Monday, November 28, 2011

V/A - This Is Our Culture (2011)

Released as a free online compilation by A Dying Breed Records in 2011, this record consist of current and active Oi! and RAC bands from both North and South America

V/A - This is our culture (2011) Download Link Here

01. Bleach battalion - Hatred
02. Bleach battalion - Loyalty
03. Ressiduo - Cabeza Rapada (Colombia)
04. Ressiduo - Nuestra Tierra (Colombia)
05. Youngblood - Fist City (After Hours Version)
06. Armada Oi! - Orgullo Skinhead (Peru)
07. Armada Oi! - Anos De Dolor (Peru)
08. Spirit of The Patriot - Fuck It
09. Combate 49 - Flagburner
10. Combate 49 - Somos Patriotas
11. Sangre X Sangre - Mato comunistas por diversion
12. Sangre X Sangre - Traicion a la patria
13. Fighting 84 - Black Power
14. Fighting 84 - Class Rage
15. Fighting 84 - Love Handles
16. Major Disappointment - Tax Is Control
17. Major Disappointment - Working Poor

"THIS IS OUR CULTURE - COMPILATION OF OI" is a sampler that will appear next week.

01) What bands are represented?
9 bands that come from North and South America. Virtually a 'whole' American Sampler.

6 bands from the USA:
Bleach Battalion (Chicago Oi)
Combate 49 (New Jersey)
Fighting 84 (California Oi)
Youngblood (California Oi)
Spirit Of The Patriot (Boston Oi)
Major Disappointment (Michigan Oi!)

3 bands from South America:
Armada Oi! (Oi from Peru)
... Ressiduo (Oi from Colombia)
Sangre Sangre X (Oi from Ecuador)

02) Who is the initiator of this production?
Brandon, guitarist of the Californian band Fighting 64, was the driving force. Dying Breed released it as a producer.

03) What was the main idea for this?
To promote especially newer band from the patriotic OI! sector to provide a platform to bring to bands from North and South America together, no barriers between PC-OI - and can apply to RAC

04) How will this sampler appear?
As a free download on various blogs, eg on the "THE U.S. OF OI! OF SWEDEN". It could even come to a proper CD release, moving in this direction as the assumption of the maker of Manslaughter blogs.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Von Thronstahl / Spreu & Weizen - Pan-European Christian Freedom Movement

A new split cd from neo folk/ industrial bands Von Thronstahl and Spreu & Weizen is out now on Fronte Nordico. While I am unfamiliar with Spreu & Weizen, I have to say that Von Thronstahl creates some amazing music. This cd is 8 tracks total, 4 from each band and is one I certainly look forward to hearing

Hope For The Weak- The Underdogs Call: Cd Out Now!

Here it is again, another peak of productions for OPOS Records! After 7 years of band history, a split CD with 3 Path Of Resistance + Inborn Hate, contributions and various samplers, here is the first full album of Hope For The Weak! These 13 songs really have in it a lyrical outcry of the oppressed youth coupled with a musical mix of hardcore and punk. This cd is definitely set to meet the tastes of the masses. This cd is a further step in our movement to spread our messages in the musical way! A 16 page booklet with all lyrics completes the disc. Samples and ordering here

Friday, November 25, 2011

No Surrender- Victory Loves Preparation

Cross Of Iron- In The Steelstorm (A Tribute To Antisemitex)

Odour Of Death has the new cd from Cross of Iron titled In The Steelstorms. This cd is a tribute to the band Antisemitex. Most of the music and lyrics on this cd were written for Antisemitex in 2006 but there are also a few new ones. This is all done in new arrangements and vocals under the band Cross of Iron. Over 50 minutes of music recorded in good quality with a professional cover designed by Homo Superior.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

96 Brigade- New Cd And Shirts In Stock Now

The new cd from American street rock band 96 Brigade is in stock now at Label 56. The Label 56 site is down for maintenance as it is currently being redesigned by Dare To Dedicate. Ordering for this new cd and shirts can be found in the links to our shopping cart posted below

96 Brigade- Can You Hear Us Now? Cd Order HERE
Note- This cd order is only for Western Hemisphere (North and South America, etc) Ordering for Europe will be available shortly through Pure Impact Records

96 Brigade Shirt Orders HERE

Friday, November 18, 2011

Blood In The Face- You Gonna Mind Up Dead 7" Vinyl

Originally recorded in 2007 but only circulated on crappy burned cd-r's, the four songs from the Blood In The Face- You Gonna Mind Up Dead ep have now made it on to vinyl. This is some rough and punk-influenced songs featuring members of Definite Hate and Platoon 14. The vinyl is limited 333 copies- 111 in purple and 222 in black.

