Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Uwocaust- Unsterblichkeit EP

Drauggard- The Dreams Of Baldur (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Dark Armageddon- Flammenmeer

The new cd from Dark Armageddon is available now through Germania Versand. 8 total tracks including two versions of the title track. A full 40 minutes of playing time complimented by an 8 page booklet

Hate for Breakfast– Hatecore Connection 7”

Hate for Breakfast– Hatecore Connection – 7” clear vinyl
Limited edition in 188 copies with 3 different layout

88 come with Alessandro Pavolini
50 come with Niccolò Giani
50 come with Ettore Muti
Available through Black Shirts Records 

A Monumental Black Statue – Alcoholic Tyrants

A.M.B.S. – A Monumental Black Statue
– Alcoholic Tyrants – MCD ep
Limited Edition 500
3 songs of Orthodox NS Black Metal + 1 Turbonegro cover
Available through Black Shirts Records

Waldtraene - Heidenblut

 The new cd from this Pagan Folk band will be out May 17th on Asatru Klangwerke. The cd is 12 tracks total with a playing time of 58 minutes. Comes with a full 20 page booklet. 

Sokyra Peruna- Brotherhood of Conscience

A sample from the new Sokyra Peruna is posted here

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Heathen Hammer & Martial Live Cassette

Spirit Of The Patriot- Malaka The EP

Label 56 will be releasing a limited edition 5 song EP from Hellenic punk band Spirit Of The Patriot in the next 2-3 weeks. This will be a cd-r slimline release and is going to be a total DIY Punk As F*ck release complete with hand made stencil sprayed cd`s! It will be limited to 100 hand numbered copies in the colors of the Greek flag. 50 white cd`s with blue spray and 50 blue cd`s with white spray.  Each cd will also come with a Spirit Of The Patriot logo sticker.