Saturday, July 31, 2010

New Releases- Return Of Hyde, People Haters, Andi & Schnack, Thuringentag Live

GKS33 has the debut release from Return of Hyde titled We Stand Against. ROH is a thrash/ metal project of Pete from KG23. Mp3 samples can be found at

Strong Survive Records has released People Haters- Bling Bling with 18 new hilarious songs

Streetfightversand has a new cd from Andi & Schnack titled Die Jungs fürs Grobe. This is a project of Endlöser and Weisse Wölfe musicians

Thuringentag Der Nationalen Jugend 2009 - Live in Arnstadt is a new live cd from Germaniaversand. 21 tracks- from Painful Awakening, Fight Tonight, Libertin and Frontalkraft

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Absurd - Life Beyond the Grave: 1992-1994

Double CD featuring the four demo recordings of the Tyrants of German Black Metal, plus the demo of Sacrifice Slaughtered Jesus (project of Wolf) as bonus. Remastered by TT (Abigor).

Disc 1:

01 Intro from Out Of The Dungeon demo 1994
02 - 07 from God`s Death demo 1992
08 - 19 from Death From The Forest demo 1993
20 - 28 from God`s Death/Sadness demo 1993

Disc 2:

01 - 10 from God`s Death/Sadness demo 1993
11 - 22 from Out Of The Dungeon demo 1994
23 - 26 by Sacrifice Slaughtered Jesus from The Return Of Nidhögg demo 1994

More info here

Monday, July 26, 2010

Warfare 88 & Youngblood

New Zealand based Blood Sacrifice Productions will be releasing The Complete Discography from OC hate punk band Warfare 88. This release features all the featured songs from The White Album, the split with Forward Area, plus rare and demo tracks. 42 tracks in total and all new artwork.

They are also working on releasing a double re-release of the first 2 Youngblood cds on 1 disc. This will include 4 new bonus tracks for a total of 26 songs. All tracks have been digitally remastered by Redline Mastering!

Look for the BSP website to be completed soon. In the mean time you can contact them at

Musicians Classifieds

Because I personally talk to so many people who have written music and need people to fill out a band, help with live shows, etc., I have set up a "musicians classifieds" page here
If you are a band looking for members, or if you play an instrument and want to get involved in a band send an email to with a brief description and a contact email for people to get a hold of you. This is for musicians anywhere in the world. As we get submissions we will set up categories for people in different countries

Friday, July 23, 2010

Les Vilains & Carcereduro

Pure Impact will be releasing the new cd from Les Vilains in August. It's entitled "Skinhead family" and features a lot of songs written by deceased Kill Baby, Kill frontman Dieter. Some of the guitar tracks he used on demos and some backing vocals by him were used when the rest of the band went into the studio. The album is a tribute to him.

Another upcoming release on Pure Impact is the debut of Parisian viking rock band Carcereduro, who can be checked out at

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Via Dolorosa- Discipline and Ironfist:: Ten Years of Tyranny

Blackshirts Records have released a compilation cd from Italian NSBM legends Via Dolorosa

This cd compiles 21 old tracks including 2 live song taken from the legendary live show Gegen J*den. There are also 5 unreleased songs exclusive for Discipline and Ironfist only and the already master piece song Swastika Ov Blood. A total playing time of 75 minutes

First 88 copies come with Pins
First 500 come with double color stickers

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Rebel Hell- From The Trenches LP

TB Records has the new Rebel Hell LP- From The Trenches
It is released as 30 promo copies and 320 regular editions

Track List:

Side A :

Side B : Covers Songs

More info in upcoming releases from Rebel Hell can be found on their my space here including info on their new upcoming full length- Faith, Fury and Hatred

Monday, July 19, 2010

New Attack Website

Florida hardcore/ metal band Attack have a new website up. You can check it out here
For those that don`t know Attack plays some heavy and raw in your face music. I did a quick review awhile ago for their cd Fade Away as a pic of the week here

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ricks Pick: Summerfest Live 2007

