Sunday, January 8, 2012

Thrima- Vertonte Zeilen

The second full length cd from Thrima is out now on OPOS Records. The debut cd from Thrima is an excellent cd and was featured as a "Rick`s Pick" awhile ago. Read that review here.

After a three years promise of a new cd from them I am happy to see it out now. According to OPOS Records this new cd is a concept cd with all the lyrics for this cd taken from literary works of the great German poet Kurt Eggers. A quote from the band- "With these songs we want to contribute to the work of great poets such as Kurt Eggers, so that they may not be forgotten and will remain with us through future generations... as a poet whose work in this day and age may not be made ​​available to the masses and has been banned almost completely from literary life" A 12 page booklet also features an introduction to Kurt Eggers. Sound samples can be heard on the OPOS site here

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