Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ricks Pick: Summerfest Live 2007

This weeks pick goes to a new cd I just got in here at Label 56. It is the Summerfest Live 2007 cd. I have literally been playing this cd the last few days over and over. It combines only 2-3 songs each from Blackout, Estirpe Imperial, Gesta Bellica, Endstufe, Sleipnir and Zetazeroalfa but the songs compiled are some of the bands best. The recording is excellent for a live recording also. Unlike some live cd`s where the music is either too clear and it doesn`t sound live, or on the other extreme not audible at all, the sound on this cd is right where it should be. It is clear yet you can still tell it is live and the crowd can be heard through out the cd singing along in the background. A really upbeat RAC cd and one to pick up.

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