, it’s only negative death metal.

HOLOCAUSTO: This is not classical music; it's not some profound intellectual movement, not some technically virtuosic achievement. It's ridiculous to pretend to be some sort of deeply-insightful artist in these genres. If one craves profundity, listen to Mussorgsky; if one craves poetic art, listen to Vicente Amigo. If one responds to riffs and thrash, listen to metal.

You guys have been re-releasing a bunch of material as of late, is the demand up for out of press copies? Any new material in the works?
POGROM: I’m not sure how many copies of any of our albums have really sold. I reckon a lot of our music is pirated, downloaded for free, and copied. Most bands suffer the same level of diffusion however in our case I think people rather copy our work and download it in order to avoid feeling guilty about paying for our demeaning work. In their eyes listening to the band for free isn’t really supporting us. It’s a way of justifying them liking our work which has so many people menstruating and wishing they had been born with a vagina between their legs.
The split album will contain 20 minutes of each band with new material. These songs were recorded during the HORNETS session so you can expect more of the same. MARTIAL BARRAGE is a true kick in the face in terms of aggression and contemptuous death metal. The lyrics are top-notch and cannot be rivaled.

You guys have had some line-up troubles in the past but as of late it seems you have a real solid line-up. Am I correct to assume this is rather motivational as to writing new material?
POGROM: I don’t think we have a recurrent problem but then again remember we’ve been around since 1990. Not every original member signed up to play in the band for 19 years. Our first drummer left the band after GALLOPING THROUGH THE BATTLE RUINS due to not feeling comfortable with our fascist views and incorrigibly bigoted attitude any longer. Our original bassist lost the tip of his finger in a work-related accident after INCORRIGIBLE and never played bass again. GRAVEDIGGER was replaced by a better vocalist, and in turn this vocalist did his sentence and decided to abandon the vessel. You also have to remember that we’re all professionals and the connection with this outfit is somewhat problematic for our personal lives.

HOLOCAUSTO: The line-up changes a lot not so much because there is some intrinsic problem, but rather because Arghoslent is, at its core, a riff band. The guitars are the root of everything else, and all other elements, though admittedly important, are interchangeable. The only things we can't replace are the guitars; everything else is incidental. Pogrom and I are collaborators, co-conspirators. We work with each other at length to arrange and compose our songs; the two guitars are the very center of Arghoslent.I know you have had past involvement in other bands, are you or any other members currently working on any projects; old or new?
POGROM: We don’t have side bands. All bands we’re involved in are not projects.

What are the future plans for the band and anyone you'd like to thank?
We're looking to perhaps play outside of the East coast, however, for a band like ours that does this on a part-time basis, and confronts the hypocritical and politically correct douchebags with every step, it must be well coordinated. We live in 4 different states and even rehearsing can be a hassle.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Unknown War

The Unknown War

Many albums over the years have been considered "classics" for a variety of reasons. On the basis of musical ability, lyrical ingenuity or the impact they had upon first being released. Then there are albums which for inexplicable reasons have been sidelined over the years. The Unseen War by Break The Sword is one such release.

On musical grounds alone, this CD should have been essential listening. It was beyond the normal proficiency, with complex overlaid tracks which strayed beyond the usual level of musicianship. While still overtly a Skinhead album, it had the potential to attract a much wider audience. Lyrically, with songs ranging from the considered and intelligent to downright brutal, "The Unseen War" mixed White Nationalism with a healthy American Nationalism, and anti-immigration message. It decried capitalism and communism, consumerism and atheistic hedonistic amorality. Rooted firmly in the Christian Identity anti-government tradition, the CD railed against the modern world. "The Unseen War" was ostensibly made up of three bands, Break the Sword, Day of the Sword and the Philly Bootboys, yet basically both Day of..., and Break the Sword were the same band. With Philadelphia Skinhead Scott Stedeford at the helm of both bands, and clearly the driving force behind them, they transcended the usual level of RAC being produced at the time. As well as breaking with orthodox RAC lyrical content, the bands attacked capitalism, injecting references to Christian Identity and produced the classic "Blood Stained Emerald" which received much flak for being sympathetic to Irish Nationalists. Unfortunately, the CD contained the traditional Skrewdriver cover in the form of "Blood & Honor," yet even this was proficiently played and contained a subtle yet effective lyrical rewrite which transformed the song into a track for a post-Communist world.

