Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Joe Frustration- Beatdown Ballads

Joe Frustration`s first solo acoustic album is complete. This is 17 tracks of self described beatdown ballads. You can get these tracks here

Well after years of writing hardcore music this is my first acoustic solo release. My goal is to bring the same level of intensity to this style of music that I brought to the hardcore stuff I've written. The main reason I decided to start writing acoustic folk music is to continue to be able to create and perform music without having to always have to rely on a full band. This was a challenging endeavor to complete, but I'm pleased with the results and look forward to getting out to play live. This album will not be for everyone. It presents a dark primitive reality that most people do their very best to avoid. I was going through some very difficult times prior and during the creation of this album and this is reflected in the results. In these depressing surreal times, I think this album is an accurate soundtrack to that constant feeling of uncertainty that I know most people feel but are unable to express.

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  1. Just bought it; it's great like all Falzone's stuff is, in my opinion...