This weeks pick goes to a new cd I just got in here at Label 56. It is the Summerfest Live 2007 cd. I have literally been playing this cd the last few days over and over. It combines only 2-3 songs each from Blackout, Estirpe Imperial, Gesta Bellica, Endstufe, Sleipnir and Zetazeroalfa but the songs compiled are some of the bands best. The recording is excellent for a live recording also. Unlike some live cd`s where the music is either too clear and it doesn`t sound live, or on the other extreme not audible at all, the sound on this cd is right where it should be. It is clear yet you can still tell it is live and the crowd can be heard through out the cd singing along in the background. A really upbeat RAC cd and one to pick up.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sokyra Peruna- The Word

Ukrainian RAC legends Sokyra Peruna have their new cd out titled The Word. This is a ballad album with 10 songs played with guitars, bass, keyboards, violins, backed up with female vocals. 47 minutes playing time and comes with a 20 page booklet

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Youth Of Tomorrow

New demo song up from German metalcore band Youth Of Tomorrow. Check it out here

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Stworz Interview

Below is an interview with Polish band Stworz. You can visit Stworz on my space here

Greetings! First could you tell us a bit about Stworz, its origins and its message?

Stworz came to life at the end of 2007, I already had some one-man projects earlier, but most of them was total crap and none of them got ever signed (except Dystopia). Then I thought of establishing a “normal” band and started to seek people who could help me. Of course, response was very little or none, and people who answered my calls were complete idiots, who had no idea about paganism whatsoever.

My idea was to set up a band, that would not speak be about Slavic Faith, but also about Poland’s (and other Slavonic countries) history, about patriotism and personal reflections on love to Motherland. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anyone, who would follow my vision. One day I got a message from some unknown guy - M. - who turned out to be very good guitar player and his vision was common with mine. We started jamming together and to my surprise very soon we recorded first songs and release offer followed. From then everything went fast. Now we are slowly starting records for the second full length album.

Message? It is simple. Patriotism and Slavic Faith. The Pride of being a Pole, but also the joy of being the part of great Slavonic family. History; also elements of Jan Stachniuk's philosophy. Aims to establish high culture, so White Eagle may once again shine among European nations.
Personal reflections on those matters and some pagan, patriotic poetry. And of course, most important thing - praise for Nature, its everlasting beauty and glory!

Your first album, 'Po czasu kres', has recently been released. It seems to be based on traditions and paganism, like many other European bands. Where does your interest for Pagan Black Metal come from?

When I became interested in paganism and patriotism many years ago, when I first heard of it, I realized this is something that was inside me since always, but back then I couldn't name it properly and develop it further. Then I wasn't even aware that such music exists. After some time I discovered Russian Arkona I think, haha, and that is how it all started - I realized pagan metal (apart of traditional folk music of course) is a great way to spread paganism and express feelings on that matter, as it can be both gentle and aggressive and has very much to offer, while not being hermetic and narrow. But even if I didn't like such genre, Stworz would probably come to life, but maybe in different form. It is natural to me, and birth of project dedicated to
express my reflections on matters like my Fatherland and Faith of my Forefathers was unavoidable. Times change, but our Faith and Culture (even if partially) have remained –
and Stworz is a tool to express our feelings regarding it. After all, we are but an ordinary folk, we are born, we live, gain knowledge, and then die, but on top of that we are trying to leave a mark, make our culture richer. Everyone makes it in his own way, some men are sculptors,
some great writers and some are poets. It is all a part of our beliefs and how we see it, so as you see playing music comes rather naturally. I can’t imagine life without that.

The Polish NSBM is extending a lot since few years, with groups such as the Pagan Front, Heathen Circle and many others. What is your relationship with such groups?

I wouldn't call Stworz NSBM band, we usually do not attend politics, and music is quite different compared to majority of genre. Of course we do express patriotic feelings, love and respect for our culture and heritage, still we do not see it as a political matter, but as a way of life, and a
part of our Faith and ideology. When I speak "my Motherland" to me it is rather a spiritual term, not a political one, it is in my heart first... It is the land of my ancestors, and will be forever. Same for modern nationalism. It is an active form of patriotism, it not necessarily must
mean hate to other nations, especially to those of same descent - if it was like that, how could there ever be any Slavonic Pride ideas? Nationalism is a way to show care for your land and folk, it is this unnamed feeling that was present in hearts of our ancestors since ages… But today
people only associate it with totalitarianism etc., and that is wrong. To say it short, every nation has its place in the world, and it should know it, and care for its own land. But the problem nowadays is, that people turn away from their own cultures and try to poison, spoil and abuse what is not theirs, you probably know what I mean… Thus, some tensions are unavoidable, and need to preserve own nation’s culture is now bigger than ever...