On these merits alone, "The Unseen War" should be a classic, yet there is more to the tale. The truth behind this CD is more a key to the radical nature of its members than even the lyrics would suggest. Because the CD was made, produced and released with funds from one of the bank robberies carried out by the Aryan Republican Army (ARA), aka The Midwest bank robbers, a paramilitary group inspired by both the Order and Irish Nationalist guerrillas who carried out 22 bank robberies across the Midwest, between 1994 and 1995, netting an estimated 250 to 500,000 dollars; without injuring or killing a single person. The money was intended for Nationalists across America. Both Stedeford and the drummer on the Break the Sword tracks, Kevin McCarthy, were members of the ARA.

In the next year and a half, Stedeford released two more CDs under the Day of the Sword name, but in actuality both CD’s contained multiple unnecessary and irritating Skrewdriver covers. Nothing ever came close to "The Unseen War." When the ARA fell apart with all members behind bars and much recrimination, Day of the Sword came to an end. At 28 years old, Stedeford was sentenced to 10 years for one of the robberies in Des Moines Iowa, and then received a further 20 year sentence for one of the robberies in Wisconsin. Break the Sword drummer Kevin McCarthy turned states evidence and received a lighter sentence. Stedeford went to prison without uttering a word.

Whatever negative attitudes some have towards this kind of para-militarism, the truth is that Stedeford, et al, practiced what they preached. They took their message outside the studio. But the ARA was active prior to the Oklahoma bombing, when the political atmosphere was very different. Anyone who remembers the aftermath of the Murrah building bombing knows that a lot has changed. The patriot movement became vilified, hunted, while many Skinheads found themselves caught in the backlash. It was essentially the end of an era after which the likes of the Aryan Republican Army could not exist. Yet their musical legacy survives.

Like a great piece of revolutionary literature, "The Unseen War" is a signpost of the times, a zeitgeist, an under appreciated and familiar to few album.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

IN REVIEW: Outclass, Empire Falls

Outclass: Second To None
(2008 Barracuda records)

4 tracks on this mini CD of in your face angry Oi! styled street punk give you a preview of whats to come from this sideproject featuring Jonesy (of English Rose, Bulldog Breed, Spearhead, and the most recent Tattooed Mother Fuckers fame) and some Bulgarian musicians. Quality stuff, definitily worthy of checking out. ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Unavoidable
02- Raise Your Fist
03- The Angel Of My Dreams
04- Outclass

Empire Falls: Infamous
(2007 Final Stand records)

Angry old school style hardcore with in your face lyrics would be the best way to describe this release. Topics include everything from "the scene", sociopolitical observations, and pretty much everyday life in general. Definitely recommended if you're a fan of EF and don't own this one. In my opinion the stand-out tracks are "Vigilante" and "Politics Are Dead." ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Universally Despised
02- Vigilante
03- Ambition
04- Politics Are Dead
05- Big Mistake
06- One Nation Under Hate
07- The Baby Boomers Killed The American Dream
08- You Make Me Sick
09- Parasites
10- Thought Police
11- Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
12- Infamous

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rick's Pick: Voice of Justice

This week's pick easily goes to the debut CD by Hungarian hardcore band Voice Of Justice titled "Eruption of Hate." There have been many great releases this year, but in my opinion, this is the best I have heard so far. Musically, they are a mix of Hatebreed and Path Of Resistance (Germany) with a dose of Eternal Bleeding thrown in. Definitely do not overlook this CD if you are a fan of hardcore music. To check out a sample track at the band's Myspace go HERE.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Violence In Our Minds

