Saturday, February 23, 2013

Posol Vlasti- Pred Ohnivým Drakom

Posol Vlasti is a new band featuring members of Project Vandal. Their cd Pred Ohnivým Drakom has been self released and has 12 tracks total. A sample is posted below

Frakass- Rage

Out now on Nordic Diffusion is the new cd from French RAC band Frakass. This new cd has 10 tracks and comes as a digipack release complete with a glossy 16 page booklet full of photos and more!

Fanisk- Insularum

American metal/ ambient band Fanisk have released a new cd (digi pack format) on Darker Than Black Productions. It has been nearly 10 years since their Noontide release so it is good to see something new from them. This new cd is 3 tracks and comes in at 50 minutes. Complete info as well as reviews are posted on their site here

Ultima Thule Tribute

A Tribute To Ultima Thule is in the works via Punk & Skins Productions. Bands featured on this cd include Battle Scarred, Generation 69, Vicious Rumors, Unit Lost, Headcase, The Skulls, Suspects DC, Lumpex 75, Sniffing Glue and Endstufe.

Label 56 Indie Radio Episode 5

Listen Here
Label 56 Indie Radio Show Episode 5: January 27, 2013. This show leans more towards the heavier metal core and death core side but there are still quite a few varying styles of music including RAC, street rock, black metal and even psychobilly. As always there are some updates about some new releases in our music scene as well as a bit of what we`ve been up to here at Label 56

Friday, February 22, 2013

Skinhead Magazine 47

 The new Skinhead Magazine issue 47 will be out in a few days featuring Schlachthaus (Austria), Wilcze Stado (Poland), Street Sweepers (Finland) and Fuerza de Choque (Uruguay). A long review of the last Kuggnas festival as well as other concerts in Spain and abroad. Tons of news and reviews. 56 pages, b/w, A5 format

Graveland- Memory & Destiny Special Edition

Available from Warheart Productions: Graveland- Memory & Destiny. New Limited Edition with Thor's Hammer - 99 pieces

Completely new and Powerful Sound with new recorded drums, vocals, choirs and real violin recorded by Alruna form Lord Wind.

Amazing new Mix and Mastering. The release is beautifully packed in a Digi Pack, with a brand new graphic design.

Track List:
1. Los Wojownika
2. Klejnot Atlantów
3. Pamięć i Przeznaczenie
4. Legion Gigantów
5. Runy Przebudzenia

+ the first time in history, official video as a bonus to "Legion Gigantów" track.

Global Infected - Das ewige Tier (3 Song Snippet)

Promo posted below for the upcoming cd from metal core band Global Infected!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Tolerancia Cero - Pena de Muerte EP

The debut from  Tolerancia Cero is out now on Wewelsburg Records. This is a 4 song ep and is limited to 275 black vinyl`s and 500 cd copies.

White Devils: Cassette Issues

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dot Zero Issue 2

The new issue of "Dot Zero" Magaizine, the second in the series, will be released Monday, Feb. 11. This will be a 300 copy pressing and will be distributed through selected distribution points. For preorders please contact the email More info on the Exit Area site here 

Resistentia - Wir Sind Bereit