As for the Heathen Circle, it too wasn't and is not a NSBM group in the first place; at first this community seemed to be a good idea to gather pagan bands and promote them, as well it seemed a great way of making it possible to connect people involved in paganism etc. from all over the world together. HC even did some good work - like releasing a CD compilation and printing official zine (only first number was made though). But after some time all went to pieces, as people lost interest in organization's work. Stworz joined HC at the very beginning and I must admit being a member helped us in getting some promotion, but for a while now Stworz is not a member of any movement and group. Or to be precise, we are considered a member of
Heathen Circle, but as it has very small or none activity, the question is if there is still point in making such statement.

How do you perceive Polish politics? And how are you perceived by the population in general?

Modern official polish politics are a total joke and I have very little interest in them. Even if there are some more or less good options, they usually also have many flaws which are unacceptable. The everlasting lack of any direction, multiple scandals and bowing down before USA and EU... it is all pitiful, and I try to not bother myself much with this farse. What is important to me is cultivating our true culture and faith and passing all this precious wisdom to the next generations, and while young people often do not have interest in politics (or they see things from only one perspective, I mean the one on the left…), to achieve that we must take a different approach. Because catholic church has a very strong position in Poland, pagans are often pictured as "devil worshippers" and nationalists are called "nazis” (or something in that vein), we are portrayed as evil and blasphemous. People doesn't care what the truth is like, they’d rather rely on a stereotype and gossip instead. This does not need a comment. But in Poland we see more and more people become interested in Old Faith, both as a curiosity from the past and real philosophy and worship. Some very strong pagan groups exist here and they state clearly that respect for culture and motherland are very big and inseparable part of Slavic faith - and this way we are gaining interest and strength and even some respect among masses, certain sectors of it at least (but obviously it is still a very long road to travel). And of course every coin has two sides, and while some work hard to build our culture anew, some can only shout their slogans while doing nothing or even making things worse by taking mindless actions.

I know that relationships between national-revolutionaries, skinheads and NSBM are often tensed. How do you position yourself?

I personally am not involved into any subculture. Sure I know some skinheads and nsbms, but what can I say - there are some worthy and many unworthy people on both sides, it is natural. I didn't know relationships between those groups are tensed, as I am not interested in such matter, but from what I see here such problem does not exist, especially among young representatives of both subcultures - and good, because in unity lies strength, doesn't it? I get along quite well with both "sides", but me and most of my comrades are not involved in any of them. We have more or less same common goals, but those need to be achieved through gaining knowledge, not through clinging to some youth groups. Not that I discredit people involved in nsbm and skinhead movements, this is some good way to unite right wing youth. But the problem with subcultures is that because of them serious matters are being often turned into empty style or trend. I know people who consider themselves nationalists etc, but they can only wear clothes with emblems and badges, and when it comes down to serious discussion, it turns out they have nothing serious to say. They often do some stupid things, and then society links it to "those damn pagans/nazis/whatever" etc. Of course I do not say that I am against skinheads or nsbms – nothing like that, they have my support if they are to defend traditional values and
culture, but if they do so they should use their heads in the first place; of course I surely do generalize a bit on that matter, but I have already seen many mindless actions that caused only trouble, so I will not pretend everything is fine. My opinion is – you do not have to label yourself
and belong to any group to be a nationalist, a patriot. It is in your heart.

You have proudly talked about your Slavic pride. How is it reflected in your music, knowing that Slavic NSBM is in a boom?

I personally am supporting the old idea of Slavic union, but not if it would mean communism or another UE-like terror. My country, its traditions, culture and history are very important to me, and first I am a Pole, then a Slav. The beauty of all Slavic nations is that we are different yet very similar to each other - and we should celebrate our bonds of blood, our kinship, but remember our diversity. Slavs would once again have respect among other European
nations if we were to unite as a political, economic and military force (another problem is that people doesn't care much these days...); then we surely could take care of our business then – and fight for what is ours. The echoes of this idea can be heard in some of our songs, for example
"Pride of Slavia" or "Sons of the Sun". From what I have noticed, many bands have a similar attitude - I mean first they praise their own motherland, and then the common Slavonic heritage. And this is very good. I am very proud of my Slavonic origin and heritage - but first of all I swore my allegiance to the Polish White Eagle!

