Friday, January 20, 2012

Feniks & Szczerbiec

Out now from Nadsat Productions:

An ep from Polish RAC`nRoll band Feniks is out now. This ep has all 3 songs released on CD and tape plus one bonus taken from their gig with BFG in Poland in 1996.

Limited to 196 records.

Side A:
1.Biały Murzyn -Taken from Keep It White Vol. I cd
2.WP-Taken from the Keep It White Vol. I cd
Side B:
1.Dlatego Taken from MC- Keep It White vol.I (not released on CD)
2.Kielce (live) From the gig in Poland on 2/03/96

Szczerbiec - Kolomira Znak Prowadził Nas 1988-1993

This is the first time on CD for this legendary Polish band. This cd includes all songs from their official tape recorded in 1992 plus most of the songs from the demo recorded in 1989 with their original vocalist.
Limited edition to 400 copies.
16 pages booklet with lyrics and photos.

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