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INTERVIEW: Jesse of Kilgore

This week's interview is from Jesse of Austrailian bands Deaths Head / Kilgore. The interview was originally conducted by Rick of Label56 in anticipation of the upcoming Kilgore release. Since then the CD has come out and been well recieved to which Jesse has continued work with Kilgore.

Greetings Jesse, obviously everyone knows you from your band Deaths Head. Can you give the readers a little background info on you and your bands.
Well as you stated above I am a founding member of NS metal band Deaths Head, We’ve been gigging and releasing CDs promoting National Socialism for going on 8 years now and we’re not tired of it yet. Personally I’ve been a skinhead for going on 15 years (I’ve got the liver to prove it haha). During this time I’ve been an active supporter of Blood and Honour Australia and I’ve also been a member of the Southern Cross Hammerskins for near on 7 years now…

The CD by your new band Kilgore is set to be released any day now. Can you tell us a little about this band?
A little while ago Deaths Head went through some major line up changes, a few longtime members left and the whole thing stopped being fun and started to feel like work. I’m sure anyone who has ever been in a band knows exactly what I’m talking about. In any event, I decided I just wanted to do something totally different. Something to make it all fun again. I started writing a few songs and eventually Kilgore was the result. Not being a ground breaking musician I asked a few good friends to help me out, and that raised the overall quality a hell of a lot. Kilgore is more of a project than a functioning band, I doubt you’ll ever see us live, but what the hell you never know.

How did you come up with the name Kilgore? Is there anything significant to it`s meaning?
Ha ha. Significant meaning is the last thing Kilgore is about. Don’t expect deep philosophy or songs laden with political subtext. This is the CD to put on when your tearing down the highway cigarette in your mouth, bottle of whisky between your thighs and your 6 gun at your side [laughs], Seriously though this release is all about having a good time, the lyrics and music are meant to entertain not inform. Put it on at a party or something. The band name itself came from the Col Kilgore character in Apocalypse Now, you know the “ I Love the smell of napalm in the morning and Charlie don’t surf” guy, for no other reason than I like the character and thought it would suit the rock n roll style I was aiming for.

Kilgore has a great sound to it, a little punk, a little pshycobilly, and a lot of southern rock. To me it is a cross between Youngland and Ian Stuart and the Klansmen. Why did you decide to do a cd in this style music?
Well for starters I like all the bands you mentioned above, and like I said before I wanted to do a fun cd and this style of music is great for lyrics that aren’t afraid to make fun of themselves, there are a lot of different styles blending together on this cd and that’s less down to intent than the fact that when I write a song it just sort of comes out of nowhere and that’s what it sounds like. If I try to write something that sounds LIKE something I hit a wall and nothing comes out. I’m happy with how it turned out though, there’s a little something for everyone. Even tracks I thought were weaker came together well in the studio so I’m 100percent happy with this one which is rare for me. ALL KILLER NO FILLER! ha ha ha

So, what do you think Johnny Cash would think of your rendition of Folsom Prison Blues? Ha ha
He’d probably want to kick my ass, but fuck it he’s dead so he can’t do shit, even the band members raised an eyebrow at this one Folsom Prison Blues at 200 BPM? Love it! haha

Now the every question that has to be asked in every interview- Can you give us some of your influences?
On this one you’ve got Youngland and the Klansmen, but also stuff like Demented are go, Nashville Pussy etc. I don’t claim to sound as good as these guys but that’s the sort of shit I was listening to when I wrote most of this CD.

Can you tell the readers what future plans you have for either Kilgore or Deaths Head? Are there any other projects you are working on or would like to do?
As for Kilgore, like I said above I can’t force it, I have one new song written already, if more come out then I’ll do another CD or some comps and stuff, I really enjoy the style. Maybe no one else will and that’ll be that ha ha. As for Deaths Head, most of our 4th full length is written, I’m just working through it with the rest of the guys, I hope to record it in late July and August. No word on who will release it yet though.

[Editor note: The interview went on for a short length afterwards but was edited due to its lack of relation to the band and music...and of course this is a music blog.]

Well Jesse, I want to thank you for taking the time to do this interview. The final words are for you.
I’d just like to day thanks to Label 56 for the interview and taking a chance on the Kilgore CD. I hope everyone likes it and keep and eye out for the new Deaths Head in the not to distant future.

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