Your influences are probably North European, but your music also reminds us of French and German bands such as Forest of Fog and Kristallnacht. What were your main influences for your composition?

Hmm, I must disappoint you, because main influence was and is Eastern scene. I mean Ukraine, Poland, Russia - bands from these lands. I could list them all but it would be rather pointless, let me just say my favorite band was and is Temnozor and probably they will remain biggest inspiration, however this is not heard in my music I guess:). I listen to vast variety of pagan bands and my interest is not only limited to metal. I listen also to pagan folk, ambient, martial – if the band carries something worth paying attention, I will surely take a closer look.

As for the bands you mentioned I of course know them and Kristallnacht is piece of very good music, but I never were inspired much with their art; however now that I think of it some similarities might in fact be heard, but this wasn't done on purpose, haha.

Anything else to add?

Thanks for the interest and interview. Keep the pagan flame burning, wherever you are!
Thanks a lot!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ricks Pick: Nokturnal Mortum- Voice Of Steel

This weeks pick has been a long time coming. Up until now I just haven`t been able to sit and write about it as I wanted and still with this I do not think I will be able to completely justify it.

Let me start by saying I am not a huge black metal fan, and I also have never really been much into Nokturnal Mortum. Up until this past year the only NM cd I had was the double cd compilation 10 Years Amongst The Sheep, and honestly there was not much on the cd I could get into. Never the less I knew about some of the NS ties the band has so on a whim I picked up their newest cd Voice Of Steel when it was released and I am glad I did. Simply put, this cd has got to be one of the greatest cd`s I have ever heard! If you also are not much into black metal or have never really been into NM you have nothing to fear. Voice Of Steel is not a black metal cd, it is more or less pagan metal with folkish, ambient, and even blues/ psychedelic rock elements. It is also epic on so many levels and I have never had a cd hit me the way this one did on first listen. I was literally awe struck and found myself over and over throughout the entire cd saying "Holy sh*t this is amazing!!" (I have to note- my personal favorite is the song Ukraine) Once again, if you have never been into NM before do not fear, this is a cd that transcends so many styles and is just a beautifully epic masterpiece.

This cd for some reason can be hard to find. We do have a couple copies in stock at Label 56 now for only $12. Website here

Monday, July 5, 2010

Kolovrat Interview

Below is an interview with long running Russian metal/ RAC band Kolovrat. It was originally posted on the French Werwolf Blog here

Cheers comrades Russian "Kolovrat" "Could you please introduce the members of your group to our readers?

Greetings to all our French brothers and sisters, all activists of the national one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and also to all readers of this interview!
Firstly, on behalf of the group, I want to thank you for your interest and we carry the proposal to this interview, we appreciate!

Tell us about the history and discography of "Kolovrat" (you celebrated your 15th anniversary last year already)?

You're right: we celebrated our 15th anniversary on August 9, the anniversary for the 16th is ready. The band's history is long, many things (good or bad) that happened during all these years, so it is not so easy to tell the detailed story of our group, but I will try to give you the gist.

We started the summer of 1994 in our hometown of Moscow, there were no groups in CAR in the former USSR before us. We were 4 young (only 18 to 19 years) Skinheads in the same industrial area of Moscow. Our original name was "Russian Ghetto", we were all from poor neighborhoods, ghettos of Russians. That's why we chose "Russian ghetto" but also because we wanted to return to the original meaning of the word "ghetto" ("living space alone), because we were all Russian radical nationalists (we were blinded by the ultra-nationalism) and we believe in an ideal political model to continue where the Russian state would be governed by an autocratic leader and isolated from the world. But we changed our minds quickly and it was realized that these "ghettos Russians' t do anything more than a utopia and we all need to be first and foremost racialist, that all our nations belong to a joint family, so the race should be above all. We changed our name to Kolovrat "- in August 2007, I'll tell you the reasons for this change in detail in the next question.

We have always been active as a group, so we wrote about 300 songs and recorded more than 100 of them on many studio albums, compilations and split CD (see details below). The band played (both in "electric" and "Acoustic" (trio ballad) queues (or even our singer / brain performed solo as a bard with the entire ride)) about 270 times: all Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary. The line has been amended several times inevitably, I think that no less than 15 times (or more) different people have played in "Kolovrat" during all these years. So the book of our history and tragic pages: 2 of our members were killed in 1994 and 1999, two other guys were convicted and are heavily behind bars since 1997.