There are also 33 copies with a special cover seen here. These are limited
to 14 purple and 19 black.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

J. Kilgore- Ash To Ash

Solo project from Jesse from Deaths Head/Kilgore. Self released 5 song CD Ep limited to 100 copies.
For samples and official digital download go to-
Cd will also be available on Amazon and iTunes soon.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

N'Socialist Soundsystem- 11 In The Bunker + Additions

Below is a preview for the new cd from National Hip Hop band N`Socialist Soundsystem. This is a cd featuring 11 live songs as well as a few extra additions.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Free Downloads

Over the course of this morning there has been close to 60 hits to Uprise Direct for people searching for free music downloads. This blog gets requests for free downloads quite often, but today has been exceptionally high. Most of these requests have been for the new Blitzkrieg cd, along with a few others. Do that math. Downloading is killing the music scene! How many people would like to hear a new Deaths Heads cd? Most probably would love to. Right now they cannot find a label to release their new cd. There are many bands out there now looking for labels to release new cd`s with no help. One day there will be no more updates for new releases to post on this blog.

Sachsensampler Vol. 2

The Sachsensampler Vol 2 is out now on PC Records. Obviously as noted this is the second edition of this sampler and it once again features a collection of new bands from the area. Bands featured on this new cd are Sturmkrieger, Priorit├Ąt 18, Sachsenblut, and Inkubation. There are four songs from each band and the cd also includes a full 24 page booklet with lyrics, photos and more info on these bands. A great cd to sample the latest offspring of bands. MP3 Sample here

Nordic Thunder-Songs From The Past LP

Just hot off the press is this great Nordic Thunder record. 11 classic songs from their early days are here as well as three previously unreleased songs. This record comes in a handnumbered sleeve in two colors: 111 copies in red wax and 333 copies in classic black wax. All copies have a beautiful poster in memory of Joe Rowan. A nice collection of this great skinhead band! Ordering info here

So for collectors there is a special double lp version that has the album in both colors and well packed in a special gatefold sleeve with graffiti artwork on the front and a collectors certificate - strictly limited to 38 handnumbered copies with posters. This one was given out by preorder only so good luck to find one!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kriegsberichter Vol 7

Jan Peter Live In Rybinsk, 2010

A very limited edition cd has been released from a concert in Rybinsk, Russia. The title is "Jan Peter live in Rybinsk, 2010" and features tracks from Jan Peter as well as Russkiy Stag

Info as follows:
"Published with the Russian resistance / this live CD of ballads is from a gig in Russia last year. There are six songs by Jan Peter, two of Russkiy Styag and a demo recording of the classic" free Social & National "together. Professionally fired blank CDr includes a cover back inlay. This cd is limited to only 100 copies with all proceeds go to benefit the Prisoners Aid."

Blitzkrieg -Das letzte Bollwerk

After a long silence the Blitzkrieg is back! The new cd from this Chemnitz band is out now on PC Records and it is said to be excellent- A musical thunderstorm of drums guitars and vocals. 12 new tracks in a digi pack format with all lyrics available now from PC Records.

Path Of Resistance- Hold Fast To Your Life

OPOS Records has new hoody`s available now from very popular NSHC band Path Of Resistance

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hungarica- Robots: Slaves New Dvd/ Cd

Hungarica has a new cd/ dvd set for release next month. The dvd has a live set from their 2010 Petofi Hall Concert as well as a short film! Complete info as well as pre order info is available on the band site here

Friday, November 4, 2011