Monday, November 28, 2011

V/A - This Is Our Culture (2011)

Released as a free online compilation by A Dying Breed Records in 2011, this record consist of current and active Oi! and RAC bands from both North and South America

V/A - This is our culture (2011) Download Link Here

01. Bleach battalion - Hatred
02. Bleach battalion - Loyalty
03. Ressiduo - Cabeza Rapada (Colombia)
04. Ressiduo - Nuestra Tierra (Colombia)
05. Youngblood - Fist City (After Hours Version)
06. Armada Oi! - Orgullo Skinhead (Peru)
07. Armada Oi! - Anos De Dolor (Peru)
08. Spirit of The Patriot - Fuck It
09. Combate 49 - Flagburner
10. Combate 49 - Somos Patriotas
11. Sangre X Sangre - Mato comunistas por diversion
12. Sangre X Sangre - Traicion a la patria
13. Fighting 84 - Black Power
14. Fighting 84 - Class Rage
15. Fighting 84 - Love Handles
16. Major Disappointment - Tax Is Control
17. Major Disappointment - Working Poor

"THIS IS OUR CULTURE - COMPILATION OF OI" is a sampler that will appear next week.

01) What bands are represented?
9 bands that come from North and South America. Virtually a 'whole' American Sampler.

6 bands from the USA:
Bleach Battalion (Chicago Oi)
Combate 49 (New Jersey)
Fighting 84 (California Oi)
Youngblood (California Oi)
Spirit Of The Patriot (Boston Oi)
Major Disappointment (Michigan Oi!)

3 bands from South America:
Armada Oi! (Oi from Peru)
... Ressiduo (Oi from Colombia)
Sangre Sangre X (Oi from Ecuador)

02) Who is the initiator of this production?
Brandon, guitarist of the Californian band Fighting 64, was the driving force. Dying Breed released it as a producer.

03) What was the main idea for this?
To promote especially newer band from the patriotic OI! sector to provide a platform to bring to bands from North and South America together, no barriers between PC-OI - and can apply to RAC

04) How will this sampler appear?
As a free download on various blogs, eg on the "THE U.S. OF OI! OF SWEDEN". It could even come to a proper CD release, moving in this direction as the assumption of the maker of Manslaughter blogs.

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