"Kolovrat" official discography

(* "Official" Because Of Many pirate bootlegs by the band not authorized)

Ready to destroy (demo 1994, unreleased)

Hail Russia! (Demo 1995 Кolovrat Records SN 2000 MC Strong Survive Records USA 2005, CD)

National revolution (album 1998, Кolovrat SN Records 1998 + 2000, MC)

Blood of patriots (album 1999, Kolovrat SN Records 2000, MC/ CD)

Forged boots rock (official live bootleg 1999, КТR 2000, MC; Kolovrat SN Records 2002, MC)

Nahkampf/ Kolovrat (split CD 2000, Jens Puehse 2000, CD; Kolovrat SN Records 2000, MC (under the title "Russian-German NS unity"))

Ninth wave of WP (tribute album 2001, Kolovrat SN Records 2001, MC/ CD)

Era of right hand (album 2002 Kolovrat Records SN 2002 MC / CD; Pit Records 2002 CD)

Hammering the Road to Victory (album 2003 Kolovrat Records SN 2003 MC / CD)

Prisoner of conscience (2004 album, Kolovrat Records SN 2004 MC / CD; Moloko + Versand 2004, CD)

In memory of Ian Stuart (live album 2003, SN Kolovrat Records 2005, CD)

European freedom Express (split CD (with "Guarda de Ferro") 2004, White Noise Records 2007, CD)

Radical Voice (in defense of freedom) (Album '2002 / 2007, X-Day Records / SN Kolovrat Records 2007, CD, White Noise Records, CD (Englishspeaking (2008) and Germanspeaking (2009) versions))

Tоtal War (album, 2008, X-Day Records / SN Kolovrat Records 2008, CD, White Noise Records 2009, CD (English speaking German speaking versions and "under the tittle" Brother war "- to Be released))

Unity in Action (Split CD with "Hassgesang, PC Records 2009, CD))

Elite brotherhood (Split CD with "Imperium", "October 15" and "Attack", SN Kolovrat Records 2009, CD (for Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and for the Participated bands only); Moloko + Versand 2010, CD (European / world edition) - To Be released)

Сompilations: Сompilations:

Guess who's coming for seconds (GBNAR Records 2000, CD; Kolovrat Records SN 2000, MC)

Unsere Welt (Jens Puehse 2000, CD; Kolovrat Records SN 2000, MC)

East Europe Division (Ragnaroek Records 2001, CD; Kolovrat Records SN 2001, MC)

Nadsat - 1, 2 (2002 and 2003 Nadsat crew, CD; Kolovrat Records SN 2002 and 2003, MC)

WPWW- 6 (Midgaard Records 2004, CD) WPWW-6

Up to Zero - 8 (Masks Off Records 2004, CD)

ISD Memorial (live split CD 2003, Patriot Productions 2004, CD)

v/a Prezent (Forumul Crestin Noua Dreapta 2005, CD)

v/a Tribute to Skrewdriver Vol. 2 (Moloko+ Versand 2005, CD)

Day of the rope - 2 (Strong Survive Records 2005, CD)

28 Vol. 5 (unknown label in 2005, CD)

No one like us ... we don't care (Streetfight Records 2006, CD)

Tribute to Strikeforce (Iron Eagle Division 2006, CD)

Tribute to Legion 88 (Streetfighting Records 2006, CD)

Lost freedom. Tribute to Burzum (Patriot Productions 2007, CD)

Thanks bro (Tribute to Ken and Brutal Attack) (Good Night Left Side Records 2008, CD)

For faith and folk Vol. 1 (Revenge Records 2008, CD)

Tribute to Kontingent .. (Europe Genocide Records 2009, CD - To Be released (?))


Kriegsberichter - 5 (NS 88 video division in 2001, VHS / DVD)

Tell us about the meaning of the name of your group and why you chose it?

