Sunday, December 23, 2012

Epithalium - Gottaustreibung / Christenausweidung

After 7 years of silence Epithalium (featuring ex members of Totenburg, Eugenik, Finsternis, and Menneskerhat) are back with a new cd. The cd comes in two limited formats and has 8 tracks. The digi pack is limited to 100 copies and the jewel case is limited to 233 copies. Get your copy now from Hammerbund

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Smart Violence- Hard Hitting Skinhead Rock

Oldschool Records has released an excellent sounding streetrock/ Oi! cd from the German band Smart Violence. While this is supposed to be a demo cd the sound is very clear. There are 8 tracks total which include an intro and outro.

Broken Memories

Broken Memories is a collaboration of members from Vinland Warriors (Canada) and Timebombs (Germany). The cd contains 11 total tracks in the streetcore style and is limited to 777 copies. It is out now on PC Records. Sound Sample Here

Friday, December 21, 2012

Brethren ‎- Alienated and Radicalized

Freak Animal Records has released a cd from American Noise/ Industrial band Brethren. From the Freak Animal website- "Alienated and Radicalized" delivers guaranteed Brethren. A solid 40-minute album with song after song of memorable and striking assaults. Each track consists of carefully constructed noise loops. rhythms. throbbing synthesizers. spoken word samples and trademark. aggressive vocals. Well-structured and song-like assaults make each individual song stand strong. No song is clouded with muddiness and instead. each is sharp with noisy. ripping power. Vocals spit the words with clear articulation and each sound element is heard in its full energy. Nothing in this album is particularly vulgar or offensive. The message. language and artwork doesn't attempt to offend the enemy with tasteless provocations. but simply manifests the conviction and life mission of Brethren. Freak Animal is proud to present this album packaged with no less than a 20-page. full-color booklet including artwork and all the lyrics.   

Kategorie C - Kneipentour

A new live cd from Kategorie C is out now. This is a 17 track cd and is mostly done in ballad/ acoustic format. This is a double cd with the second cd containing 3 previously unreleased songs. It has been self released by the band and is available on their site here

Westwall Re-Releases Debut Cd As Cancer Benefit

Via the Westwall Facebook page- We have a huge announcement to make. The first Westwall album has been re-mixed/re-mastered and it has been “Billified” with Bills vocals. Alongside the re-mixed/re-mastered version of “Re-Conquest or Death” “Blitzkrieg Symphony #1 in D-minor” is available from All of the proceeds will be going towards Billus’ war with cancer. For those of you that don’t know, Bill was diagnosed with cancer over a month ago, and he has been fighting with fury against this disease. Here is your chance to help out a good man and as a bonus get to listen to the glorious and victorious sounds of the war machine!!!
Available from cd baby here

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Confident Of Victory- A Neverending Fight

The new cd from the excellent German RAC band Confident Of Victory is out now on OPOS Records. Promo below

Jan Peter- Hermannsseele, Siegfriedgeist

Jan Peter has 6 new ballad/ acoustic oriented compositions he has made available for free download. Of these 6 tracks one is a video. You can download this for free from PC Records here. PC Records will also be pressing a limited edition 300 copy cd run for collectors. More info coming soon on their site here


Fehér Törvény - Új Irány

The new cd from Hungarian hardcore band Feher Torveny has been released on Rebel Records. Feher Torveny is one of the longest running active bands out of Hungary with each release getting better and better. This new cd has 13 tracks and also includes a Hatebreed cover. Promo posted below

Mortuary- Schmerzen der Vergessenheit

This is a track from the band Mortuary which will be featured on the upcoming split cd with Painful Life