Friday, May 31, 2013

Martial/ Heathen Hammer- Live in Chicago Cassette

Available now from Signal Rex is the limited edition live cassette from Martial and Heathen Hammer. There are 17 tracks recorded live during their appearance in Chicago back in 2011. Martial hits such as Parasite and Execution along with Heathen Hammer, Call To Arms and Clandestine Path can be found on this tape, live recording was mastered for this release. Pro-Cassete LP limited to 100 copies + 2x buttons.

JotPe feat. Henry8 - Alle Stimmen/ Alle Herzen

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Brutal Attack - Tales From The Hammer And Fire / The Free Session

Rebel Records has released a new vinyl featuring 10 songs from Brutal Attack that were recorded 12 years ago and NEVER released! This 12" vinyl is limited to 422 copies divided between black and marbled and includes an A3 poster with lyrics

Kommando Skin - Bis Der Letzte Mit Uns Singt

Kommando Skin have returned with a new cd out on Oldschool Records. The new cd titled Bis Der Letzte Mit Uns Singt has 13 tracks (14 tracks on the digi pack edition) and listening to the sample below the sound is typical of good old upbeat German RAC. A 20 page booklet is also included and makes this a worthy addition to your RAC collection

Death Squads Vol. 2

Rebel Records has followed up the release of the Death Squads 7" vinyl split with a new edition this past month. Volume 2 in this edition sees Path of Resistance and Painful Awakening returning with one song each, and also adds Hungary`s Backstab who have contributed two songs to this one. The vinyl is limited to 326 copies which is divided into orange and black

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ultima Thule Studio Session 2013

Posted here is a video clip from Sweden`s Ultima Thule, who after 30 years of making music will be releasing one final cd as a tribute to their fans. This is a video of the recording session for the "Thank you and Goodbye" album which is set to be released in Autumn / Winter 2013.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wellington Arms- 2013 Garage Recordings

Wellington Arms – Today Chicago Tomorrow The World and Boredoms A Drag
2013 Garage recording featuring Nate Woodell, Paulie, Kev, and Eric Scott

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hardcore Until The Bitter End

The Hardcore Until The End Sampler was released several years ago and featured an indisputable line up of new and established hardcore bands. PC Records has stepped up and released a second edition of this cd- Hardcore Until The Bitter End. There are 21 tracks on this cd (sound sample here) with all but one band contributing two tracks each. Featured bands include- Back To Slavery, You Must Murder, End Of System, Feher Torveny, Manson, Verszerzodes, Bring Me Silence, 2 Minutes Warning, Bloody Memory, Mortuary and T(ERROR)SPHÄRA.The cd completes complete with a 24 page booklet. Uprise Direct will be looking to give this cd a full review as soon as we get hold of a copy

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mortuary New Cd Promo

We posted some promos a bit ago for the upcoming split between deathcore bands Mortuary and Painful Life. Below is a new promo from Mortuary side and combines some grind core influenced vocals with mostly slow heavy deathcore. Look for the cd sometime this summer.


Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hasskommando - Captain Deutschland

Freivolk has released a cd from Hasskommando (which is a new project of the US band Blood & Iron).The new cd Captain Deutschland has 11 total tracks

Dark Fury - Semper Fidelis

Lower Silesian Stronghold has released a compilation cd from Poland`s Dark Fury which features demo tracks, tracks from Night and the Fog 2, as well as several unreleased tracks 

Exekution - Sturm auf die USA

The Exekution cd titled Sturm auf die USA is out now on Freivolk Records. This is a brutal metal band from Brazil. 8 tracks total

Irydion & Ptaku - Agorafobia [official music video]

Musical project featuring members of Tormentia, Legio Fortress and more. Cd due out beiginning of May

Spirit Of The Patriot- Malaka... The EP (Limited Edition)

Spirit Of The Patriot- Malaka The EP is in stock now! Limited edition DIY release from this Hellenic punk band. 5 song ep that features some songs that were previously only internet/ you tube releases. 100 hand numbered copies divided into 50 blue cd`s and 50 white cd`s. Each cd is hand sprayed from a hand made stencil. Comes with a 3×3 Spirit Of The Patriot vinyl sticker. Ordering info here

Label 56 Indie Radio Episode 6

The Label 56 Indie Radio Show for April 2013 is online now. This show was done as a promo for the the limited edition Spirit Of The Patriot ep as well as to make note of several other things going on here at Label 56 and around our scene.