As I said earlier, we started with the original name "Russian Ghetto. It was a cool name for a group and atypical skin in the 90s, when the absolute majority of WP groups preferred a name more radical
type names "in your face" so to speak. But "Russian Ghetto" as a name for a Russian nationalist group was too controversial for many of our friends here, some guys even thought that this "ghetto" humiliated the Russian term (was a bit exaggerated I think, but hey .. .). Anyway: we felt that we need another name for our group - that name was supposed to share our political views more clearly, so we changed the name of the group "Kolovrat "in August 1997. We did this because we find that the new name represents the direction of creativity and the political attitude of our group a better way, "Russian Ghetto." Regarding the meaning of the name of our group - "Kolovrat" is the old Russian word (or is it better to say Slave) has two meanings: 1) Slavic pagan symbol resembling a modification of the right wing of the swastika for some (but is not the NS German swastika is an ancient pagan symbol of Russia, the right side of the sun wheel), 2) "Kolovrat" was the nickname martial one of the greatest heroes of Russia - Evpaty Kolovrat , who was head of the troops partisan warriors of 1200 to winter 1237 / 1238 and led the courageous Russian partisan insurgents in their resistance against the Indians and many Mongol hordes of Baty Chan, who invaded Russia in the road bleeding lips Europe. He died heroically in a battle of uneven and its name has become a leading national symbols of the liberation movement in Russia. The personality of this brave warrior is an example of absolute worship in modern Russian nationalists Today we were all impressed by the story of his many exploits. I should add that we are extremely proud that our group was such an honor and a privilege to be named in honor and memory of this hero , warrior and martyr Evpaty The Frantic (his other nickname martial).

What are the central themes of your songs?

As you know we are a political group, there is nothing surprising that the main themes are very political. Of course, we (or better to say yet) some "subcultural song" in our live set as well (from our first album in particular) on the skinheads and hooligan cult. But I would not say that we belong to a subculture, these days we try to play all the white descendants with a sense of national pride and racial identity, I suppose we may restrict expect more songs from this type of subculture from us. Today, we try to focus on these subjects, which could be easily understandable even by "normal people" of all social groups is a more effective way to convey the message to the survival of our People.

Regarding the content of our words - I really do not think that our message can not be recognized as quite original compared to other nationalist groups, this is not something special, too - I rather think that is quite typical in the middle, so there is nothing more to say about this. We sing for the survival of our race (the main thing that counts) / nations and all that goes with that, these issues are most important to us all, so we treat them first and foremost. The cultural heritage of Russia and Europe, the brave and glorious Russian heroes of our past, economic, and social policies of our countries to which they face today-that is all reflected in our words.

Can you tell us about your musical influences?

My thought is that "Kolovrat" is not a typical group of RAC (I hope at least) musically. We even try to go beyond the boundaries of musical and lyrical today, we try to be more diverse, more intelligent, not too in your face ", but still RAC same time - we can not forget our roots, that is very deep street music Skinhead: RAC and Hardcore (some call Hatecore). Perhaps the most accurate description of our creed music would be ... intend to develop the style we play, while remaining true to our roots and traditions of the stage at the same time, which is extremely important to us. But we're pretty metal, we like to use different styles of modern rock music heavy (even thrash / death metal, hardcore / metalcore) and our sound is hard, but I think we still have a RAC style anyway. In addition, it might be possible that we will move on to more traditional and melodic Oi! / RAC in the future, there are many different things in our minds as you you see ... But the most important thing is the lyrical message, you can talk about music but the content is more important than form, which may be different but the message remains the same anyway.

What are your favorite groups: both modern and old, those who are already dissolved?

Oh, there are a lot of good bands in the world . Well, let me begin by classical music RAC Skrewdriver (and anything done by Ian Stuart in fact) and Bound For Glory first, then Squadron, Nordic Thunder" (Blue Eyed Devils /sedition / Teardown), Brutal Attack, Midtown Bootboys, Aryan, Freikorps, Peggior Amico, Swastika, Fortress, Konkwista 88, Razor's Edge Ultima Frontiera, Imperial Estirpe ... the list could go on and on. So we're big fans of the Czech and Slovak scene, there were (and still) many excellent groups, follow them!

