Friday, January 27, 2012

Abaddon- Weg des Widerstands

Below is the first release from new National Chant artist Abaddon. The song is called "Path Of Resistance". It gives an insight into the daily life of NS activists in Germany the "freest country there has ever been" and describes in detail some aspects and proven forms of action (flyers, demos, nightly activities, etc.)

Blutbanner - Banner Fliegen Lasst Die

Friday, January 20, 2012

Feniks & Szczerbiec

Out now from Nadsat Productions:

An ep from Polish RAC`nRoll band Feniks is out now. This ep has all 3 songs released on CD and tape plus one bonus taken from their gig with BFG in Poland in 1996.

Limited to 196 records.

Side A:
1.Biały Murzyn -Taken from Keep It White Vol. I cd
2.WP-Taken from the Keep It White Vol. I cd
Side B:
1.Dlatego Taken from MC- Keep It White vol.I (not released on CD)
2.Kielce (live) From the gig in Poland on 2/03/96

Szczerbiec - Kolomira Znak Prowadził Nas 1988-1993

This is the first time on CD for this legendary Polish band. This cd includes all songs from their official tape recorded in 1992 plus most of the songs from the demo recorded in 1989 with their original vocalist.
Limited edition to 400 copies.
16 pages booklet with lyrics and photos.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

OPOS Records New Site

The German Label OPOS Records has a new site online now. OPOS Records has consistently released some top quality bands and cd`s in their short existence which includes Moshpit, Hope For The Weak, Burning Hate and more. You can view their new site online here

Monday, January 16, 2012

Molot- New Cd Promo

Below is a preview for the new cd from the Belarus RAC/ metal band Molot which is made up of former members of Apraxia.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Interview with Svartr Sturm

This interview was originally posted on the Voice Of Vinland site here

EOG: Hailsa! Svartr Sturm is a relatively unknown NSBM one-man band that will surely make his mark real soon, for the sake of our readers, can you give us a brief history of your band?

S: Hailsa! I’ve started my project Svartr Sturm in beginning of 2008 during winter. I never really enjoyed or wanted to play with other people or band before so I finally got a program to work with. I knew where i was going. This, Svartr Sturm, was growing for years in my heart.

EOG: You recently released your first album ”Radikal View for a Better Day”, can you tell us how the process went with the composing/recording? What does that album represent to you?

S: I’ve started to record the album with basic material. It came out exactly as I wanted to, cold & hateful. Then, the rest came by itself, it took 5 months of free time (working full time) to record it. This album means a lot to me, more than words can express.

EOG: That album got released through Oldenblood Productions, how did you came out to work with that label? Is the way it was done satisfactory?

S: When the recording was done, I was seeking for a label to release the first album. Got turned down by some, until I found Oldenblood Productions who was looking for bands, we got in contact and it went pretty fast from there. He took care of the productions and the promo. I am more than satisfied and pleased with all his help and support.

EOG: As it was said earlier, Svartr Sturm is a NSBM band, what do you think of the whole NSBM scene? Any bands that can be deemed as great influences to you?

S: When I first got into black metal I was influenced by bands like Darkthrone (early), Burzum, Bathory, Marduk etc… I already had a NS background these days but was more into anti-christianity. My ideology got more and more radikal every year. I knew that in NSBM there is no place for j*w*sh loving whores. I knew where I belong. At side with my comrades.

EOG: Do you think NSBM is the best way to express your ideas?

S: Indeed, NSBM is the best way to express myself. I’m always filled with pride as I remember the great German struggle. Their sacrifice for our race, our nation, their will to crush our enemies. We have to raise high the banner that sometimes ago they lifted out of nothingness.

EOG: You recently joined the Vinland Front if I’m correct, how did you came accross that movement? What do you think about the other bands involved?

S: Since the first time I’ve heard about the VF, I found the idea really brilliant and more than needed. They have contacted me to know if I was interested to join the movement. I was more than glad to be apart of the VF. United with some of the most radikal black metal bands in Vinland.

EOG: What’s next for Svartr Sturm? Any future plans?

S: Well, I am already working on new songs for a second album next year.

EOG: Thanks for your time! the end is all yours.

S: 14/88 Stay Strong!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ulfhetnar- Reawakening The Wrath Of Yore

Die Söhne Potsdams 4

The fourth cd in the Die Sohne Potsdam series is out now on PC Records. These cd`s have featured the works of Cynic, Redrum, Uwocaust and more. This new cd is 17 tracks divided between Cynic, Preussenstolz, Uwocaust & alte Freunde, Redrum and Strongside. The cd comes with a a complete 12 page booklet and is limited to 888 copies. Sound samples here

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Joe Frustration- Beatdown Ballads

Joe Frustration`s first solo acoustic album is complete. This is 17 tracks of self described beatdown ballads. You can get these tracks here

Well after years of writing hardcore music this is my first acoustic solo release. My goal is to bring the same level of intensity to this style of music that I brought to the hardcore stuff I've written. The main reason I decided to start writing acoustic folk music is to continue to be able to create and perform music without having to always have to rely on a full band. This was a challenging endeavor to complete, but I'm pleased with the results and look forward to getting out to play live. This album will not be for everyone. It presents a dark primitive reality that most people do their very best to avoid. I was going through some very difficult times prior and during the creation of this album and this is reflected in the results. In these depressing surreal times, I think this album is an accurate soundtrack to that constant feeling of uncertainty that I know most people feel but are unable to express.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vidar- Blutschatten

Thrima- Vertonte Zeilen

The second full length cd from Thrima is out now on OPOS Records. The debut cd from Thrima is an excellent cd and was featured as a "Rick`s Pick" awhile ago. Read that review here.

After a three years promise of a new cd from them I am happy to see it out now. According to OPOS Records this new cd is a concept cd with all the lyrics for this cd taken from literary works of the great German poet Kurt Eggers. A quote from the band- "With these songs we want to contribute to the work of great poets such as Kurt Eggers, so that they may not be forgotten and will remain with us through future generations... as a poet whose work in this day and age may not be made ​​available to the masses and has been banned almost completely from literary life" A 12 page booklet also features an introduction to Kurt Eggers. Sound samples can be heard on the OPOS site here

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Deaths Head - The Reapers Kiss Promo (6th studio album recorded 2011)

Below is a promo video for the new Deaths Head- The Reapers Kiss. The Reapers Kiss was recorded in 2011 and is the 6th studio album from Australia's longest running current NS band. There is no release date for this cd yet as they are looking for a label to release it.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8th Divisione- Disprezzo e Odio

The new cd from Italy`s 8th Divisione is out now on Me Ne Frego Records. 10 tracks total. Full color booklet.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lord Wind- Ales Stenar Pre Order

LORD WIND -Ales Stenar Newest album from Rob Darken’s Neo-classical/neo-folk project!

All Pre-Orders will receive a free lord Wind patch with their order.

Estimated arrival January 25th 2012 – All pre-orders will ship on release day!

Available here

Path Of Resistance Calender 2012

Available at Levensboom here