Violence In Our Minds
~ Chris

Across the board, the Oi, RAC and Hardcore scenes have never been shy of violence. It is embedded in the culture, the music and the lyrics, and has been one of the many aspects which have contributed to painting a large target on the back of the scene for journalists and lawmakers to take potshots at. While some have chosen to sate the public’s criticisms by attacking the apparent "excess" violence in the scene, it seems that the obvious solution would be to turn a mirror on the "popular" culture which spawns these attacks, the socially sanctioned world of music, TV and sport.

The obvious first port of call is the hip hop scene, soaked as it is in the "street credibility" generated by drug dealers, dog fighters and other lowlifes involved in that scene. Yet, this is part of the sanctioned popular culture which apparently forms the moral foundation from which we are attacked. And yet its excesses, its avaricious ultra-individualistic culture is dismissed or excused as "reflections of life as an oppressed minority." Which is clearly nonsense. To draw a comparison, how many times have crimes involving skinheads been peppered with references to CDs found in their possession and brief ill-informed histories of the music and scene. No such standards are applied to hip hop culture or the violence surrounding it. The truth behind it is, at its base, hip hop culture represents the absolute fundamental naked nature of capitalist society. Nation-less, amoral, avaricious and individualistic. Drug dealers are the ultimate expression of laissez-faire free market capitalism, supply and demand in an absolutely unregulated environment. It carries no message that threatens the status quo. It is of no danger to lawmakers. The occasional reference to a kind of fake uncommitted Black Nationalism is irrelevant. It is for the most part lip service.

But hip hop is too obvious a comparison here. Let’s peruse real popular culture, the kind they are happy to feed our children. Michael Vick; sports star, hero, dog fighting degenerate. Britney Spears; a drug addled prostitute who can’t hold on to her kids. Kelsey Grammer; an alleged conservative with a taste for cocaine. Republican Sen. Larry Craig, who apparently likes to cruise toilets for men. Democrat Barney Frank, who admitted paying a male prostitute for sex. These individuals and many, many more, that are held up as idols or people in positions of responsibility and power, are bottom feeders of the worst kind. Yet they are somehow morally superior in the eyes of the wider public. Because? Because they pose no real threat anymore. Society’s’ standards have slipped to such a degree that degenerates are tolerated and accepted because they do not upset the apple cart, they carry no message that has the potential to cause change, real change. Therein lies the beauty and inherent power of our scene. We are a danger - a threat. For all that our lyrics and lifestyle are demeaned, our intelligence questioned, we scare them. We have a message they do not want heard, and in some cases bands who are not content to simply proselytize.

So it is not the violence of the music, the violence of the scene that draws fire, it is an underlying unease amongst wider society which prefers the financially motivated violence of drug dealers and dog fighters over the politically motivated violence or aggressive opposition to the status quo of our scene. A sad indictment of popular culture, but simultaneously a sign of just how fragile it is.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Invictos, Pure Blood, Asgards Wall rex, Pantheon

Out now on PC records is the self titled debut release of Invictus. Invictus is a female fronted Spanish band. The CD features 9 tracks, and reportedly a great new release. While female vocals are hit or miss we look forward to checking this one out.

Bulgarian band Чиста Кръв (or Pure Blood) is currently working on their debut CD titled "Total War." Pure blood plays a heavy rock with hardcore influences similar to early American RAC bands such as Bully Boys or The Voice. Visit the band's website HERE.

UK based label Asgard's Wall records is scheduled to release several albums for August 2009.

Wotan's Vrede - "Wotan's Werewolves" (EP + Bonus). Raw Pagan Nationalist black metal from the United Kingdom.

Sturm - "The Return of Blood Thirst / Blut Unt Krieg." Ambient Pagan/Nationalist black metal: 2 demos collected into one full-length release.