I belong to the older generation and veterans groups (but still active!) Are still there (and still) are the best for me: powerful Brutal Attack, Bully Boys, No Remorse, Razors Edge, Français Rose , Faustrecht , Kraftschlag, Landser/ Lunikoff Verschwoerung , Warlord , Vinland Warriors are still my favorite (especially in comparison with the new breed of WP groups, they are too metal / RAC too far for me (even if one wishes to use the metal elements in our own music.) Parallel to the scene Czech / Slovak I like the Italian scene Oi! / RAC in general, very well There are so many groups Skins (Peggior Amico / Armco , Ultima Frontiera , Mallnatt , legittima Offesa Gesta bellica , ADL 122 / Injustice Side, Timebomb, Civic 88, SPQR", etc., etc.) in Italy. I also love all the many projects of Big Ed Bound For Glory, Pillage and Plunder and Before God are especially touching. Ed is right a magician, amazing musician and songwriter.

Your future projects in the short and long term (new CD's, compilations, concerts later ...)?

Well, we've always had (and still have) many (perhaps too?) Different plans for the future, perhaps a kind of Russian national mentality? You know, there is an old Russian saying, "divide the skin of the bear before killing him," I think it is our particular case ...
Thus, concerning our plans ... where to start ... Of course, we have projects in the broad concert circuit, there are some very promising in the pipeline already. We play both ballad and "electric" and concerts at the moment we have about 270 shows in many countries already. We always try to make a list of songs with a unique program for each set together to make our performance more interesting for listeners. It's always a lot of work, while recalling the ancient songs of various albums (some songs we have not played for years) and try to play live quite well, but it has many fun at the same time, you know.

Studio: we work on recording a compilation of ballad wide, more than 40 songs (the ballads are played in concert since 2000 already, but we did not record a single album of all ride again We must correct this error), which will be separated into three different albums, each will be in a slightly different musical direction. Also we are working on new songs at the same time, they are for a new label split CD 5 titles (it should come out later this year for a well known European label) will bring together groups of veteran RAC across worldwide. We started working on this new album for our ninth full length album, due out in 2011. In addition we will take part in some international compilations if there are interesting proposals. So, to summarize, we will do our best to save as much as possible, we'll see if we will succeed. No rest for the wicked do not forget ...

Are you familiar with the French RAC scene?

We love to listen to the French stage, Bagadou Sturm, Lemovices (Thanks for the Beloye Army comrades), Hate and Proud, Cell 23 are among our favorites. One of the largest French is Kontingent 88, it has been dissolved since so many years, but returned with the new album recently. They have very talented guitarist, who could easily be compared Stigger, Big Ed and Jimmy the "Squadron". I also like Frakass, two pieces of the compilation France explosion are in my collection, and there are many good bands (but I suspect that the majority of them are no longer alive) ... Ultimatum is a very talented group, too, but they are more style metal WP I think. Also what is interesting about them - they used the image (Sventovit) of one of the most famous painters of Russia Konstantin Vasilyev on the cover of their album. And of course the best classic french RAC groups are Legion 88 and Bunker 84. By the way we have also covered some French versions in the past, White Legion (actually it is one of the first songs I heard RAC in my life, on the theme United Skins sampler ) by Legion 88 (we resume our Prisoner of Conscience album in 2004) + Victory and Cross and Flame (Kontingent 88) (for compilation tribute to a young French label, but project appears to be canceled, so we plan to release two titles in our studio, closer to the end of this year). We've taken these songs in our own way, AC was a very interesting experience for us We hope to have succeeded.

Which European groups would you play with in the future?

There are so many talented groups on the European scene these days it would be really difficult to answer this question. Of course, we'd like to play with all groups that have been mentioned among the favorites already, but Razor's Edge, Blue Eyed Devils and recently reunited Bound For Glory are the first names that come to mind .

Can you please tell us about "Sounds of Europe" festival in August 2009 in Budapest, Hungary?
You played at this concert, what are your impressions?

Good memories, it was impressive and exciting as an event. So many good bands and friends from around the world gathered together - just excellent!
With some of the people I met there we corresponded for over a decade, but also just met this memorable event. Also, I must mention an amazing degree of organization, the excellent work of the Hungarian comrades! What about our performance - it was not the best gig we've done because we were too tired at the moment we entered the arena, there was approximately one hour and some of us n had not slept for almost two days already. But we rocked the crowd anyway, I think (thank you in the right PA and the active support of the audience), we had this evening a lot and met many old and new friends, it's main thing next to the performance itself. I would like to send my greetings to all our Hungarian friends!

How is the skinhead scene in Russia?

