Thursday, August 13, 2009

IN REVIEW: Outclass, Empire Falls

Outclass: Second To None
(2008 Barracuda records)

4 tracks on this mini CD of in your face angry Oi! styled street punk give you a preview of whats to come from this sideproject featuring Jonesy (of English Rose, Bulldog Breed, Spearhead, and the most recent Tattooed Mother Fuckers fame) and some Bulgarian musicians. Quality stuff, definitily worthy of checking out. ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Unavoidable
02- Raise Your Fist
03- The Angel Of My Dreams
04- Outclass

Empire Falls: Infamous
(2007 Final Stand records)

Angry old school style hardcore with in your face lyrics would be the best way to describe this release. Topics include everything from "the scene", sociopolitical observations, and pretty much everyday life in general. Definitely recommended if you're a fan of EF and don't own this one. In my opinion the stand-out tracks are "Vigilante" and "Politics Are Dead." ~Steve Skam
Track list:
01- Universally Despised
02- Vigilante
03- Ambition
04- Politics Are Dead
05- Big Mistake
06- One Nation Under Hate
07- The Baby Boomers Killed The American Dream
08- You Make Me Sick
09- Parasites
10- Thought Police
11- Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
12- Infamous

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