Adalruna - "Anthology I: Der Geheime König und die Schwarze Sonne" (Re-release). Re-issue of the first Adalruna album from 2007. Originally limited to 100 copies. The second installment of this series is scheduled for September, followed by a volume every following month.

Now out on Strong Survive records, the brand new Pantheon release "Paganuclear"

Thursday, August 6, 2009

NEWS: New Clothing Line. IN REVIEW: Pure Hate, Blood Order Co and Pitbull Farm

Vocalist Major Williams, of Brainwash, has announced the production of a brand new clothing line, Dryve By Suizhyde. When we got the chance to speak with the Major about the new apparel line this week, he stated he was very excited about several new designs coming out in the near future. To check out other designs visit HERE.

Pure Hate: My Enemy

Good solid release from this Polish hardcore/ metalcore band. My only gripe is that there's only 5 songs and it's a mini-CD, other than that it'd definitely worthy of picking up. Songs sung in Polish and English. ~Steve Skam
Track list-
01- My Enemy
02- Czas Nienawisci
03- Wiecznosc
04- Blood 4 Blood
05- Nowa Generacja

Blood Order Company: s/t
(2008 Final Stand records)

Awesome debut album from this NS hatecore/ viking metalcore outfit hailing from Pennsylvania. I've been listening to this album in anticipation of their new one that's coming out soon. Flawless would be a word that best describes this band's arsenal. Pick this up if you haven't already, satisfaction guaranteed. ~Steve Skam
Track list-
01- Enter The Halls Of Valhalla
02- Knight's Cross
03- March To War
04- Old Glory
05- Heritage
06- Farewell (prelude)
07- Open Sea
08- A New Land
09- Mjollnir
10- In The Halls Of Valhalla

Pitbull Farm: s/t
(2002 Pitbull Farm records)

Rad psychobilly project and very catchy album by Jocke Karlson of Pluton Svea fame. If you're musically open minded and are looking for something different i highly recommend this one, you'll find yourself taping your feet and singing along in no time. Not to mention there's a few covers, most notably Skullhead's "Wish The Lads Were Here" making this one a classic for sure. ~Steve Skam
Track list-
01- Army Of Assholes
02- Die Tired
03- Love Song
04- Jesse James
05- Human Erection
06- I Wanna See You Dead
07- Wish The Lads Were Here
08- Deranged Desperado
09- Thursday Is Friday
10- Don't Think Twice
11- Hillbilly Hepcat

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rick's Pick: Kara

This week`s pick is the CD by Kara titled "Under A Fading Moon." This CD features female vocalist Kara, backed by Graham and the members of Avalon. The band has a lighter rock sound which could almost be called pop rock at times. The vocals are nice and tend to be more soft then forceful, which goes very well with the melody of the songs. This is a great CD for those who are looking for something different than the heavy stuff all the time. ~ Rick 56

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mudoven, Daily Broken Dream, Tengereken, Hateful

Final Stand records are currently working on several upcoming releases. Firstly, a re-release of the Tri-State Terror release of Mudoven's Terror and Tragedy in about 2 weeks. Following that in about a month is the release of Daily Broken Dream with in conjunction with Until the End records. Reportedly DBD has just finished recording the new album.

New hardcore band Hateful of Germany has posted some sample material on Myspace. After listening to the number of samples for several days now, I encourage everyone to check the band out as I look forward to hearing more in an upcoming release. Check the band out HERE.

Hungarian metal band Tengereken has announced a brand new release coming out soon. the band has not released any material since their 2004 debut "Vérszerzödés"

Sunday, August 2, 2009

INTERVIEW: Jesse of Kilgore

This week's interview is from Jesse of Austrailian bands Deaths Head / Kilgore. The interview was originally conducted by Rick of Label56 in anticipation of the upcoming Kilgore release. Since then the CD has come out and been well recieved to which Jesse has continued work with Kilgore.