Well, I think the skinhead name is almost finished in modern Russia, for several reasons. We have specialized as the political situation in our country and this level of development of the movement to far right that there is almost no leftist skinheads (in the "classic" boots'n'braces "that this subculture is known in Western Europe for example) in Russia, maybe just new entrants. If you see someone who dresses in traditional clothing skinhead in Moscow today is a dirty SHARP or another type of shit like a gay, most likely. Perhaps there are some young skinheads, nationalists in some very remote areas of our country, but the majority of the modern Russian activists are far from skinhead culture, they are much more intelligent to be unmasked by wearing skinhead (it is almost impossible in today's Russia, because of the brutal and utterly lawless violent oppression of the system just because of skin image and the attacks of Caucasians) and they are much more dangerous than most of the skinheads because they are not interested in concerts and demonstrations (and legal forms of protest in general), but more by the resistance Autonomous primarily everything. So we can reasonably say that the Skinhead movement is completed in Russia, but the NS autonomous resistance began. What about my personal attitude towards the Skinheads - I respect them a lot and I have many friends abroad who are in the skin trip, but Russia has its own way to see, which is still different from Western Europe.
Of course we still have a right wing on the music scene, but I would not call it the skinhead scene in particular, because we have not only skinhead groups.

Can you please tell us about the nationalist movement in Russia, is it well organized?

You're right, the Russian nationalist movement is very large, organized and radical, very radical and militant. Maybe Russian nationalists are the most violent in the world, in Europe of course. Here in our country, we have both "legal wing nationalist" (organizations such as "Russky Obraz" (, "Soprotivlenie" ("Resistance" (www.soprotivlenie . su)), "JSS" ("National - Socialism Initiative (," Slavjansky Souyz "(" Slavic Union "(,
"DPNI" ("Movement against illegal immigration" "NOR" ("All Russian - National Union," RNE "(" Russian National Unity ")) and the militant wing of Partizan. But the two wings: "legal" and illegal are under constant oppression and lawless. We also have organizations skinheads - (because the term "skinhead" has become obsolete here, there is almost no skinheads in Russia, we prefer the term "activist", I have already spoken) and groups in Russia + many right - wing hooligans (Moscow "Spartak, CSKA and Dynamo have the largest number of nationalists among hools).

The Russian nationalist movement has a long history (in fact, the movement started from the underground and small groups of nationalists top secret in the seventies now, and achieved open with an organization called "Pamyat" in the eighties) and it is fairly numerous: the last "Russian March" on 4.11.10 in Moscow met no less than 7,000 nationalists, public meeting, then a concert on the square Bolotnaya the same date in 2500 with fellow total.

A few words about the repressive system in your country.

Russia has always been very brutal and lawless as a country, a lack of respect for ordinary people and their opinions, that is a kind of historical tradition of the behavior of authorities here. One can easily compare modern Russia to medieval tyrannies Asian coconut or modern - North Korea's totalitarian regime of Stalin, he could not be compared as well. In fact, we do not have that famous spirit of Western Europe of freedom, there is no respect of persons, opinions, beliefs and positions of all kinds - My thought is that these factors are the main reasons for unlimited injustice and oppression that we face here today.

The so-called "political extremists" are considered "the major threat to state security" by the powers, I think you can imagine the dire consequences of this position ... More than 1,000 nationalists were imprisoned in Currently, more comrades face charges of incitement to racial hatred (Section 282 of Russian Criminal Code), there are many criminal cases against nationalists today. Even earlier killings of militant national ( militant wing) are known, everyone holds violence against so-called "minorities" (Caucasians and Asians) who are brutally beaten, tortured and brutally oppressed by all possible means by the police and criminals Caucasians / Asians in prisons - it is common practice here daily, the legacy of communist totalitarianism and the criminalization of our society. I think that the punishment will be even more difficult in the future, we see no trends in improvement of the situation, unfortunately. All segments of nationalism in Russia are under massive attack of law enforcement system (police and secret service) now.

The last words are yours.

On behalf of the group, I want to thank you for the interest Kolovrat! I hope this interview will help the French comrades to know us a little better. Continue, best fraternal greetings from Moscow!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Death Penalty New Song Posted

Russian hardcore band Death Penalty have a new song in English on their my space. Check it out here

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Frakass- Mémoires Acoustiques

Rage Records has released the new cd from Frakass titled Mémoires Acoustiques. This cd is 10 songs and features guest vocals from Ken Mclellan