Saturday, August 8, 2009

Invictos, Pure Blood, Asgards Wall rex, Pantheon

Out now on PC records is the self titled debut release of Invictus. Invictus is a female fronted Spanish band. The CD features 9 tracks, and reportedly a great new release. While female vocals are hit or miss we look forward to checking this one out.

Bulgarian band Чиста Кръв (or Pure Blood) is currently working on their debut CD titled "Total War." Pure blood plays a heavy rock with hardcore influences similar to early American RAC bands such as Bully Boys or The Voice. Visit the band's website HERE.

UK based label Asgard's Wall records is scheduled to release several albums for August 2009.

Wotan's Vrede - "Wotan's Werewolves" (EP + Bonus). Raw Pagan Nationalist black metal from the United Kingdom.

Sturm - "The Return of Blood Thirst / Blut Unt Krieg." Ambient Pagan/Nationalist black metal: 2 demos collected into one full-length release.

Adalruna - "Anthology I: Der Geheime König und die Schwarze Sonne" (Re-release). Re-issue of the first Adalruna album from 2007. Originally limited to 100 copies. The second installment of this series is scheduled for September, followed by a volume every following month.

Now out on Strong Survive records, the brand new Pantheon release "Paganuclear"

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