Greetings Jesse, obviously everyone knows you from your band Deaths Head. Can you give the readers a little background info on you and your bands.
Well as you stated above I am a founding member of NS metal band Deaths Head, We’ve been gigging and releasing CDs promoting National Socialism for going on 8 years now and we’re not tired of it yet. Personally I’ve been a skinhead for going on 15 years (I’ve got the liver to prove it haha). During this time I’ve been an active supporter of Blood and Honour Australia and I’ve also been a member of the Southern Cross Hammerskins for near on 7 years now…

The CD by your new band Kilgore is set to be released any day now. Can you tell us a little about this band?
A little while ago Deaths Head went through some major line up changes, a few longtime members left and the whole thing stopped being fun and started to feel like work. I’m sure anyone who has ever been in a band knows exactly what I’m talking about. In any event, I decided I just wanted to do something totally different. Something to make it all fun again. I started writing a few songs and eventually Kilgore was the result. Not being a ground breaking musician I asked a few good friends to help me out, and that raised the overall quality a hell of a lot. Kilgore is more of a project than a functioning band, I doubt you’ll ever see us live, but what the hell you never know.

How did you come up with the name Kilgore? Is there anything significant to it`s meaning?
Ha ha. Significant meaning is the last thing Kilgore is about. Don’t expect deep philosophy or songs laden with political subtext. This is the CD to put on when your tearing down the highway cigarette in your mouth, bottle of whisky between your thighs and your 6 gun at your side [laughs], Seriously though this release is all about having a good time, the lyrics and music are meant to entertain not inform. Put it on at a party or something. The band name itself came from the Col Kilgore character in Apocalypse Now, you know the “ I Love the smell of napalm in the morning and Charlie don’t surf” guy, for no other reason than I like the character and thought it would suit the rock n roll style I was aiming for.

Kilgore has a great sound to it, a little punk, a little pshycobilly, and a lot of southern rock. To me it is a cross between Youngland and Ian Stuart and the Klansmen. Why did you decide to do a cd in this style music?
Well for starters I like all the bands you mentioned above, and like I said before I wanted to do a fun cd and this style of music is great for lyrics that aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves, there are a lot of different styles blending together on this cd and that’s less down to intent than the fact that when I write a song it just sort of comes out of nowhere and that’s what it sounds like. If I try to write something that sounds LIKE something I hit a wall and nothing comes out. I’m happy with how it turned out though, there’s a little something for everyone. Even tracks I thought were weaker came together well in the studio so I’m 100percent happy with this one which is rare for me. ALL KILLER NO FILLER! ha ha ha

So, what do you think Johnny Cash would think of your rendition of Folsom Prison Blues? Ha ha
He’d probably want to kick my ass, but fuck it he’s dead so he can’t do shit, even the band members raised an eyebrow at this one Folsom Prison Blues at 200 BPM? Love it! haha

Now the every question that has to be asked in every interview- Can you give us some of your influences?
On this one you’ve got Youngland and the Klansmen, but also stuff like Demented are go, Nashville Pussy etc. I don’t claim to sound as good as these guys but that’s the sort of shit I was listening to when I wrote most of this CD.

Can you tell the readers what future plans you have for either Kilgore or Deaths Head? Are there any other projects you are working on or would like to do?
As for Kilgore, like I said above I can’t force it, I have one new song written already, if more come out then I’ll do another CD or some comps and stuff, I really enjoy the style. Maybe no one else will and that’ll be that ha ha. As for Deaths Head, most of our 4th full length is written, I’m just working through it with the rest of the guys, I hope to record it in late July and August. No word on who will release it yet though.

[Editor note: The interview went on for a short length afterwards but was edited due to its lack of relation to the band and music...and of course this is a music blog.]

Well Jesse, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. The final words are for you.
I’d just like to day thanks to Label 56 for the interview and taking a chance on the Kilgore CD. I hope everyone likes it and keep and eye out for the new Deaths Head in the not to distant future.